Kofi Kingston News: Randy Orton, Source of Heat, WWE Wrestlemania 26 Status
by widro on March 16, 2010

As of today, WWE Raw superstar Kofi Kingston is not booked for Wrestlemania 26.

When Drew McIntyre was added to Money in the Bank on Smackdown last week it bumped the participants in the match to 9. The expectation was that Kofi would be added as the 10th. However, that did not happen this week on Raw, and in fact Kofi was squashed in the main event by Batista.

Kofi has some heat backstage due to an incident with Randy Orton in the ring in a match on Raw earlier this year. In the match, Kofi popped up too quickly from an RKO, angering Orton in the ring. At this point, it looks to have cost Kofi a Wrestlemania payday.

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  • Ricardo Rochetti

    A simple mistake like that squashes the guy’s push (although it was already stalling before that) and bumps him from Wrestlemania? Really?

    I can’t believe the lengths this company goes to just to appease Randy Orton.

  • S D

    all that work that orton and the wwe have put into elevating this guy only to keep him off of the big card? Truly a joke.. stuff like this is why the Monday Night Wars is a blessing and if TNA ever gets their heads out of their butts.. they really can pose a serious challenge.

  • owangotang

    Kofi is athletic, however he also has a ton of botches. He’d be a perfect candidate for a long summer feud with someone like The Miz, but he’s not ready yet to play with Cena, Orton, or Batista.

  • Damnurfine

    RKO’s end matches, are they talking about after a match because I don’t recall KK ever kicking out of an RKO. What about when HHH and him both hit finishers at Wrestlmania and are able to continue the match. This must mean that after jobbing to Orton and being pinned in the middle of the ring Kofi was able to roll out the ring and walk to the showers too soon. OH NO! That makes Randy look weak! OH NO! Randy’s a pud. To hear Ken Anderson tell it, he’s why he got fired. Seems like Orton and Cena learned from the Clique that whinning is the way to stay in the main event.

  • Ricardo Rochetti

    If I remember correctly, Orton was measuring Kofi for a punt kick. Kofi was supposed to dodge the punt, and they were going to go into the RKO sequence from there. However, Kofi stood up too soon while Orton was measuring him for the punt, so he never got to try the kick in the first place, and they had to get to the RKO differently.

    Most people wouldn’t even have noticed if Orton hadn’t started throwing a hissy hit and yelling “stupid!” at Kingston after hitting the RKO, and after the ref counted the 3. But hey, what a professional, that Randy, right?

  • Damnurfine

    Owangotang, Every wrestler can’t move as slow and deliberate or in exactly the same way every match like the guys you mentioned. Guys like Kofi, Morrison and Punk are out there doing much more difficult spots and sometimes they fail but the fact that they even try is often more entertaining than Orton stalking for 20 mins and then still hitting the exact same moves he always hits. Jericho was jumpy/missy as a Face too (Lifts played a role early in his WWE push) and he’s arguably the greatest ever and clearly the best right now(along with Michaels). I’d say the difference between him and Shawn is that Shawn usually works with other main eventers or always in the main event. Shawn’s interaction with the midcard were the very formula tag matches in DX. Jericho has proven he can carry Legends farrrrrrr past their primes @ Wrestlmania 25 and R-truth in a lenthy program. I admit I’ve been a Jerichoholic since his brief ECW stint through WCW and into the WWE so I’m biased. Back on topic…Botching spots add a real element to matches that I appreciate. If every match were 5 star perfect then 5 stars would lose meaning. Guys like Punk, Shelton and Kofi has a great chance of getting to that level (Punks already been there). I’d ask the question do Cena, Batista and Orton have 1 on 1 5 star matches in them, maybe. Orton sure doesn’t have a chance in hell of a 5 star slouching around like a snail in the ring even if he hits everything perfectly.

  • Some dude named Tory

    They’re keeping the poor guy off of WM for that? I’m not saying the guy should be main eventing. But a spot in the MitB would have been cool.

  • Jim

    I remember that happening. I truly don’t understand “sports entertainment” sometimes.

  • Jordan P.

    he’s been screwing up more recently. The dropkick botch and His match with Batista yesterday… I know they’re not the reason he got the wrestlemania snub but it doesn’t help his case here.

  • Jamie Kay

    Mr Kennedy (Anderson) anybody?? As Goldberg would say, who’s next?

  • Ryan

    Randy Orton is nothing but a faggot, I hope he dies of aids!……him and his whole family.

  • Some dude named Tory

    Whoa, whoa! You can dislike the guy all you want, but leave his family and the homophobia at the door please.

  • Roadrunner23

    I watched the footage again…I understand the criticism against Kofi for botching moves left and right…but calling him stupid, and not helping him gett better, isn’t gonna do anything…
    and Randy Orton…what a puss he is…in fact, because he was forced to do his RKO so quick and sudden, the whole sequence looked way better than it would have with orton crawling on the mat for half an hour. But I think he is way into protecting his character.

  • Damnurfine

    LMAO! RR23, I almost fell out my chair at work! Ha Ha HA! You’re gonna get me fired but it’s just too funny!


    I don’t think so, they need to do something “big” for the last Monday Night Raw before WM 26. So I think it will take place this Moday where Kofi Kingston gets into WM26. So Far The Big Stars and Up and Coming stars are on the card, and Kofi is up and coming. Plus, the announcement of the diva’s match will probably be announced on Raw or Smackdown this week. 10 Great matches this years.

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