Wrestling Observer Best Wrestler Of The Decade Results
by Iain Burnside on August 2, 2010

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has compiled a tentative top ten list of the best wrestlers of the past decade. He has gone through the newsletter’s annual awards in a number of different categories over the last ten years, awarding ten points for first place down to one point for tenth place, to generate lists based on consistent performance. The awards are voted on each year by both the newsletter subscribers and industry insiders.

The results are as follows:

Wrestler of the Decade:
01/ Kurt Angle
02/ Kenta Kobashi
03= Keiji Muto
03= Chris Jericho
05= Samoa Joe
05= John Cena
07= Mistico
07= Shawn Michaels
09= Yuji Nagata
09= Bryan Danielson
11/ Edge
12/ Chris Benoit
13= Hiroshi Tanahashi
13= Eddie Guerrero
13= The Rock

Most Outstanding Wrestler of the Decade:
01/ Bryan Danielson
02/ Kurt Angle
03/ Chris Benoit
05/ Kenta Kobashi
06/ Shawn Michaels
07/ Samoa Joe
08/ Eddie Guerrero
09/ Nigel McGuinness
10/ Yuji Nagata
11/ A.J. Styles
12/ Chris Jericho
13/ Toshiaki Kawada
14/ Naomichi Marufuji
15/ Takeshi Morishima

Best Box Office Draw of the Decade:
01/ Mistico
02/ John Cena
03/ The Rock
04/ Kenta Kobashi
05/ Bob Sapp
06/ Kazushi Sakuraba
07/ Steve Austin
08/ Naoya Ogawa
09/ Brock Lesnar
10= HHH
10= Tito Ortiz
12/ Mirko Cro Cop
13/ Chuck Liddell
14/ Keiji Muto
15/ Georges St. Pierre

Best Tag Team of the Decade:
01/ Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero
02/ KENTA & Naomichi Marufuji
03/ Chris Harris & James Storm
04/ Mark & Jay Briscoe
05/ Kevin Steen & El Generico
06/ Matt & Jeff Hardy
07= Team 3-D
07= Eddie & Chavo Guerrero
09/ Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley
10= Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan
10= Robert Roode & James Storm
12/ Edge & Christian
13/ Paul London & Brian Kendrick
14= Hernandez & Homicide
14= Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi
14= The Miz & John Morrison
14= Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards

Best Interviews of the Decade:
01/ Chris Jericho
02/ Ric Flair
03= John Cena
03= The Rock
05/ Kurt Angle
06/ C.M. Punk
07/ Mick Foley
08/ Edge
09/ Quinton Jackson
10= Christian
10= Paul Heyman
12/ Santino Marella
13/ Eddie Guerrero
14/ Jim Cornette
15= JBL
15= Dana White

Most Charismatic of the Decade:
01/ John Cena
02/ The Rock
03/ Chris Jericho
04/ Eddie Guerrero
05/ Shawn Michaels
06/ Bob Sapp
07/ Steve Austin
08/ Tito Ortiz
09/ Kurt Angle
10= Brock Lesnar
10= Kenta Kobashi
10= Edge
13/ Ric Flair
14/ Perro Aguayo Jr.
15/ Quinton Jackson

MMA Most Valuable of the Decade:
01/ Randy Couture
02/ Fedor Emelianenko
03/ Wanderlei Silva
04/ Chuck Liddell
05= Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
05= Mirko Cro Cop
07/ Georges St. Pierre
08/ Tito Ortiz
09/ Matt Hughes
10/ Brock Lesnar
11/ Anderson Silva
12/ Quinton Jackson
13= B.J. Penn
13= Kazushi Sakuraba
15/ Frank Shamrock

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 2 August 2010 (subscribe here)

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Iain Burnside

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  • Raffi Shamir

    Wow, some heads are going to explode when people see how high Cena ranks in some categories.

  • incognito

    Is Mistico really the biggest draw when you consider actual money instead of just head-count of audience?

  • damufine

    the Rock has barely been active since 2004 thus he’s coasted for at least 6 years. Cena is the WWE’s most pushed wrestler of the decade. If he wasn’t high on the list than the WWE wouldn’t be doing it’s job.

  • Michael Crow

    So Cena is a better box office draw than the Rock? Is this list taking into account movie Rock did after WWE or simply during? Either way it doesn’t sound accurate, and made me ignore the rest of this list.

  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.comandonlineworldofwrestling.com Sebastian Howard

    Why is Cena in their, don’t get me wrong he’s had REALLY good matches, but I still don’t think he should be ranked that high, btw for a smart is it now cool o like Cena, because I still don’t.

  • Michael O’Mahony

    Remember when Meltzer and The Observer were the must-read cutting edge of wrestling journalism? I hate that we take stuff from F4W and The Observer. The decline in quality both sources have shown over the past couple of years is pretty breathtaking.

  • damufine

    I do honestly think that Shawn Michaels had a better more impressive decade than John Cena and should be ranked above him on every category. Think about it, Shawn had the fueds that meant more and he had the more memorable better matches. Title or no title Shawn was the heart of the WWE these last ten years.

  • DC

    Michael Crow, I don’t think they’re talking about movies, I think they mean ticket/PPV/merch sales. And Rock hasn’t done much this decade, considering he was really only a draw from 98-03.

  • The Shaman Of Hedon

    Can’t help but notice you all pulling a Vince and quietly pretending Benoit wasn’t prominent on some of these lists. Have even we as smart fans now stooped to the ‘E’s “If we don’t acknowledge it, it never existed” philosophy?

  • Walter Kovacs

    Basically this list is just an agregate of their past awards. The argument would be with how those awards were given out … this list just uses their past annual awards to determine the “best of the decade” which means that while some people may be more deserving, being extremely big for a few years won’t ammount to much. If the best of 2004 is a million times better than the best of 2009 … they are still both just number 1, and each gets 10 points. So someone getting 5th 10 years in a row (50 points) would be ranked higher than someone that was 1st for three years (30 points) but absent the rest of the decade, for example.

  • incognito

    What’s wrong with Benoit being on some of the lists?
    They aren’t lists of “Best Role Models” or “Most Decent Men.” In the ring there were few better. He just sucked at being a human being.

  • DC

    I’m surprised nobody’s complained yet that Edge and Overrated were only ranked as the 12th best tag team.

  • incognito

    I’m most surprised over Brock Lesnar making the list of “Most Charismatic of the Decade.” The guy only cut one decent promo in his life, when he was going to celebrate on top of his wife.

  • Michael Crow

    Shaman, I think it’s because it really isn’t a surprise or concern. Meltzer freely admits Benoit was still damn good at what he did at work, even if he was a disgusting human being. So seeing him on there isn’t noteworthy.

  • http://N/a Peter

    Cena over Rock BLASPHEMY even with a decade head start that sh*t aint happening.

  • http://N/a Peter

    Cena over Rock (on charisma) BLASPHEMY even with a decade head start that sh*t aint happening.

  • http://a Christian Meza

    I dont understand John Cena better than The Rock in charisma??? Impossible!!!

  • Jeremy Spoke In…..

    Rock > Cena absoultely no contest. Nobody is more charismatic than The Rock.

  • EWF_X29

    I cant see Storm/Harris-AMW being that high on this list. I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I always thought they were overrated. Average workers, poor interviews and forgettable matches. I always thought the hype they got on the net was a way of putting over TNA in the beginning. To put them higher than Kendrick/London, Shelley/ Sabin or the Hardy’s or any of these teams I think is lunacy.

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