“Best in the World” Signing with WWE
by Matthew Michaels on August 23, 2009

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ROHwrestling.com is reporting that Bryan Danielson has “agreed in principal to a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.”

The ROH news item goes on to say, “Bryan has been an exemplary talent and a wonderful member of the Ring of Honor locker room and family since the inception of the company. We couldn’t be happier for Bryan and all of his successes, many of which Ring of Honor has been proud to witness first hand.

“We congratulate Bryan on the beginning of this next journey in his brilliant career, and wish him all the best as he progresses. Many Ring of Honor fans refer to Bryan as the ‘best in the world’ and we look forward to looking on in earnest as he shows everyone watching the wrestling world’s biggest stage just why that is.”

ROH says that Danielson – who was trained by current Raw superstars Shawn Michaels and William Regal – will honor his upcoming bookings with the company for shows in Philadelphia, Dayton, Chicago, Boston, and New York… shows which should, by all counts, be quite something to be a part of if for no other reason than to be a part of the send-off the fans will likely give the American Dragon.

(h/t to F4Wonline.com)

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Matthew Michaels

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  • Charlie Reneke

    Actual conversation from Titan Towers.

    Suit A: So that CM Punk stick figure guy is actually working out pretty good. Where the fuck did we get him again?

    Suit B: Some place called… Ring… of… Hour?

    Suit A: I think it’s Honor.

    Suit B: You sure?

    Suit A: Pretty sure.

    Suit B: Do they have any other guys that are good?

    Suit A: I don’t know. Quick, do a google search for their top star.

    Suit B: It says CM Punk.

    Suit A: Ok, who’s the next name?

    Suit B: … Samoa Joe.

    Suit A: Well for fuck’s sake. Who’s next?

    Suit B: Bryan Danielson.

    Suit A: Never heard of him. Wiki him.

    Suit B: Okay. Hey… HEY!

    Suit A: What?

    Suit B: His nickname is “American Dragon.”

    Suit A: Sold. Have legal draw up the paperwork. Don’t forget the immortal soul clause.

    Suit B: What about blood of the first born?

    Suit A: Um… better not. We’re still trying to make sure that Benoit fellow’s copy of his contract never turns up first, and legal still hasn’t figured out how to spin it if someone else finds it first.

    Suit B: Sigh, remember when our evil contracts used to be fun?

    Suit A: Ah yes, ritual sacrifices and stuff. Then we had to blow it by doing one publicly.

    Suit B: Yeah, I still miss that Owen fellow. He was nice. Did funny voices and stuff.

    Suit A: Yeah.

    Suit B: Yeah.

    Suit A: Okay, I’ll go down to legal.

  • http://diehardgamefan.com Chris Bowen

    I always get a little depressed when I see these talented guys leaving organizations as class as ROH. On the one hand, it’s the logical next step for him. On the other hand, I’m dreading just how badly Stephanie and her Hollywood Rejects are going to screw him up and bury him.

  • Matt Briner

    I immediately bought tickets to both Philadelphia shows and the New York show upon this announcement.

    I am also predicting a nationwide shortage of maroon streamers.

  • fandlottawa1

    Chris Bowen: You mean like they buried CM Punk?

    The bi-polar feelings of the ROH mark towards Stamford never ceases to amaze…

  • Jeff Laforet

    I completely agree with fandlottawa here. The ROHbots always bitch and complain about how poorly the E treats the former ROHer’s, but fail to mention Punk. Wrestling is about the total package (looks, skill, charisma, etc…). Most ROH guys can wrestle amazingly, but seriously lack in other areas. Only the cream of the crop will rise to the big leagues, like Joe and Punk. Danielson will be used well, but his progression will appear slow and tedious for most. If he wins the fans over, which I suspect he will, then he will be in for the greatest ride ever. Lets just chill out on the E for a while. The mess up often, but they have also managed to make a few household names too.

  • Some dude

    I’m happy for him. And after seeing what Punk’s done in WWE, I’m excited to see what Dragon can pull off. WWE could fuck this up or Dragon could be a semi-big deal there. Who knows? Let’s wait and see.

  • Rob S.

    If it’s about the total package, what the hell happened to Colt Cabana? Even more than Punk, he was what WWE looks for in a wrestler – looks, body type, size, skill, charisma, and talent. Punk is the exception to the rule, but he hasn’t changed the rule. Danielson is more akin to London and Kendrick. He’ll probably toil a few years, and then return to the indy scene. Or he’ll join the Peace Corps like he said he always wanted to.

  • Matt Briner

    The thing with Colt Cabana is that there wasn’t near as much hype for his transfer to the Big League as Punk had in 2006 and Danielson has now. Just like Punk, I don’t think they’ll be able to ignore the hype with Dragon.

  • http://pulsewrestling.com/author/vinnytruncellito/ Vinny Truncellito

    I can’t speak for other ROHbots, but my concern as a fan of the American Dragon is that Danielson will be treated as a joke in WWE. I’d hate to see him given a dumb gimmick or being forced to wrestle in short, boring, un-AmDrag-like matches in the undercard while the announcers blab on about how big Paul White’s fist is or whatever Santino Marella is up to lately.

    As great a performer as Dragon is, it’d be a shame to see Danielson treated like Chavo Guerrero. Chavo’s an established hand from a legendary family, and a few times in the past wrestling crowds were ready to support him as a legit main-eventer. But sadly, two things about his WWE run that stand out for me are:

    1. Kerwin White

    2. His current gig, comedy boxing matches against a leprechaun.

    I completely understand that Danielson needs to snag that big, guaranteed money from WWE while his body’s still capable of earning him that paycheck (his stellar work in the indies has earned him that right), but creatively, WWE’s history has shown that Danielson is likely to have a less than satisfying run in the company.

    Then again, maybe if he, Sydal, and Punk all wind up on the same show with a few of the other talented young hands, and are left to their own devices… who knows?

  • Matthew Michaels

    I think some here are underrating Danielson. He hasn’t won Pulse Wrestling’s wrestler of the year because he’s a “typical indie workrate only” guy. Our writers are I think a good mix of different types of wrestling fan. My opinion: Danielson’s going to make more money on WWE, and good for him.

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