Dolph Ziggler Screwed Out of IC Title?
by Mike Shannon on October 15, 2009

According to, Dolph Ziggler was originally scheduled to defeat Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship at Night of Champions a few months ago.  However, Mysterio played the political game and refused to drop the title to Ziggler even though he was leaving the company to serve a Wellness suspension.

To add to this, Dolph was also penciled in to defeat John Morrison at Breaking Point, but management did not want Morrison to lose the title so quickly (he had only won it a week before).  At Hell in the Cell, Ziggler was again scheduled to take the title but the finish was changed at the last second.

I guess the question remains:  Why the problems with Dolph?

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Mike Shannon

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  • Walter Kovacs

    Ziggler beating Rey was something people were hoping for. It did make some sense to hold off on the title win by having Dolph try and fail twice, and then finally win it on the third try (perhaps by showing a more aggressive streak). However, it would be anti-climactic to have it on free TV after back to back PPV loses. Rey’s suspension hurt Dolph there.

    Once they put the belt on Morrison, they basically had to pick between the two new guys in terms of who they want to be the champion. It would hurt Morrison more to be a transition from Rey to Dolph (not to mention hurt the belt), than to keep the belt on Morrison for a while and continue the story of Dolph being on the cusp.

    A heel chasing the face isn’t necessarily the best story, but the pay off has to be for the heel to go to a different level. Dolph has the cocky heel schtick down to some extent, although his promo work doesn’t match it as well. Having him take a turn towards vicious could be the missing element that not only allows him to finally win the IC title, but also to make his character more interesting. The Maria thing didn’t really play out well, but their break up could be a sign of the start of Ziggler’s move towards viciousness. The relationship with a face diva was odd, but by breaking up with her, he is symbolically getting rid of what would have been holding him back from complete heelness.

  • Nassar

    Is it a bad thing that Ziggler hasn’t won the IC title yet? I don’t think so. Look at all of the brands. The best feud going on right now is this one. These guys have a solid chemistry together. They can feud all the way to Wrestlemania in my opinion and I’d be fine. When they’re in the ring I am reminded of Hart, young Michaels, Henning and Rude all rolled into one. I know that’s a BOLD statement, but I am actually interested in an IC battle for the first time since when…maybe Hunter/Rock from the late 90’s?

    Fact is, neither of these guys are a true heel or face, regardless of their position right now. And both could go either way with a drop of a hat. Let them continue, please, WWE. Don’t push either for the big gold belt. Let them fight over the IC strap and try as hard as you can to restore some excitement in that title. They can do it. Keep it on John. Let him win clean, dirty, screwed and skewed. But then finally give it up to Ziggler at Mania. Have Morison go bat crap and be the complete heel that he should be, but move on to bigger things.

    These guys have a bright future. So don’t rush it and just let them build their future like it used to be.

  • Jim

    The problem is that he’s a shitty wrestler and no one likes him.

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