A2Z Analysiz: Dragon Gate USA Untouchable 2010 (Bryan Danielson, YAMATO)
by Jake Ziegler on March 18, 2011

Congress Theater – Chicago, Illinois – September 25, 2010

MATCH #1: Three Way Match – BxB Hulk vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Akira Tozawa

It seems a bit odd to have the Open the Dream Gate Champion in a meaningless three-way opener, but here we are. Just as I type that one of Hulk’s dancers gives him a low blow! Tozawa comes out to attack on behalf of Kamikaze USA leader Jon Moxley, who takes the girl to the back with him. Quackenbush charges out to officially start the match.

Tozawa and Quack go at it while Hulk recovers from the surprise attack. Quack hits a back elbow that sends Tozawa to the floor and then follows him out with a somersault dive. Back in the ring Hulk cuts Quack off and they start some chain wrestling while Tozawa watches on. Hulk kicks Quack in the head to send him to the floor. He goes for a dive but Tozawa sneaks in and drills him with a forearm. Tozawa takes Hulk down and hits a senton for two. Quack comes back in and throws Tozawa to the floor. He goes to work on Hulk’s leg with a variety of holds. Tozawa comes back in and throws Quack to the floor. I’m sensing a pattern here. True to form Quack comes back in moments later and knocks Tozawa to the floor. Quack locks on an Ankle Lock and Hulk reaches the ropes. He follows up with a Figure-Four Leglock but Tozawa comes in and breaks that up. Hulk comes back and hits Tozawa with Mouse and all three men are in the ring for pretty much the first time. Tozawa knocks Quack to the floor and Hulk nails Tozawa with a springboard missile dropkick. Hulk sweeps the legs and hits the standing corkscrew press for two. Tozawa fights back with Genki for a two-count when Quack breaks it up. Quack and Tozawa go back and forth now, and Tozawa drills him with a Saito Suplex for two. Tozawa goes for a swinging DDT but Quack fights it off and hits a super rana. Quack goes up top and hits the senton for two. He hits the QD3 and Hulk breaks up the cover at two. Hulk goes after Quack with knee strikes and a running shooting star press for two. Quack comes back with a kind of inverted Sharpshooter and Hulk reaches the ropes. Hulk hits the FTX and goes up top. Tozawa kicks Hulk in the face and then hits a super German Suplex and Hulk lands very awkwardly. It gets a two-count. Hulk comes back with the First Flash and then EVO to get the pin at 11:25. They were a little repetitive in the early going but it got pretty good in the second half. Good choice for an opener too. Hulk cuts a promo in Japanese after that match.
Rating: ***

Did He See Me?

Lenny Leonard and Chikarason are backstage to let us know that after the match Hulk said that he was going to go through the members of Kamikaze USA one by one.

Elsewhere Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano and Ricochet are lacing their boots when Jimmy Bauer comes in and asks Taylor for a promo. CIMA then busts in and needs a partner for tonight, and he wants Ricochet, much to Gargano and Taylor’s dismay. Taylor wonders if CIMA saw him.

MATCH #2: Brodie Lee vs. Da Soul Touchaz

I’m not familiar with Da Soul Touchaz at all. I guess they are a group of six, and tonight’s representatives are “The Urban American Dream” Willie Richardson, “Hot Chocolate” Acid Jaz, and “Mr. M-80” Marshe Rockett, and manager “Urban Sensation” C.Red. They challenge any tag team to face them, but the challenge is answered by Brodie Lee, who says he doesn’t need a partner.

Rockett tries to get the early jump on Lee but it does him no good. Lee drops him on his head with a suplex. Jaz tags in and goes for the Swiss Mist but Lee kicks it right back into his face. Richardson comes in and Da Touchaz are able to knock Lee to the floor. Rockett goes for a dive but gets punched right in the face and then whipped into the guardrail. Lee hits Richardson with a lariat on the floor. Back in the ring he nails Jaz with the Truck Stop to get the pin at 1:57. Lee then boots C.Red in the face and says that tonight he’s coming for a Japanese man.
Rating: ½*

MATCH #3: Grudge Match – Dragon Kid vs. Shingo

These two used to be tag team partners until Shingo turned on Kid to form Kamikaze USA. Kid foolishly pulls out some Jack Evans like dance moves after the bell rings, so Shingo kicks him in the back and goes to work. Shingo uses his obvious power advantage in the early going to subdue his smaller opponent. Kid comes back with a headscissors to send Shingo to the floor. Leonard points out that this is the first singles match these two have had in America. Kid tries a 619 but Shingo catches him and powerslams him on the ring apron! Shingo whips him into the guardrail and then drops his face on the apron. Back in the ring Shingo continues to work Kid over. Shingo hits a knee drop to the back of the skull for a two-count. Every time Kid tries to fight up Shingo cuts him right off. Finally Kid is able to subdue Shingo long enough to hit a springboard rana that sends him to the floor. Kid follows him out with the Bermuda Triangle. Back in the ring Kid hits a springboard missile dropkick that doesn’t even take Shingo off his feet. Shingo misses a lariat and Kid hits a tornado DDT for two. They trade some reversals and Kid locks on Christo. Shingo powers out with a backbreaker and then goes for a suplex but Kid turns it into a stunner, and Shingo hangs on and hits a half nelson backbreaker. That was awesome. Both men are up and Shingo misses a charge into the corner. Kid hits another flipping stunner for two. He tries a leg lariat but Shingo catches him with another backbreaker for two. Shingo hits some Kawada Kicks and then a buckle bomb and the Gallon Throw but Kid kicks out at two! The crowd bought that one. Shingo throws Kid into the corner and hits a running lariat. He sets Kid on the top rope but Kid reverses it to a Super Ace Crusher! Kid hits an Ultra Hurricanrana but it only gets two. Both men slowly get back to their feet and Kid charges, but Shingo catches him in a fireman’s carry and climbs up for Stay Dream. Kid blocks it and goes for a super rana but Shingo blocks it and this time lands the Stay Dream! Amazingly, Kid kicks out! Shingo goes for Last Falconry but Kid counters with Bible for two! Then Shingo hits the Pumping Bomber and Made in Japan but Kid kicks out again! Finally Shingo hits Last Falconry and that’s enough for the win at 15:23. Strong big man versus agile little man is an easy formula, but it’s still super fun to watch with guys as talented as this. Shingo and Dragon Kid really have great chemistry together.
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #4: Chicago Street Fight – Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley

They show clips of the Jimmy Jacobs promos where he detailed the last couple years of his life and the reasons he despises Jon Moxley (the full videos are extras on the DVD). Moxley of course is the leader of Kamikaze USA, and has some random girl with him. Jacobs comes out with the blood stained jacket from the night he hung Jay Briscoe from the Frontier Fieldhouse and Jay bled all over him. He says that part of his past is part he’d like to forget. But he has another part of his past that he doesn’t hate, so he takes off his long pants and reveals the HUSS tights! The Barbaric Berzerker is back! Moxley charges up the aisle and the fight is on!

They fight through the crowd and it’s hard to see exactly what’s going on. Moxley slams a chair into Jacobs’s midsection. Jacobs comes back and drops an elbow off a chair. HUSS! Jacobs drops another elbow off a different chair. They make their way back to ringside and into the ring. The random woman tries to help Moxley out but Jacobs slams her to the ground. Moxley tries a running boot but Jacobs moves and the woman takes it right on the face! Jacobs then hits a Spear and locks on the End Time. Moxley powers out and hits the Moxicillin. He goes to work on Jacobs now, and even wraps Jacobs’s own chain around his mouth and face. Unfortunately for Moxley he wasn’t prepared for the Barbaric Berzerker so he tries to ram his head into the turnbuckle. Jacobs fights back with a clothesline and a big boot to the face for two. He goes up top and Moxley punches him in the face and bites him. Moxley goes up and hits the superplex. He grabs the chain and Jacobs counters with two Spikes! Jacobs jabs Moxley in the head with them, busting him open. He then wraps the chain around Moxley’s neck and hangs him over the top rope. Moxley fights out of it and goes up top but Jacobs slams him down. Jacobs goes up top and hits the senton for two. He goes for the Contra Code but Moxley slips out and hits a brutal lariat. That gets a two-count. Moxley finds one of the Spikes, but Jacobs has the other one and he beats Moxley to the punch. Jacobs then hits the Contra Code but Moxley kicks out at two! He locks on the End Time with an assist from the chain. YAMATO makes his way out to break it up and drill Jacobs with a Brainbuster. Moxley covers and Jacobs kicks out at two. Brodie Lee comes out and makes the save! I think he did it for himself, but that certainly helped Jacobs out. Both men get back to their feet and trade punches. Moxley whips Jacobs to the turnbuckle and Jacobs counters with the leaping Ace Crusher. Jacobs goes for the Spear but Moxley kicks him in the face and then hits the Hook and Ladder for two! Moxley then hits a DDT but Jacobs kicks out again! Now Moxley grabs a chair and repeatedly hits Jacobs with it. Moxley wraps Jacobs’s coat and the chain around his head and then delivers another series of chair shots and that’s finally enough to keep Jacobs down at 13:25. That was a really well worked hardcore match, with escalating violence and logical progression (even with the interference). Jacobs and Moxley make great opponents.
Rating: ***¾

For more info on Dragon Gate USA please visit www.DGUSA.TV.

Jacobs has to be helped to the back. Once he gets there he throws up. The ring boys call for some help and try to assure Jacobs that he’s going to be okay.

MATCH #5: Four Way Freestyle – Chuck Taylor vs. Drake Younger vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Rich Swann

Younger and Gargano start the match, and Gargano immediately bails so Taylor takes his spot. Taylor doesn’t last long either so Swann takes his shot at it. Younger grabs Swann with an exploder. Gargano and Taylor come back in and start double-teaming Younger. They try a double something but Younger catches them with a simultaneous flapjack. Younger throws Gargano to floor. Then Taylor throws Younger out after him. Gargano grabs Younger and Lawn Darts him into the guardrail. Meanwhile Swann kicks Taylor in the head to send him to the floor, and then he wipes out Taylor and Gargano with a somersault dive. Back in the ring Gargano hits Swann with the Slingshot Spear and Taylor follows up with a quebrada for two. Taylor apologizes to Gargano and they continue working together. Swann comes back by using Taylor as a springboard to give Gargano a hurricanrana that sends him to the floor. Taylor then grabs Swann with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for two. He then uses submission holds to keep Swann grounded. Apparently Younger is gushing blood on the floor from his collision with the guardrail. Swann makes the comeback and hits an Asai DDT on Taylor. He then goes for a standing moonsault but Gargano kicks him out of the air. Gargano hits a superkick for two. Swann comes back with a couple of strikes and goes to the top rope, but he gets caught with a boot to the gut on his way down. Taylor comes back and they double-team Swann again. Unfortunately they can’t decide who is going to take the pin so Gargano turns on Taylor first. Swann now takes control, hitting a shooting star press off Gargano’s back and onto Taylor. He hits Gargano with a Finlay Roll and the standing moonsault but doesn’t cover. Then he follows up with the 360 Double Stomp and Taylor breaks up the cover. Younger makes his way back in the ring and sets Taylor in the corner and then hits Swann with a Death Valley Driver right onto Taylor. He goes for Drake’s Landing but Gargano counters it by dropping down and hitting a superkick. Younger doesn’t care though, and he hits a spinebuster for two. Taylor hits Younger with Sole Food and Younger responds with a half nelson suplex. Gargano then hits a mini Ace Crusher on Younger, and Swann drills Gargano with the Trouble in Paradise. All four men are down now. Younger and Swann get up first and Younger nails him with the Drake’s Landing but Gargano breaks up the pin. Gargano lands a couple of kicks to the face and then goes up top. Younger knocks him down and joins him. Taylor sneaks back in and dumps Gargano to the floor and then hits Younger with the Awful Waffle to get the win at 10:26. I really like the dynamic Taylor and Gargano had going, and a high flyer like Swann helps matches like this. I could live without Drake Younger though.
Rating: **¾

Backstage Taylor gloats about winning two straight Four Way Freestyle matches. He says it’s time that people take notice of Chucky T.

MATCH #6: Dragon Gate Style Tag Action – Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi vs. CIMA & Ricochet

Yoshino is the Open the Dream Gate Champion; he and Doi are representing World-1. CIMA & Ricochet are representing Warriors. CIMA and Doi start the match. They wrestle to a standoff and stare each other down. CIMA takes Doi down and goes to work on the arm. Doi comes back and backs CIMA into the corner for some kicks, and then he goes after the leg but CIMA grabs an inside cradle for two. Tags are made. Yoshino quickly takes Ricochet’s head off with a dropkick. The pace quickens and Ricochet is able to hit a glancing dropkick and then a bodyslam. Ricochet then hits a standing moonsault for two. Yoshino comes back and forces Ricochet into the corner and tags out. Doi comes in and Ricochet quickly makes a tag. CIMA takes control and stars wearing Doi down. Doi fights back and makes the tag. Neither team has been able to get a sustained advantage thus far. Yoshino takes CIMA down to the mat and goes to work on the arm. CIMA gets a quick reversal and tags Ricochet, who hits a double stomp off the top rope to the elbow. Ricochet follows up with a dropkick for two. Yoshino backs Ricochet into the Speed Muscle corner and makes the tag. Doi and Yoshino make quick tags in and out, focusing on Ricochet’s leg. CIMA tries to interfere but gets cut off and dumped to the floor. Speed Muscle is dominating Ricochet here and keeping CIMA out of the ring.

Finally Ricochet connects with an enziguiri and the tag is made! CIMA is a house afire and the crowd is right there with him. He knocks Doi and Yoshino to the floor and Ricochet follows them out with a corkscrew plancha. Back in the ring CIMA and Yoshino do battle, trading holds and reversals. Yoshino hits Sling Blade for two. He locks on From Jungle and Ricochet breaks it up. Doi gets back in and ties Ricochet up in the ropes and blasts him with a dropkick. Ricochet comes back with a Gory Special into a neckbreaker for two. Doi comes back with the Rydeen Bomb for two. He goes up but CIMA gets back in and hits Venus and the Iconoclasm, and Ricochet follows with a standing shooting star press but it only gets two! CIMA hits Doi with an enziguiri and then Ricochet hits the Backslide Driver for two. Yoshino gets back in and Speed Muscle regains control. He hits CIMA with the Ude Yoshino for two. Then he goes up top and CIMA joins him. CIMA looks for a Super Perfect Driver but Doi blocks it and they hit a Sling Blade/Powerbomb combo. Yoshino lands a few slaps but CIMA comes back with a dropkick and the Perfect Driver for two. Ricochet tags back in and hits a Ki Krusher for two. He goes up top and Doi knocks him down and hits a super back suplex for two. Doi unloads on Ricochet with strikes and CIMA makes the save. The action is getting nearly impossible to follow. I pick it back up with Yoshino hitting Ricochet with Torbellino and the Lighting Spiral for two. Speed Muscle turns their attention to CIMA, and Yoshino executes the Missile Dropkick Senton combo, and the Doi nails Ricochet with the Doi 555. Doi then hits Ricochet with the Bakatare Sliding Kick but Ricochet grabs the bottom rope to avoid getting pinned. CIMA comes back in and hits the Schwein but Doi kicks out. Ricochet hits a Regalplex and then hits the amazing double moonsault (What Does It Mean?) to score the pin at 20:45. I’m far from Ricochet’s biggest fan, and while I think he’s not as good as these guys, he did an awesome job of keeping up with them tonight. The other three are of course awesome and this match rocked from start to finish.
Rating: ****¼

CIMA gets on the microphone and starts a “holy shit” chant. He then offers Ricochet a spot in Warriors. Johnny Gargano comes out and gives Ricochet props for the match. CIMA tells Gargano to leave, and then asks for the crowd’s approval for Ricochet to be a Warrior. Ricochet expresses gratitude in the Warrior way, and we see a couple of replays of the double moonsault.

MATCH #7: Bryan Danielson vs. YAMATO

Danielson had just won the WWE U.S. Title from the Miz six days prior to this. YAMATO denies the handshake and here we go. Danielson takes him down to the mat and goes right after the wrist. YAMATO tries a leap frog and Danielson counters with a single leg takedown. That was awesome. Danielson locks on the surfboard, and then pulls back with a chinlock. He goes after the face so referee Bryce Remsburg makes him break the hold. Now Danielson goes after the shoulder, presumably to soften it up for the LeBell Lock. Danielson hits a dropkick to the face and YAMATO takes a powder. IN fact YAMATO was able to go under the ring and come out the other side and hits Danielson with a dropkick to the back of the knee. Danielson rolls to the floor and YAMATO joins him. YAMATO hotshots Danielson onto the guardrail and then kicks him in the face. Back in the ring YAMATO starts wearing Danielson down now. Danielson fights back with European Uppercuts but YAMATO cuts him off. YAMATO hits an exploder and then locks on a modified crossface. Danielson reaches the ropes. YAMATO unleashes some forearms but that just fires Danielson up. Danielson unloads with forearms and kicks to the chest. He hits the running clothesline and YAMATO takes a powder. YAMATO tries the under the ring trick again but this time Danielson dropkicks him, sending him over the guardrail. Danielson of course follows him out with the springboard dive into the crowd. Good luck seeing that in WWE. Back in the ring Danielson goes up top and hits the missile dropkick. Danielson then hits a sliding kick for two. YAMATO tries to come back with a dropkick but misses, but then is able to connect on a low dropkick. He locks on a step over toehold and takes it to the mat.

Danielson escapes and hits a backbreaker, further injuring his damaged left knee. They both get up and trade strikes, with Danielson seeming to win the battle until YAMATO grabs his leg off a kick and locks on the Ankle Lock. Danielson reverses to his own Ankle Lock, and then turns it into a bridging German Suplex for two. He goes for Cattle Mutilation but YAMATO blocks it and hits an enziguiri and another basement dropkick. YAMATO tries a knockout kick but Danielson ducks and gets a quick rollup for two. Danielson comes back with a boot to the face in the corner and a running knee strike for two. He then locks on Cattle Mutilation! YAMATO is stuck right in the center of the ring, but he’s able to fight to the ropes to force a break. Danielson reminds the idiot referee that he has until five. YAMATO comes back with his own rollup for two, and then a knockout kick and a brainbuster for two. He then locks on the CBV but Danielson will not quit and he’s able to reach the ropes. They take the fight to the top rope and Danielson reverses the momentum and hits the super belly-to-back suplex. Danielson goes for the LeBell Lock, and then turns it into the Triangle Choke. YAMATO powers his way into an Ankle Lock, but Danielson quickly escapes that with an enziguiri. Then YAMATO locks on the Sleeper, and he turns it into the Galleria but Danielson kicks out at two! Both men are down but Danielson looks the worse for wear. They start exchanging forearms and neither man will go down. They trade kicks and YAMATO locks on the Sleeper. YAMATO tries the suplex out of it but Danielson lands on his feet and gets a small package for two, and YAMATO reverses it for his own two-count. Danielson comes back with three kicks to the head but YAMATO is able to kick out. It’s time for the elbow strikes, and Danielson hits 30 of them before locking on the LeBell Lock for the tap out win at 23:23. That was awesome, non-stop action from start to finish, great reversals, great near-falls, great drama, just a great match.
Rating: ****½

Jon Moxley comes out to attack Danielson but BxB Hulk runs out to make the save. Danielson gets on the mic to thank Hulk for rescuing him from a two-on-one beat down. He says he’s not a superstar – he’s a wrestler, but that tomorrow he will Fight in his match against Jon Moxley. Danielson is all fired up.

The Aftermath

Jon Moxley is backstage with all of Kamikaze USA – Gran Akuma, YAMATO, Shingo, and Akira Tozawa. Moxley mocks Warriors and Ricochet, and doesn’t seem to be sweating BxB Hulk either.


BONUS MATCH: Arik Cannon vs. Kyle O’Reilly

They lock up fiercely and quickly start slugging. Cannon scores the first knockdown with a shoulderblock. O’Reilly comes back and goes for the Ankle Lock. They both take big shots at each other and miss, and then they take a second to regroup. O’Reilly quickly takes Cannon to the mat but Cannon is right with him exchanging holds back and forth. Cannon shows off his agility with a series of creative armdrags, and O’Reilly takes a powder. The fight spills to the floor, and Cannon whips O’Reilly into the barricade. Back in the ring O’Reilly makes the comeback and goes to work on the leg. Cannon fights back with chops but O’Reilly is relentless in his leg attack. Finally both guys have had it with each other and they start throwing bombs. Cannon hits a neckbreaker and they are both down. They get up to their knees and trade strikes, and Cannon wins the battle with poke to the eyes. Cannon then hits an exploder for two. O’Reilly fights back with a series of kicks. Cannon tries the Glimmering Warlock but O’Reilly grabs the leg and locks on a half crab; Cannon has to reach the ropes. O’Reilly hits a running forearm and a running boot to the face. He goes for a brainbuster but Cannon blocks it and lands a punch square to the face. Cannon then hits the Total Anarchy and the Glimmering Warlock for the pin at 10:50. I’ve hated on O’Reilly in the past but he’s really growing on me. Cannon is usually solid, and this turned out to be a good clash in styles match.
Rating: ***¼

Highlight Video

This is the standard five minute highlight package. This was a really great show.

Jimmy Jacobs Revealed

- Part I
- Part II
- Part III

The Pulse: This show is amazing. Two matches at ***¾ and two matches at **** or higher makes this a definite must buy. More than just great matches this show had some important developments in the faction warfare that’s going on in DGUSA, and I love the direction things are heading. You can (and should) purchase the DVD Right Here.

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