First Match Revealed For Greatest Cage Matches DVD Release
by Travis Leamons on May 17, 2011

WWE’s new three-disc cage matches DVD set won’t arrive in stores until June 28th, but details have slowly started to take shape. Let’s begin with the synopsis for the release:

Some of the greatest rivalries end with brutal cage matches matches that keep the combatants in the ring and interference out. For decades, steel-cage matches have been one of the most popular matches in every wrestling company, including WWE, WCW, ECW, Smokey Mountain, AWA, WCCW, and more. This 3-disc set collects the greatest steel cage matches in history.

Thanks to Silvervision (via we can tell you that the first match to be announced for the cage matches DVD is Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger from WCW’s Capital Combat.

With wall-to-wall matches occupying three discs, fans can expect between 21 to 30 matches, depending on length. WWE has already released specialized compilations for both its Hell in a Cell and Elimination Chamber matches. This Cage Matches DVD release, at best, can be considered a follow-up to its 2003 release, WWE Bloodbath – The Most Incredible Cage Matches, a compilation that was only two discs and consisted of ten complete matches and ten clipped matches.

Now that we know one of the matches that will be included on the set, let the speculation begin on what other matches will make the cut.

You can lock in your pre-order for WWE’s Greatest Cage Matches by clicking on the link.

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