WWE Champ The Miz’s Concussion Legit
by Joe Fiorello on April 6, 2011

The concussion The Miz has is legitimate. According to WrestlingObserver.com, he suffered it when he hit his head on the cement after he and John Cena went over the barricade. Miz then tweeted some info about it on his Twitter saying, “Doctors said to not watch TV, read, think, basically use my brain due to my concussion. So no tweets. My 1st tweet back. ‘I TOLD YOU SO!'”

It definitely appeared to be a nasty bump at WrestleMania and this right here tells you that it was. I guess the main event at ‘Mania was painful in more than one way.


Source: wrestlinginc.com

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Joe Fiorello

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  • muffinmonk

    Correction, it wasn’t cement, because they were in a football field. but i did see that fall, he definitely hit his head hard, like a snap.

  • Kyle Sparks

    Well, that would definitely explain why they went right to the finish when it got back to the ring…concussions are nothing to sneeze at, and here’s hoping that Miz is able to recover fully and have this not become a recurring problem.

  • *Asterisk*

    Getting a concussion is bad enough, but getting a concussion in the most infuriating main event in Wrestlemania history is just a tragedy.

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