10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 08.20.2010 – Alberto Del Rio Finally Appears, Gruesome Stomps & more
by Chantal on August 21, 2010

1. I really enjoyed the opening to Smackdown this week. Alberto Del Rio finally appeared and the new superstar came off looking like a million bucks in his first on screen debut. However, I wish there were subtitles for the parts where they talked in Spanish as I failed that subject miserably at school and could not understand a word.

2. “Silky, Soft, Smooth skin” – Could they make ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes say any more words beginning with S? – Poor Cody with his lisp.

3. I know I was negative about Dolph’s and Kofi’s wrestling matches when they first started this feud but they really have come on leaps and bounds but that stomp to Kofi’s unprotected face by Dolph was gross! – but awesome all the same.

4. Just as I thought Smackdown was the best two hours of wrestling on TV, Hornswoggle comes back *sigh*.

5. When it was announced that Serena would be having a match on this week’s Smackdown I was all excited to finally see her wrestle on TV (rather than low quality youtube videos) but unfortunately the match between Serena and Kelly Kelly was just okay – nothing out of the ordinary and the straight-edge Diva didn’t live up to my, albeit high, expectations at all. But I’m glad to see a new Diva on the Smackdown roster which they desperately need right now and I only hope that perhaps she will be paired up with one of the better Divas to show off her remarkable wrestling ability.

6. Kane’s in ring promo was outstanding and I couldn’t tear myself away from the screen throughout the whole segment. The video package was amazing as I’m a sucka for wrestling history (I wish there was a degree in it) and it really built-up the start of Kane’s and The Undertaker’s feud excellently. Wrestling world take note, this is how all promos should be done. Maybe this is what they should have been doing with Kane for the last five years rather than treating him like Repo Man.

7. Another excellent match from Drew and Christian and I thoroughly enjoyed Cody’s dry wit on commentary – but then again I would enjoy ANYTING that included Drew McIntyre and ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes even if it was my court reporting lesson.

8. Jack Swagger was World Heavyweight Champion a couple of months ago and was on top of the world but now he gets the same amount of TV time as Rosa Mendes which is kind of depressing.

9. The Alberto Del Rio/Rey Mysterio match was surprisingly great. Normally a new superstars debut match is either a brief domination or they cheat to win but this match was an actual contest with great back and forth action between the Mexican pairing. I can’t wait to see more matches in the future.

10. Best match: Christian vs. Drew McIntyre.
Worst match: It’s sadly going to have to go to – Kelly Kelly w/Big Show vs. Serena w/Luke Gallows.
Best Segment: Kane’s in-ring promo of course!

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  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.comandonlineworldofwrestling.com Sebastian Howard

    1. I do agree with you, but when they were talking spanish they were just reapting waht they said in english, at least thats what I think.

    2. Sunday lotion?

    3. I definelty agree with you, though i do think Kofi’s and Dolph’s first couple o matches were good, the only two I thought were bad was the one where Dolph won the title, and the one at SummerSlam.

    4. lol, I actually thought that RAW was the best show, hell I tohught that RAW was the best of the year, but I skipped the two Diva matches.

    5. I agree with you, though I do watch a bunch of matches on youtube, but I’ve never seen any of Serena’s matches, and ya I don’t think she was that great, but she wasn’t in the ring that long, but I’m, also excited that theres a new Diva on the Smackdonw roster, plus Serenas hot, also TNA needs some new Knockouts, serisouly we’ve had the same title match how many times now? Four times? In a row?

    6. I skipped Kane’s promo…

    7. lol, me too, I was mad that Christan won though, serisouly Christian?

    8. Ya, it’s pretty sad, plus he’s jobbing to MVP now, and MVP wasn’t even in this episode.

    9. Ya, Alberto impressed the hell out of me.

    10. Best Match: Alberto vs Rey
    Worst Match: Serena and Luke vs Kelly Kelly(would it be racist to write kk?) and Big Show
    Best Segemnt: Alberto’s debut speech(I didn’t see Kane’s promo)

  • Robvondoom

    Hey man, Nice report.
    I’ve not been watching in a very long time myself, contenting myself mainly with the Indy circuit. I’d seen bits and pieces of NXT and the Am.Dragon angle though, enough to realise the firing was a work to keep him face so on a whim I checked out SummerSlam.

    The main event made me check out Raw and consequently SD and while having weaknesses (Vickie still running the gamut from somewhat effective to just plain irritating etc.) both shows exhibited some really interesting booking and for the first time in maybe 8 years actually have me looking forward to both programmes next week. The way they’re working the Smart Crowd is borderline sublime at times though it pains me to admit it.

    When I saw Kane take the Mike I figured it was as good a time as any to get a bit of cleaning done. Yeah the guy can talk (and act actually) but so can alot of guys in that Fed and they never get to go with it. That was until I heard past events being referred to on WWE/F programming. I had to stop to make sure HHH hadn’t sledge-hammered Big Glen and whipped the Mike from him. Great work from one of the few big men I’ve ever liked and up there with the Mick Foley monologues from his Edge and Flair feud. (Not quite Anti Hardcore Mick though) Fantastic to see that the book Cornette started back in ’97 looks as though it’s having its final chapters written. Hopefully with someone like JR having a word or two in the ears of all concerned in Corneys absence. I’d love to see another “Well dude! Me and the Kanenites are gonna run wild brother!!!” promo in the future though :)

    I dug the MVP/Swagger angle. They seem to be trying to work a similar psychology to the Angle/Lesnar kinda good tweener/bad tweener rivalry from I think it was ’02 or ’03. Again, really intrigued to see where it goes. (Are we admitting that MVP is of Middle Eastern decent yet or are we still pretending he’s Black? What’s with the WWE and that by the way? Americans play Italians, Italians play peeps from Iran, Guy from Ghana they tell us he’s from Jamaica. Surely the “Cool Runnings” tracksuit and bunchies in his hair was enough to convince us he’s a happy, cheery Face without displacing the poor fella).

    Alberto Del Rio, what can I say. Never seen or heard of the guy before but first impressions are that he will be a star in that, or indeed any other company. Tall, good physique, full head of hair :P, amazing look (anyone else notice how he just pops from the screen even in his static shot? Good work Graphics peoples) and doesn’t mind taking his time between moves. Doesn’t hurt that his is the first really good entrance music I’ve heard in the WWE since Thuganomics era Cena. Liking that finisher too, great also to see so many Newbs and so called “Newbs” with submission holds being put over. Yeah he’d one or two shaky moments in the ring but as long as little had to be edited out for broadcast, and he’s not “too much” of a junkie XD, we should be hearing an awful lot from this gentleman. I’d lay money on a Heavyweight title reign within 6 months to a year but I reckon the odds would be lousy.

    On a short Raw note, I really liked the booking for the whole “N.(W).EXXUS” angle. (Yeah it’s basically the same deal but the NWO weren’t so original themselves, much better paid though I’d wager :D)

    Plus watching Tarver (is it?) Vs. Cena was so surreal. They’ve been booking that boy like Superman for 6 years or there abouts so Hell, why not make this the start of Tarvers turn to “DARK CENA!!!” Heh heh. The Yin to his Yang, Batman to his Superman.
    That way you got the Comic marks going gooey for the hopefully apparent references and you’ve got a good old fashioned rivalry based on two guys who dominate everyone and everything but each other. You know? The way Kane/Undertaker was supposed to be before they systematically dismantled Kanes mystique.

    Even with injuries and reasonable setbacks I reckon you could make at least a two year, solid feud from it that would elevate a good chunk of the roster before all was said and done. Make Tarver disappear for a while and just have him come back physically prepared and mentally unstable with a major “Cena must die” fixation. Just think of the epic “BOO!/YAY! chants that could be possible.

  • Robvondoom

    Whoa dude, sorry for Bogarding your report.
    I rant like a son of a bitch. <:)

  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.comandonlineworldofwrestling.com Sebastian Howard

    lol. it was Young not Tarver still glad you liked RAW and Smackdown, I’d reccomend checking out Superstars, TNA, and NXT

  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.comandonlineworldofwrestling.com Sebastian Howard

    oh and Luha Libre USA on MTV is pretty good

  • bob

    I doubt spanish was the only subject you failed miserably

  • Robvondoom

    Yeah my bad. Thanks for the rec dude but I’m good thanks. I watched TNA back in the weekly PPV days but gave up on them around 2006. Not too long after I stopped watching WWE in fact. The booking and Jarretts never ending, HHH-like, uber push just pissed me off no end.

    I decided a while ago to give them another shot, the last thing I remember seeing, Samoa Joe had a knife to Scott Steiners throat. Granted, looking at it in writing it does seem awesome, but I was just slack jawed with a mixture of negative feelings.

    I seem to have lucked out with this weeks Raw judging by the consensus around the net. I couldn’t believe how well booked it was watching it the other day. Hopefully these are the beginning of good times in the WWE again. It’s been too long since they’ve hit high gear, I think they’re well overdue.

  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.comandonlineworldofwrestling.com Sebastian Howard

    bob: Are you being a dick just to be a dick?

  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.comandonlineworldofwrestling.com Sebastian Howard

    @ Robvondoom Ya I know RAW’s been really good lately, I look back on episodes from 2002, and RAW just looked lost, now RAw is alot better no matter what you say, I actually thought RAW this week was RAW of the year, but that’s just my opinon.


    that show was boring as every smackdown is lately. a little less maybe because of the del rio debut, but other then that..bookers are too lazy to write a storyline with christian/mccintyre etc so they just pit them every week in the same meaningless matches. i get that christian and hardy are no more then fodder/enhancement jobbers to elevate rhodes and mccintyre, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt try to create interest with an actual feud.

  • CB

    Kane’s promo was my second-favorite post-HBK retirement promo of the year, next to The Miz at SummerSlam and just ahead of Arn-Sheamus.

  • Robvondoom

    @Sarge – Dude, WWE doesn’t have bookers. And just because someone isn’t being used at the moment doesn’t mean it won’t happen for them down the line.

    Back in 2000 we were all baying for HHHs blood because he was holding people like Jericho down and getting him blamed for the weak matches Jerky had with Kane that year etc. Even when Jericho won the belt in 2001 as opposed to the Super Face he could have been, he did it as a cowardly Heel that was booked like a pus and was dismantled by Trip when he got back from Surgery/knee explosion/poetic justice.(This was the point where Trip must have seen Nash as Super Shredder in Turtle 2 and thought “That’s a good look”, also known as his tribute to Steroids era)

    Trip was also famous for having allegedly accused Chris Benoit of “not having paid his dues” during 2000 and 2001 when it seemed a HW Title run was in line for him.

    Few years later and Benoit tapped HHH and Michaels cleanly at WM and the following Backlash and Jerky consequently is now a 5 or 6 time champ. Most of todays main eventers from Edge and Orton to Jerky got the eventual break after years of misuse and even Regal got a shot at being main event before he was jumped backstage by his “Demons”.

    Next years Wrestlemania main event could as easily be Swagger V Christian or MVP or someone of that stature now for the Heavyweight belt.
    I used to care alot more about that kind of thing, now as long as the booking is somewhat entertaining and everyone involved is trying their best I’m kinda happy enough.

  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.comandnlineworldofwrestling.com Sebastian Howard

    Who’s Jerky?

  • bob

    Sebastian: mind your business

  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.comandnlineworldofwrestling.com Sebastian Howard

    Whatever you say buddy.

  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.comandonlineworldofwrestling.com Sebastian Howard

    Jesus Christ bob, I’m not starting this shit.

  • Robvondoom

    Jerky was the name we referred to Jericho as back when he was stuck Jerkin the Curtain in 99,00 etc.

  • The Shaman Of Hedon

    My issue with Kane’s “History Lesson” was that it was revisionist history. The Undertaker wasn’t even tertiary to the Kane Unmasking angle, he was on Smackdown and they’d had no on-screen interaction for months. It was in fact Rob Van Dam who was encouraging Kane to unmask, goading him into accepting a Title Vs Mask match with Triple H which Kane lost. Undertaker had zilch to do with Kane’s unmasking.

  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.comandonlineworldofwrestling.com Sebastian Howard

    bob, When I came on here and posted that I had zero sleep last night, because I don’t want to sit and argure with you lke a douche I don’t have balls? Whatever you say bob.

  • http://www.wrestlinginsidepulse.comandonlineworldofwrestling.com Sebastian Howard

    Shaman I agree with you there, Taker had nothing to do with the unmasking of Kane, though I think thats actually a good thing, as Kane killing RVD really helped him in the long run.

    Rob: I sortive guessed, but didn’t want to sound like a douche.

  • bob

    Just as thrifty with your courage as you are with everything else, huh?

  • Victor

    The Kane promo was great, even if it was basically Xanatos Roulette

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