Rasslin’ Roundtable: TNA No Surrender
by David Brashear on September 13, 2008

Sunday night, TNA presents No Surrender, with Samoa Joe defending his world title against Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, and Booker T. Can he overcome the odds to retain his title? What do the Inside Pulse writers think? Find out inside!

Rasslin’ Roundtable – TNA No Surrender

TNA World Heavyweight title
Four Ways to Glory match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Booker T vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage

Danny Cox: Really don’t care about this at all really. Christian is just kind of thrown in there for no reason as is Angle. I’m gonna flip a coin here…
Winner and NEW Champ – Booker T

Paul Marshall: Please…please…let this match have no interference.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Mark Allen: For once TNA has done a logical build to their next PPV, their flagship Bound For Glory. All logic points to Joe-Nash, Angle-Jarrett and Styles-Sting and maybe Booker-Cage for BFG. The question is, which one is for the World Title? My money is on Joe-Nash.
Winner – Samoa Joe

David Brashear: With Bound for Glory on the horizon, there’s no way TNA moves the world title yet.
Winner – Samoa Joe

TNA Women’s title
Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Angelina Love

Paul Marshall: The Beauty Contest did not make me want to be excited for this match.
Winner – Angelina Love

Mark Allen: Taylor. Next.
Winner – Taylor

David Brashear: I don’t see Angelina taking the belt, although if TNA put together a women’s tag team division I could easily see the Beautiful People as champs. I’ll say that again the belt stays where it is until Bound for Glory.
Winner – Taylor Wilde

Danny Cox: Don’t care.

Winner and STILL Champ – Taylor Wilde

Beer Money, Inc. vs. The Latin American Xchange

Mark Allen: Remember when TNA had a bolstering tag team division? Now it’s down to these two, the Machineguns and 3-D. I’ll just go with Beer Money because they entertain me greatly, plus it can lead to them battling Abyss & Matt Morgan at BFG.
Winner – Beer Money

David Brashear: Three title matches, and all three champs retain.
Winners – Beer Money

Six person tag team match
Prince Justice Brotherhood (Super Eric, Shark Boy, and Curry Man) vs. Rock N’ Rave Infection (Lance Rock, Jimmy Rave, and Christy Hemme)

David Brashear: Once again, can anyone tell me why Lance Hoyt still has a job? Winners – Prince Justice Brotherhood

Danny Cox: This is incredibly awful.
Winner – The Band Of Justice Retards

Paul Marshall: Christy Hemme hits the Orgasmic DDT on Curry Man….bet on it.
Winners: Prince Justice Brotherhood

Mark Allen: Finally we get to the part of the show that looks like Russo booked it. I’ll go with the good guys, I guess.
Winner – PJB

TNA X-Division title
Petey Williams (c) vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Danny Cox: Could be good but Creed sucks and I have a weird feeling that he will end up with the belt since Petey has had it so long and Daivari is too new.
Winner and NEW Champ – Apollo Creed

Paul Marshall: Poor Petey…
Winner: Sheik Abdul Bashir

Mark Allen: To me it seems like this is a three way so they can get the belt off of Petey so they can transition into a Creed-Sheik singles match. I’ll go with Sheik for the win here, or else they would’ve had Creed just win it in a singles match.
Winner – Sheik

David Brashear: And Petey’s championship reign fizzles to its end. At least Daivari might just start making the X-Division interesting again.
Winner – Bashir

Ladder of Love match
Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

Paul Marshall: Poor Val…
Winner: Sonjay Dutt

Mark Allen: I actually really dug this feud for a long time but in typical TNA Russo fashion they beat the story into the ground and now I just want it to be over. Sonjay wins when Val turns on Jay because swerves are fun.
Winner – Sonjay

David Brashear: This match has the potential to be truly Russo-rific. All it needs is something on a pole. Val, perhaps?
Winner – Sonjay Dutt

Danny Cox: Maybe Val will turn which would be so completely SHOCKING?????????…err shocking!
Winner – Sonjay Dutt

Team 3-D v. Matt Morgan & Abyss

Mark Allen: The good guys win so they can challenge Beer Money for the tag belts next month. 3-D will be tied up in this main event young versus old feud anyways.
Winner – Morgan & Abyss

David Brashear: Remember what I said above about Lance Hoyt? Reread it and put Team 3-D’s names in there instead of Hoyt’s.
Winners – Abyss/Matt Morgan

Danny Cox: Abyss looks incredibly queer in all white. Morgan is still boring. Dudleys suck ass.
Winners – The American Queerinators

Paul Marshall: Legendary team against the new team? Well, 3-D has been doing charity work as of late.
Winners: Matt Morgan & Abyss

Falls Count Anywhere
Awesome Kong vs. ODB

David Brashear: If the women’s title was only on the line, this could be a really great match. As it is, this still definitely has potential and allows Kong to stay strong by ODB using international objects to fight her.
Winner – ODB

Danny Cox: ODB is oddly hot for some reason and has lost way too often to Kong, and just way too damn much anyway. With falls counting anywhere, I feel she gets the win here. This is honestly the match I’d have the most interest in if I dared order the PPV!
Winner – ODB

Paul Marshall: No thank you.
Winner: Awesome Kong

Mark Allen: Don’t care.
Winner – Kong

MMA Rules match
AJ Styles vs. Frank Trigg

Paul Marshall: Worked shoot fights…this will be interesting to see.
Winner: Frank Trigg

Mark Allen: This has the potential to either be really good, or a really big train wreck. Stinger-ference allows Trigg to pick up his big pro wrestling victory and add the fuel for the potential AJ-Sting match.
Winner – Trigg

David Brashear: TNA cannot allow Trigg to lose here. It would weaken him far too much.
Winner – Trigg

Danny Cox: Really?
Winner – Trigg

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David Brashear

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  • Anthony J. Zinzi

    I wish Curry Man would Angel’s Wings his partners, pull off the Curry Man mask, and walk out with Hemme.

  • The Mayor of Awesometown

    This website should be ashamed to even publish this article. It only managed to get 4 people together and the majority of the answers were about 2-3 words long. Why even waste your time putting this on the site?

    I get it. TNA is booking an incredibly lame PPV. I agree. But if you can’t get your act together to make a halfway decent article about it then don’t do it at all. You end up looking just as bad as TNA.

    “American Queerinators?” Really? I see that Cox is really stretching his comedy chops. He must have stolen John Cena’s jokebook.

  • Paul Marshall

    Well, Mayor… I guess most were too busy doing other things and it’s a possibility that some of them were in Hurricane Ike’s path. Don’t shoot the messenger because we only knew half the card going into Thursday night. If TNA would put more effort in…building a pay-per-view, then maybe we’d have more effort put into the roundtable.

  • Mark Neeley

    Mayor, while you’re busy wasting your time and raising your blood pressure always posting comments complaining about our articles, why not just skip over reading them and wasting your precious time?

  • Mark Allen

    yeah really…the state of this roundtable really showed what TNA has come to. I usually only go with short answers, but I didn’t expect this many quick lines from everyone else. I love how our picks are almost identical as well.

  • Some dude

    Queer? Come on, man.

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  • Randall Nichols

    I have to say, I enjoy coming to Pulsewrestling.com quite a bit, and am slowly beginning to use it as my #1 wrestling website on the quality of the articles here alone.

    But there’s no reason for this kind of article — if you don’t enjoy TNA, if you don’t care about the events, don’t review it. And if something more important, like a hurricane is going on? I think that probably supersedes the need to turn in something you don’t care about at all.

    I get that TNA is turning in a sub-par PPV, but just because they’re dropping the ball, doesn’t mean you guys should. It’s not difficult to look at their PPV seriously. This article looks more like something that should go on wrestlezone.com than the Pulse Wrestling I know and love.

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