Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage: WWE Over the Limit 2010
by PK on May 23, 2010

Welcome to Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of WWE Over the Limit. Keep it here for all the match-by-match updates, starting at 8pm EST. Hit ‘REFRESH’ below to see the latest update!

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  • damurfine

    Punk must really have wanted to shave his head because storyline wise there have been a ton of chances for him to get out of it. PS Now his action figures are instantly outdated!!!! He better get the Big Gold Belt out of this, seriously

  • Vincent

    HA! Orton injured himself pounding the ring.

  • Storm

    Wait…Does anyone legitimately think an Orton arm injury is legit? It just means he’s finally big enough to fit dear ol’ dad’s cast.

  • Charlie Reneke

    Sorry Vince McMahon, but you blowing out both knees trying to slide into the ring at the 2005 Royal Rumble has just been topped as the all time most hilarious wrestling injury.

    The new champ? None other then Randall Q. Orton III Esq for destroying his arm while banging his fist on the ground while doing his RKO coil, no doubt ruining months of build up and his first major babyface push that has a chance of working.

    Congratulations you tattooed freaky piece of white trash.

  • Vincent

    Perfect revenge would be Kofi running out and calling Orton stupid several times.

  • Hamish McKinney

    Charlie…..You are correct sir! I love it!!! F-Orton!!!!

  • http://sports.insidepulse.com/category/view-from-down-here/ Steven Gepp

    3?! I got three right in the roundtable? Man, this is getting as hard as the TNA roundtables…

  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.com Random Guy who isn’t Sebastian and is to lazy to sign in because he’s at the libary

    Wow, all the undercard matches looked good, and the main events looked like s*it, BTW Charlie that’s hillarious, and you have to use that in your next rant.

  • Danny B

    lmao. A few weeks ago while watching RAW I said to myself, “Wow, Orton pounds on the mat REALLY hard when he does that thing. I wonder if he can hurt himself that way.”

  • Walter Kovacs

    So the gimmick for this PPV was that only faces win?

  • Ricardo Rochetti

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy, in my opinion.

    This is the guy that broke character on TV against Kennedy and Kofi (which to me, is a bigger sin than blowing a spot), and got away scot-free while Kofi and Kennedy were punished by a stalled push and outright release, respectively (granted, I know other circumstances factored into the release). Lump that in with all his other prior transgressions, and the fact that none have stuck to him because he’s basically Teflon in the WWE brass’ eyes, and I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. I know I’m in the minority, but I’ve never been that high on his performances anyway . . .

    Bad PPV. The three-match stretch with Orton-Edge (which was disappointing even before the Orton injury), Swagger-Show, and the Divas match just KILLED the show. No matter what Cena and Batista did, they weren’t going to save it.

  • http://www.wrestling.insidepulse.com Sebastian L not H

    Well…Kenndy sucks, everything else I agree with you on Ricardo.

  • minbesh


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