CM Punk Invades Comic Con
by Travis Leamons on July 21, 2011

On the heels of this week’s Monday Night Raw telecast where CM Punk’s name was barely mentioned comes a video on how he spent his Thursday morning. Without any wrestling commitments, the Punkster trolled the convention rooms of the San Diego Comic Con to check out the latest trends in comics and to drop in on the “Mattel and WWE” panel featuring Rey Mysterio and Triple H.

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Travis Leamons

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  • Michael

    OUCH!!! If he keeps this up, then everything HHH said about “no one being bigger than the WWE” is going to be categorically false in a few more weeks.

    But, CM, 26 more days, brother.

  • Ricardo Rochetti

    This is fantastic. My only nitpick is that Punk should’ve left off the “if you want a title shot, come to Chicago” line. Mock HHH for the fact that his reign is starting without his best wrestler AND the title belt. Mock Rey for competing in a bull**** tournament to crown the second-best wrestler in the company. Make them (storyline-wise) feel like there is no way that belt is coming to the company. No title shots – not in Chicago, or anywhere else.

  • David

    With this angle, they’ve got a license to print money. Holy shit.

  • Storm

    I completely love this angle, and it’s about damn time WWE started using new media to their advantage. Keep building this angle without it being on TV(Which makes sense according to what vince said on RAW), use it to build new stars(If not for Youtube, would we care about Zack Ryder at all?), have Cena and Rock verbally jousting via Twitter for the slow build towards Mania, etc.

  • Flair Fan

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. This harks back to early NWO-era stuff, breaking fourth walls and just keeping everyone on their toes.

    Throw in the Christian title reign, Daniel Bryan winning MITB and the WWE’s “golden childs” (Orton and Cena) losing, and for the first time in years, I’m actually glued to WWE and wondering what’s going to happen next.

  • Michael

    No. I continue to insist that if they really want to play this out, Punk must defend the belt in some form every month — that’s what would make this different than Mania X, where it was clear who was the legit titleholder and who was coming back with little to no claim on it.

  • Joseph Hargrove

    It’s official! This is by far the best video of the Summer of Punk series and the joke at Stephanie’s expense made me laugh harder than ever.

    Now, all that’s left is to have Beth speak out against management regarding the divas and we are golden for the rest of the year. I could also go for The Kings of Wrestling debuting with Punk and Beth. Just epic stuff. Punk rules once again!!!

  • Michael

    The YouTube clip is on a channel name which is apparently his, started on Wednesday.

    To give you an idea of how much power this angle has, ThisisCMPunk now has (as of about 10:40 PM PDT Thursday) 3,478 subscribers.

  • Michael

    Joseph: One of the reasons I postulated that they might want to use this as a means to “try out” some of the ROH talent in exchange with helping them on PPV and the like — maybe even showcasing Punk-Bryan (though the skinny now is that Bryan has announced he’s taking his title shot at Mania XXVIII).

    That Steph joke was PRICELESS, though. OUCH!!

  • Joseph Hargrove

    @Michael: I heard about that and it’s a smart move for WWE. Bryan needs solid buildup first then cash in at the right moment. I hope it doesn’t end in a bad way for him.

    As far as Punk is concerned, I saw all of his videos on the channel and they were all just so awesome. WWE has to print money for this angle because it’s doing tremendous work so far.

  • Owangotang


    With all of the NFL lockout bullshit still percolating the LAST thing any fan wants is more legal mumbo-jumbo like “board of directors”, “relieved of your duties”, or “vote of no confidence”.

    We want CM Punk doing shit like this…at least until he comes back.

    The true test will be whether or not ANY of this gets mentioned on RAW. If not then you know RAW will blow until Punk returns. If they DO mention it then hold on because it’s gonna get good.

  • Owangotang

    Also the irony of having this video all play out with a Mattel/WWE banner hanging behind HHH is fantastic. Mattel has been blamed for WWE’s PG programming and many diehards have found the PG stuff (BALONEY FUDGE AND MUSTARD! DERRRRPPPP) to be beyond boring. This just proves you can do smart, engaging angles without making Divas get topless and wrestlers bleed out in the ring.

  • CB

    Not was this an amazing video, CM Punk asked the BEST question ever: “When are you going to put Zack Ryder on television?!?!?!?!” Just perfect.

  • Roadrunner23

    With this angle, they’ve got a license to print money. Holy shit.


    Damn…this is so fucking good!

  • Penny Sautereau-Fife

    All of you regulars who know me know I’m a hardcore card-carrying steady-diet-of-carpet lesbian. I don’t date men, it’s hard for me to even LIKE most men. I do not find the c*** desirable.

    So consider the weight of that as relates to my next statement.

    After watching this video I would get my knees dirty for CM Punk on command and vaccuum his tonsils out the hard way. THAT is how bloody awesome this is.

    Punk rules so epicly hard that even lesbians want to bump uglies with him.

  • navid

    bang on target,penny!! straight edge too,ya know ;)

  • Hoax

    Good grief PS-F; the nature of your comment is likely a reason the WWE went to PG programming. So we don’t have to be subjected to that kind of crap. Keep your personal life off of the comment page. For shame!

  • navid

    Hoax:i donno,dude…….i would have loooved to see her and trish on WWE programming……

  • Michael

    Here’s the problem, Owang: If you do that, you risk alienating those who are smart enough to understand concepts like the “30 Day Rule” (25 to go, CM!). At some point, and credibly, he has to defend that belt or he has no more legitimacy than the “fake Intercontinental Title” which was only saved when Shawn and Razor (re-?)invented the Ladder Match at Mania X!

    You can do engaging angles without those two things, but look at all the people crowding around CM Punk and cheering for him and tell me that they will be captivated without the stripping Diva, etc… There’s a reason some want to call this Attitude 2.0!

    PSF: That was strong, but was meant to make a point.

  • Penny Sautereau-Fife

    Awww, is the poor little Hoax an sad uptight little prude who clearly has no sense of humour or grasp of reality? Go on, shoo, back to the kiddie table. There are adults talking here.

    1) This is NOT a TV show, it’s a website. TV-PG is absolutely meaningless online.

    2) None of us are employed by WWE. Therefore acting as if any of us are obligated to adhere to a TC rating as the talent must borders on idiocy.

    3) Shame is for repressed people who give a rat’s ass what complete strangers online who they’ll never meet think of them. Sorry Hoax, but an anorexic fly has more weight than your whiny prudefest ever will with me.

    I was making a point in my own way how awesome I think CM Punk is for all this epic stuff he’s doing. And I did it without swearing or typing every possible variation of the 1 key. Not my fault you can’t appreciate an adult woman sharing adult humour with other adults who share an adult opinion about a product we all enjoy.

    Seriously Hoax, take the stick out.

    PS – Pretty much everything I said would still qualify under TC PG, thanks to the magic of euphemisms! Google it.

  • Nice

    This is very nice angle. I like Punks attitude. He is the real Lion among WWE. Not Stonecold not Hart neither micheles. Regards :

  • sideshowbob

    This part of the angle IS being officially recognized on now… Worth a read… Why not? Got something else to read right now?

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