John Cena died! Really! … No
by Steven Gepp on March 2, 2011

An internet rumour is sweeping the world (literally – I mean I was asked about it here in Australia!) that John Cena died.

Well, from the man’s twitter account itself:

“CeNation. Apparently last night I was shot dead by a group of thugs. I also was apparently owned by the rock. Both just internet rumor. :)”

Like the Jeff Goldblum dying in New Zealand rumours, this is just another example of why the Internet is not the be-all and end-all of news (and there’s a term used under advisement here).

It’s apparently and allegedly crap, but no doubt until he appears live and in person somewhere, who’s going to believe me? And even then, they’ll claim they got some indy guy to come out and play Cena to keep the fans happy.

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Steven Gepp

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  • Norah

    thanks God he’s still alive, John know that prayer keeps you alive and we (your fans) are behind you with prayers

  • John Umana

    John pls dnt died, I need U alive okay

  • ursula

    I was shocked…I’m glad he is alive & kicking some butt

  • Jim

    They could just bleach Darren Young’s skin, and no one would be the wiser.

  • Penny Sautereau-Fife

    Darren Young couldn’t pull off the promos.

    Also, John Cena died in 2004. He was replaced with his bland non-rapping identical twin brother Mortimer, who was molded into a passable Cena imitation by a conniving blonde oil tycoon’s ex-wife.



  • Steven Gepp

    @Penny – I knew it! I mean, I’d heard the rumours, but deep down, I knew it! Only I heard it was a Chinese diplomat’s wife with a love for foreign jewelry who did the molding…

  • Babs

    I’ve known it was only a rumor, because I couldn’t believe it deep down in my heart. May God be so close to you,protect you, guide you, bless you and prolong your live John.

  • Tshepiso Matu & Israel Mipakatati

    Shoo, what a relief – we were panicking. Thank GOD the Champ is still here – alive and kicking. All the way from South Africa Tshepiso Matu (10) and Israel Mipakatati (11).

  • Yvonne maiseni

    I hope you are okay man.wwe is nothing without if you ever die i’l have a nervous breakdown

  • Ciara-tsundzukani,al de way 4rm limpopo in tzaneen. champ is alive!damn those rumors man,i almst dead.

  • sbonelo goqo

    thankx God u alive man yo

  • Themba

    I hope that u are okay and thnkx to the one and only God that you are still alive and we have’nt lost you for a minite. Get well so u still have funs tht loves you. GET WELL SOON

  • Debby

    all the way from Botswana in Gabs, m glad that you are alive shoo! my schppls mates call me Cena because of my martial arts and i am honoured! som even call me John but m a chick and dont mind. love you JOHN!

  • Mike Gojira

    Anybody else creeped out by the well-wishers? No? Just me/ Ok.

  • Steven Gepp

    I’m with you, Mike. So many of them… I wish now I’d done a piece stating the rumour as true first just to see how they would all have reacted…

  • Rhett Davis

    Masssss riot! I’m with you guys… Kinda creepy.

  • ayuba idris fika

    Tnx god dat u ar a live my man. may god guide u protect u and prolong ur life bcos we still lov and like u. .

  • Mike Gojira

    Okay, seriously…..this has to stop. The only time anyone ever posts comments in news items well past their expiration date is to “send their love” to a wrestler.

    Guys, this website is not directly tied to the WWE, TNA, or ANY company. They will not see your responses unless they just happen to browse the site.

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