10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 01.24.2011 – Miz vs Edge, CM Punk vs Wade Barrett
by Will Pruett on January 24, 2011

Welcome once again to a Royal Rumble preluding edition of 10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw! In case you did not see it, prowrestling.net published my review of Goldust’s new book and you can check out that review here. Also, if you are not following me on twitter, you are officially silly and need to get on it. Follow me at twitter.com/itswilltime.

Now, on with the thoughts!

1. Why did Edge have any reason to win the over the top rope challenge that began Raw? He would lose nothing if he jumped over the top rope and would conserve his energy for his match later. Did that match really lead to anything but jobbing out Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre and Tyson Kidd?

2. John Cena just can’t take that referee shirt out of his bag.

2a. Note to WWE: please do not give the microphone to Ezekiel Jackson or Mason Ryan.

3. The Nexus vs The Corre will be a major moment in the Rumble match. Aside from that point where we crown a winner, it is what I’m looking forward to most about the Rumble.

4. Enjoyable tag match with John Morrison and Mark Henry taking on Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus. It was nice to see Sheamus get a win, even if it was Del Rio getting the submission and attention afterwards. John Morrison continues to impress going into the Rumble and WWE may have me convinced that he is a contender to win it.

5. Natalya vs Melina was more physical than any match we have seen from the Divas in years. I could have done without the announcement of LayCool vs Natalya on PPV once again. We saw it for the second half of 2010 and now it will begin 2011. It’s not a bad match, but can the three of them really bring something new to the table?

6. Every time it seemed like Edge and The Miz had something good going, they cut to a commercial break. This match should have meant so much more than it did. The commentators were too busy arguing or talking with Dolph Ziggler to pay attention to what was supposed to be a historical match.

7. Did Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim start dating because they are both tremendous yet underutilized wrestlers? Gail proved that she can be a good valet with America’s Most Wanted in TNA, so if that becomes her role, it would still be a step up from afterthought.

8. If “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka is in the Rumble, he will come face to face with Santino. It’ll be like “Meet the Parents” with more punching and less funny. On a more serious note from the tag match, Husky Harris is a beast.

9. I know I harp on this fairly often, but is it really a babyface tactic to hit others when they can’t hit you? John Cena made two of the biggest heels in the company look like idiots tonight.

10. That was an odd ending. It’s like someone forgot that everyone was supposed to brawl at the end of the last Raw before the Rumble and just sent everyone out when it didn’t make sense at all.

Wow. I’m really surprised by how not good this Raw was. Usually we get something decent going into the Rumble, but this show was anything but decent. Sorry I was so negative tonight, but for some positive thoughts, follow me at twitter.com/itswilltime and see my live thoughts during Ring of Honor’s Los Angeles show on Friday night. I’ll be back with more later in the week. Thanks for reading and comment please!

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Will Pruett

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  • sideshowbob

    Thank you Maryse for keeping Alecia Fox from entering the ring. I’d also like to thank her for not allowing “twin magic switcheroo” on my tv screen.

  • Sebastian Howard

    sideshowbob is offically awesome!

    Now onto the responses.

    1A. I liked the Goldust book review much more than the Foley LockDown book review, good stuff Will.

    1. I actually thought it made sense. The wrestlers needed a reason to wrestle Edge. RAW needed a good opening. I also thought everything was pretty logical done in the segment.

    2. YES HE CAN (Obama sucks)!

    2A. Ezikel’s decent on the mic.

    3. Let’s hope Punk wins the Rumble.

    4. Agreed, I thought the tag match was very good and the only saving grace of the show, this show was pretty bad but this match made watching the show at least some what worth it.

    5. I don’t care about the RAW’s Diva Division, the Smackdown Diva Divison is WAY better.

    6. The Edge/Miz match was decent and I liked that Miz was working on the ribs, however the commentary did get pretty annoyning, if I was Dolph I would’ve just said “Shut up, shut up, shut up! There’s a match going on, pay attention to it, I know it’s hard for you to comprhend but there is a freaking match going on you senile idoit.”

    7. Gail Kim deserves more of a chance than Melina.

    8. I want Gillberg to come in, eliminate everyone, think he’s one, only to realize that he’s only the number thirty spot. Credit to guy at ScottsBlogOfDoom but he didn’t mention Gillberg.

    9. I’m guessing that some Mark is grinning head to toe.

    10. Why wouldn’t they have Corre look dominating on RAW? Serisouly, this teams been around for two weeks and has just been dominating on Smackdown.

  • Joseph Hargrove

    Two important lessons the Bellas learned the hard way tonight.

    1. Daniel is awesome in and out of the ring.
    2. Gail Kim slapped the stupid off your faces.

  • Limodriver

    I’m thinking that if Edge loses the title to Ziggler, (unlikely but possible) he now has justification to claim the #40 spot.

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