Damn, Maggot! WWE Releases Two Legends
by Brad Curran on January 13, 2009

Two former world champions are latest cut by WWE.

PWI’s Mike Johnson is reporting that Sgt. Slaughter and Ron Simmons have been released by WWE.

Slaughter is a WWE Hall of Famer and former WWE Champion, and has been working as a backstage agent for years, while also making numerous on camera cameos.

Simmons, who has made numerous cameo appearances in recent years with his “Damn!” gimmick, is considered the first black world champion due to his reign in WCW in 1992. He’s also a college football hall of famer for his career at Florida State.

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Brad Curran

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  • Ivan Rushfield

    It’s an absolute shame to see these two go. I, for one, am really sad to see them leave, especially Slaughter who, if you’ll forgive the turn of phrase, has been a good soldier for WWE for years. He will certainly be missed by me, as will Ron Simmons, who could always be counted on to be entertaining.

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  • Chris McManus

    Damn, it sucks to see those two go. How many more people they are going to release before its all said and done?

  • Nigel Chaos


  • The Hig

    What are the chances Vince called Slaughter and said “You’re dismissed!”

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