InsidePulse Indy Report 11.26.04: MEGA RESULTS!!!
by on November 25, 2004

IWS – 11/20 – Montreal, Quebec
GCW – Columbus, GA
NWA FL – Brandon, FL
NYWC – Deer Park, NY
NWA ECCW – Vancouver, British Columbia
NWA PWX – McKeesport, PA
SCW – Durham, NC
APW – Spartanburg, SC
CPW – Hull, Quebec
EWF – Marion, IN
UWW – San Bernardino, CA
AWA-SCW – Madison, IN
CWA – Columbia, TN
BBW – Haroldsburg, KY
RWF – Martinsville, IN
ECPW – Saddlebrook, NJ
CWF – Rensellaer, IN
ICW – Tacoma, WA
BCW – 11/21 – Windsor, Ontario
MWA – Coldwater, MI
NAWA – Dallas, TX

International Wrestling Syndicate results
Sat, 11/20 – Montreal, Quebec

*Crazy Crusher/Hell Storm def. Latin Brothers (Carlos/Juan Carlos)
*Matt Classic def. Frank le Vengeur
*2.0 (Shane Matthews/Jagged) def. SLI (Viking/Damien) after Damien walked out
*Evil Ninja def. Kid Kamikaze
*Damien def. Beef Wellington
*IWS Tag Titles Match: champions The Flying Hurricanes (Takao/Kenny the Bastard) def. Dan Paysan/Tomassino
*IWS Heavyweight Title Match: Franky the Mobster def. Kevin Steen, El Generico, Pierre Carl Oulette, Excess, Kurt Lauderdale

Georgia Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 11/20 – Columbus, GA

*Sean Evans def. The Challenger
*Lee Thomas def. The Black Dragon by forfeit
*John Bogie def. Lee Thomas
*David Young def. John Bogie
*GCW Tag Titles Match: The Steeles def. Terry Taylor/Lash LeRoux
*GCW Heavyweight Title Match: Erik Watts def. Sonny Siaki

NWA Florida results
Sat, 11/20 – Brandon, FL

*Aaron Epic def. Kahagus
*Josh Rich/Leon Scott (w/ Tiziana) def. The Heartbreak Express (Phil/Sean Davis.)
*“Iceman” Buck Quartermain def. Vordell Walker
*Kat LaRue def. “Hot Ass” Amy Love
*911 Inc. (The Shane Twins/ “Miami Pound Machine” Rod Steel (w/ Ron Niemi/Bruce Steele) def. James Hendrix/The MVP’s (E Stizzle/Luther “Bodybag” Jackson) (w/ Big Daddy Pimp)
*NWA FL Tag Titles Match: Double Deuce Inc. (“Uptown” Frankie Capone/Marcus Dillon) def. “Straight Up” Mikey Batts/“Mr. 630” Jerrelle Clark
*NWA FL Heavyweight Title Match: Bruce Steele (w/ Ron Niemi) def. “Modern Miracle” Steve Madison & Roderick Strong
*NWA Florida X Title Match: champion Naphtali def. Sedrick Strong
*The NWA (Scoot Andrews/Antonio Banks) (w/ So Cal Val) def. Billy Fives/NWA Southern Heavyweight champion Lex Lovett

New York Wrestling Connection results
Sat, 11/20 – Deer Park, NY

*Dan Barry def. Jay Lethal
*All Money Is Legal def. James Newblood/Javi-Air
*Dickie Rodz/Mason Raige def. Mike Mondo/Curse
*Mega def/ “Southern” Vinny Stylin’ (w/ Nick Noshus)
*The Solution (Papadon/Havoc) vs. Tyler Payne/Wayne went to a double DQ
*Ru Starr def. “Disturbed” Damien Dragon (w/ Foxxy Dreams)
*The Dead Presidents def. The RatPak
*Joey Braggiol (w/ Prince Charles) def. Nuke (w/ Tommy King)
*Grim Reefer def. Spyder
*(Ref: Crusher Doogan) Mikey Whipwreck/Ken Scampi (w/ Mick Foley/Tara Charisma) def. Mayhem/Tony Burma (w/ The RatPak/Spyder/Nuke)

NWA ECCW results
Sat, 11/20 – Vancouver, British Columbia

*Skag Rollins def. Nate Daniels

NWA ECCW Title Tournament Matches:
*Disco Fury def. Scotty Mac
*Juggernaut def. Abbadon
*Vance Nevada def. Mike Rosseli
*Ladies Choice def. Vid Vain
*Juggernaut def. Disco Fury
*Ladies Choice def. Vance Nevada
*Ladies Choice def. Juggernaut

NWA Pro Wrestling Xpress results
Sat, 11/20 – McKeesport, PA

*Devil Bhudakahn def. Nikita Allanov by pin
*NWA East Tag Titles Match: champions The Tri Chi Fraternity def. Youth Gone Wild, Da Munchies & Better Than You
*Justin Idol def. Sully via pin
*Bigg def. Devin Devine by DQ
*Crusher Hansen def. Sabotage by pin
*NWA PWX Three Rivers Title, Iron City Challenge, 3/5 Match: champion Chris Taylor def. Spyral
*NWA PWX Brass Knuckles Title Battle Royal: Daron Smythe

Southern Championship Wrestling’s Last Show results
Sat, 11/20 – Durham, NC

*Seymour Snot def. Brian Perry & Rico Rage
*SCW Divas Title Match: Lexie Fyfe def. Brandi Wine
*Brad Attitude def. Rico Rage
*Lodi/Q Sic/Toad def. “Nitestic” Eddie Brown/Hangtime/Alex Balboa
*Duke Richards (w/ Paster Ray Rouse) def. Chris Jaguar
*NWA Southern Titles Match: champions The Ragin Cajuns (Denny Cooley/Blade Boudreaux) def. KC Thunder/Frank Parker & The Highway Men
*Butner Bull Rope Match: Trailer Park Heat def. Dorian DeVille
*Jeff Jaze def. Fabio & Derrick Kelly
*David Renegade def. Timber the Lumberjack (w/ Pastor Ray Rouse)
*Scotty Matthews def. The Bounty Hunter
*SCW Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: Krazy K def. Caprice Coleman
*Scab (w/ Count Grog) def. Natrone Steele
*SCW Tag Titles Match: Brad Hunter/Sean Alexander def. Seymour Snott/Dexter Poindexter
*Big Slam def. Jimmy Cicero (w/ Brian Perry) via pin
*Major DeBeers (w/ Count Grog) def. Rick Link, Viper, & Iceman Chris
*SCW Heavyweight Title Match: Otto Schwanz def. CW Anderson (w/ Pat Anderson)

American Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 11/20 – Spartanburg, SC

*Johnny Danger def. Tripp Dog
*Section 8 def. Cali Casanova via pin
*David Duke/Capt. Hero/Jesse Black def. Johnny Blaze/Jimmy Kindrid/Atomic Dog
*Kris Rage def. Neil Nitro
*Chief Jay Eagle/Dirty def. The Homies (AJ Frost/Booty Call)
*Sonny Landel def. Steve Cronic by DQ
*Ostgard def. Honest Doug Hawkins
*Cat Daddy/Johnny Buffett def. Law/Yoshi Hiroshima
*APW Carolinas Title, Dog Collar Match: “Romeo” Mark Slain def. Nick Fury
*APW Tag Titles Match: champions The Beach Blondes retain against Southern Justice (Chad
Colt/Buckshot Carter)

CPW International results
Sat, 11/20 – Hull, Quebec

*”The Freak” Zakk Manson def. Pistola
*Sweet Cherrie def. Misty Haven by DQ
*Tray Hugh Mongus def. Psycho
*Thunder def. Drake Styles
*”MVP” Michael Von Payton def. Frank “The Beast” Bradley
*Dave Titan def. Damian Styles
*Jaguar def. “Mr. Know-It-All” Shawn Demers

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 11/20 – Marion, IN

*Captain Psychedelic def. Kris Konflict
*Opie Clampet def. the Homeless Avenger

New Era Title Tournament:
*”Awesome” Gary Dawson def. Elvis Elliot
*Hypnosis def. Kid Kross
*Indy Kid def. Fallen Dragon
*The SiKness def. Lotus
*BaDunkaDunk def. Mr. Main Event
*Ryan Paradise def. Krucifer & Josh Kincaid
*Indy Kid def. The SiKness
*Hypnosis def. Gary Dawson

United World Wrestling results
Sat, 11/20 – San Bernardino, CA

*Misery def. X-Haust
*Kid Omega def. Salsa Verde
*”The Outlaw” Cody West def. Stitches
*Tommy Fear def. Kid Sensation
*Lil’ Cholo def. Infernal
*Paranoia def. Thunderwolf
*Battle Royal: Grimm

AWA-SCW results
Sat, 11/20 – Madison, IN

*Black Rain def. Sean Bane via pin after a top rope bulldog
*Unr8ed def. Untamed & Prime Time Playa
*Nick Noble def. Ron Strattlin by pin
*Jamie Morrison def. Damian Divine via pin
*Roger Blade def. Vito Andretti by DQ
*Kliff Hanger def. Jack Thriller via pin
*AWA-SCW Tag Titles Match: champions Whiplash retained against Live Wire/Chuck MrRogers

Columbia Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 11/20 – Columbia, TN

*Bubba/Shane Morton def. Lawrence/Kyle the Butler
*Ryder def. The Royal Knight
*Mach 3 (Mikey Dunn/Eric Robertson) vs. Shane/Bubba Morton was a draw due to interference by Southern Justice
*Anthony Wayne (w/ Lekisha) def. Robbie Ruffin (w/ Amy)
*Big Country/CWA Heavyweight champion Richard Ezell (w/ JD) def. Southern Justice (Big “T”/Maxx Hatter)
*“I Quit” Loser Leaves Town Match: Aarick Andrews def. Jeremy Westmoreland

Bad to the Bone Wrestling results
Sat, 11/20 – Haroldsburg, KY

*Randy Royal def. KC Sabre by pin
*K-Lo vs Billy Black went to a double count-out
*BBW World Title Match: champion JC Bailey def. BBW Light-Heavyweight champion Simon Sezz by DQ due to interference from Billy Black
*BBW US Title Match: champion Billy Maverick def. Mason The Mangler by DQ when Mangler
attacked the referee.
*BBW Tag Titles Match: champions Vic The Bruiser/JC Bailey def. Simon Sezz/Billy Black

Ringside Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 11/20 – Martinsville, IN

*Brad Lamen def. “Mane Attraction” Donny Idol
*Troy Van Zant def. “Superstar” TJ Powers by DQ
*Big Daddy def. Kris Morrus by pin after a chokeslam
*RWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion Marty Graw retained over “Caneman” Johnnie Walker
*TVZ (Tom/Troy Van Zant) def. The High Rollers (TJ Powers/Austin James)

East Coast Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 11/20 – Saddlebrook, NJ

*Jay Santana def. Brolly
*Red Hot Russ def. Ice Hole
*Slugger/Dan The Man def. The Nelson Brothers
*Johnny Thunder def. Josh Daniels
*Crazy Ivan def. Ryan Wing by DQ
*Mo Sexy vs. Andrew Anderson went to a double DQ

CWF results
Sat, 11/20 – Rensellaer, IN

*Billy Roc def. Bad Boy Billy Bart
*Tommy Gage def. a Masked Wrestler
*”Playboy” Alan Richards def. Guy Lombardo
*CWF Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion Kenny Courageous retained against Matt Valor
*Bouncer def. “Diceman” Ronnie Vegas by DQ
*No DQ, No Count-Out, Falls Count Anywhere Match: Shawn Cook/Zombie Rob Ramer def. Simply Marvelous

International Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 11/20 – Tacoma, WA

*Big Wood def. Teenage Dirtbag
*Jason Jackson def. The Saint
*Randy Taylor def. Vinnie V
*Ritchie Magnett def. Randy Taylor
*Kid Kombat def. Sloth
*ICW Title/ICW Tag Team Title Match: Tim Flowers/Avalanche/Mr. GQ def. Chef/Mike Santiago/Sonny Omara

Border City Wrestling results
Sat, 11/21 – Windsor, Ontario

Crowd: 300
*Tim Titan/Chris Clontz def. Adam Fontaine/Phil Atlas
*(ref: Jeffrey Scott) Dyson Pryce/Brad Martin/JT Playa def. Johnny Bravo/”Smooth Mover” Chris Pillon/Geza Kalman (w/ Jimmy Trump)
*”Mr. Class” A-1 (w/ Jade) def. Stryer
*Tommy Dreamer def. A-1
*Kris Chambers def. Shaun Morgan via pin
*BCW TV Title, Contender Match: Chris Sabin def. N8 Mattson
*BCW TV Title Match: champion Alex Shelley retained against Gutter
*BCW Tag Titles Match: champions Team Canada (Petey Williams/Bobby Rude) retained over High Class Cripplers (Ruffy Silverstein/Conrad Kennedy III)

Midwest Wrestling Alliance results
Sun, 11/21 – Coldwater, MI

*BAM def. Unr8ted
*”The Natural” Johnny Dynamo def. “The Explosive” David Crew
*Ernie Ballz def. Brian Bender
*MWA Tag Titles Match: Fabuzio/Rastakhan def. The Perfection Connection (w/ Mick Veasy)
*Hypknow def. Terk Tickler
*Hardcore Elimination Match: “The Specialist” CJ Otis def. “Prime Time Playa” Chance Laredo
*MWA Grand Title Match: “The First” Jack Thriller def. Jayson Quick

NAWA results
Sun, 11/21 – Dallas, TX

*Bryan Lewis def. Jason Black
*Jonah Tyson def. Adam Arson
*British Assassin def. John Julian
*Pendragon def. Jade
*David Fuller def. Texas Red
*Robert Evans vs. Dragon vs. JT Lamotta went to a draw
*Chris Richter def. Logan

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