WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 12/10 with Edge, Kane, Rey Mysterio
by Pulse Glazer on December 8, 2010

Kane opens the show with a promo. Edge outsmarts him with the kidnapping of Paul Bearer.

So, we’re just doing Looney Toones now.

Jack Swagger defeated Kaval. Kaval was hurt and helped to the back during the commercial.

Depending on the injury, which I hope isn’t serious, this could be really good.

Hornswoggle defeated The Eagle.

Said to be among the worst matches of the year.

Kofi Kingston defeats Dolph Ziggler via disqualification when Swagger runs in.

I usually hate three-ways, but I guess that’s where we’re headed.

Chris Masters defeats Cody Rhodes at the Masterlock Challenge.

Who did Cody piss off for this?

Santino and Koszlov successfully defend the tag titles against Drew McIntyre and Chavo Guerrero. Drew DDTs Chavo post-match.

I’m entirely unsure I understand the purpose of any of that.

Natalya with Beth Phoenix beat Layla with Michelle McCool.

The build to Natalya vs. Beth continues.

Edge and Rey Mysterio had a handicap match with Alberto Del Rio when Edge and Kane brawl to the back, and Kane accidentally pushes Paul Bearer off ladders off a balcony, “killing” him. Rey beat Del Rio 1-on-1.


For more on Kane and Edge, click here.

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Pulse Glazer

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  • Beadle

    So Chavo was in two matches this week (one as the Eagle, and one as himself)?

  • Raffi Shamir

    @Beadle – not only that, he lost to both Hornswoggle and Santino in one night. Sigh.

    As for “Kane accidentally pushes Paul Bearer off ladders off a balcony, “killing” him.”
    Is Kane any deader now than the time he was burried in cement?

    Looks like I won’t even bother to get the show this week.

  • sideshowbob

    Haven’t you had like 2 people in 3 weeks including a toddler legit die from falling over guardrails at football events?

  • misak kyuregyan

    I think undertaker should return at wrestlemania as he is the “dead man” and take out kane as kane mentioned he wanted to quit the wwe in an interview I saw on youtube. Edge should win world heavyweight title for now. Go hornswoggle

  • Paul Bearer


  • Sebastian Howard

    I told you the Eagle and Hornswoggle where going to wrestle, I freaking told you!

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