A2Z Analysiz: Bushido Code of the Warrior (BxB Hulk, Shingo)
by Jake Ziegler on July 24, 2011

Pal Hall – Fall River, MA – October 29, 2010

MATCH #1: Four Way Freestyle – Ricochet vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Arik Cannon

Ricochet is accompanied by fellow Warrior International CIMA, who first addresses the crowd. CIMA gets the crowd behind Ricochet, and then announces that tonight they will add another member to the group. But who could it be?

Cannon and Gargano will start it off, but Cannon exits before contact is made so Ricochet takes his place. Lenny Leonard announces that Homicide has been drafted into World-1, and then Taylor takes Ricochet’s place in the ring as we start the match proper. Taylor takes Gargano down with a dropkick that sends him to the floor. Ricochet comes back in the ring for some back and forth with Taylor. He sends Taylor to the floor with a headscissors, and then Cannon comes in and goes after Ricochet. Cannon sends Ricochet to the floor so Gargano comes in, and then Taylor comes back in, and this one is moving really quickly. How many times a show do you think Leonard says “mi paso?” Gargano is flying all over the place in and out of the ring. Cannon and Gargano fight into the crowd, and Taylor takes them out with a dive. Ricochet follows with a dive to take out all three. Everyone makes it back to the ring and it’s more non-stop offense. I gave up on calling this one. Somewhere in all the madness Taylor grabs Cannon off the top rope and hits the Awful Waffle to get the pin at 8:47. That was a really fun opening match and a good showcase for all four guys.
Rating: ***

CIMA gets on the mic to ask Taylor if he wants to join up with them, but Taylor withdraws himself from the draft, saying he is no longer available. Gargano then begs to be drafted but CIMA wants nothing to do with him.

Jon Moxley Promo

Moxley says that tonight it’s just about him and Jimmy Jacobs. He’s not going to bring any backup to the ring tonight. He says tonight Kamikaze-USA will prove that they are the best stable.

MATCH #2: Homicide vs. Rich Swann

Homicide is representing World-1. Leonard tries to say that Homicide is filling the void left by Bryan Danielson, but the day Homicide fills Danielson’s shoes in Anything is a day I don’t believe will ever come. Anyway, they exchange holds and counters in the early going, taking it to the mat. Swann counters Homicide with his agility, and Homicide comes back with punches. Every time Swann tries to get some offense going Homicide cuts him right off. Homicide works Swann over, hitting a belly-to-belly suplex for two. This goes on for a while. Swann fires up with a series of strikes, which Homicide no-sells and then kicks Swann in the balls right in front of the referee. Finally Swann comes back with another flurry of offense and Homicide sells some of it this time. Homicide comes back with an Ace Crusher for two. He goes for the Cop Killa but Swann avoids it and hits a spinning kick to the face. Swann goes up top for a split-legged moonsault but Homicide gets his knees up. Homicide follows up with a big Lariat to get the pin at 11:26. I appreciate that the idea of this match was to make Swann look good in losing to a veteran, but Homicide just isn’t the guy to make anyone look good.
Rating: **

I don’t like recapping Austin Aries promos, so I turn to my good friend Kevin Ford, who has already recapped it really well.

“With Rich Swann still recovering in the ring, Austin Aries makes his way out to the ring. He says he’s happy to be back in Dragon Gate. He says for the first time in years he finds himself a free agent. He says that after doing some soul searching, he realized that the wrestling business is on a downswing and that it’s the black sheep of the entertainment business. He believes wrestling doesn’t get the respect it deserves because wrestling doesn’t respect itself. He says wrestling is rooted in seedy tactics and that he’s tired of people accepting that “that’s just the way it is.” The problem, Aries says, is if you try and do something about it, you get tagged as someone who causes problems. He asks that everyone pledge to be men of honor. He then helps Swann off the mat and says that he fought Homicide with honor. Aries says while he doesn’t want to start his own group, he could use a protégé. He extends that offer to Swann, allowing Swann to take his time to answer. He offers Swann to sit ringside and let his actions speak for him. Swann takes a seat ringside for the next match.”

Thanks Kevin!

MATCH #3: Non-Title Match – Masato Yoshino vs. Austin Aries

Yoshino is the current Open the Dream Gate Champion, but as indicated in the header that title is not on the line here. They take it down to the mat and exchange holds right away. The pace quickens a bit and neither man can inflict any significant damage. Then they take it back down to the mat, where Yoshino assumes control. Aries comes back with a neckbreaker on the middle rope. He dropkicks Yoshino to the floor and hits a double axe handle off the top rope. Back in the ring Aries works Yoshino over with strikes, slams, and leg submissions. Aries goes for a dropkick but Yoshino puts on the breaks and delivers one of his own. Yoshino then locks on From Jungle but Aries escapes and hits the dropkick this time. Aries hits two consecutive shinbreakers but when he goes for a third Yoshino counters with a cross body for a two-count. Both men rise and exchange chops. Aries executes an impressive military press and then locks on the Last Chancery. He goes for the Brainbuster but Yoshino blocks it and drives Aries into the corner. Yoshino puts Aries up on the top rope and Aries tries to counter with a sunset bomb, but Yoshino blocks that and hits the missile dropkick to the chest. Now Yoshino goes up top and this time Aries meets him up there for a super hurricanrana. Aries goes for the IED but Yoshino kicks him out of the air. Yoshino now targets the arm, hitting Ude Yoshino and going for Sol Naciente but Aries counters with an inside cradle for two. Aries executes a backslide for two, and then hooks on the Last Chancery again. He goes for the Brainbuster but Yoshino counters it again and hits the Lightning Spiral for a near-fall. Yoshino goes for the missile dropkick but Aries avoids it and hits the shinbreaker / belly-to-back suplex combination. This time Aries hits the IED and then lands the Brainbuster but Yoshino somehow kicks out at two. Aries goes for the 450 but Yoshino avoids it and sends Aries shoulder-first into the ring post. That gives Yoshino the opening to hit Torbellino and lock on Sol Naciente. Aries taps out at 18:00. I like how they weren’t in a hurry to get that match going and just built to a good finish.
Rating: ***½

Rich Swann extends his hand to Aries to help him up, but then drops him! The crowd boos and Aries is upset about getting disrespected by the newcomer.

Johnny Gargano Promo

Backstage Johnny Gargano appeals to CIMA, saying he almost killed himself tonight just to impress him. He begs CIMA to pick him for WARRIORS International.

A History of Violence

This is a solid 80-second video package detailing the feud between Jimmy Jacobs and Jon Moxley. They have definitely cut the best promos in DGUSA history during this feud.

MATCH #4: I Quit Match – Jon Moxley vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Moxley gets on the mic and threatens Jacobs. That turns out badly for him, as Jacobs is actually up in the balcony and he delivers a cross body block into the ring to start the match! Jacobs has a belt wrapped around his boot and he immediately uses it to whip Moxley across the back and choke him. He knocks Moxley to the floor and goes for a dive but Moxley cuts him off with a forearm. Back in the ring Moxley levels him with a clothesline and pulls a spike out of his boot. Jacobs avoids it and the spike is stuck in the turnbuckle pad. Moxley stays in control and locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. Jacobs crawls to the apron and is able to hit Moxley with a Spear! He throws Moxley into the guardrail and hits some mounted punches, but Moxley grabs him and powerbombs him into the opposite guardrail! Ouch. Moxley grabs another spike out of his boot and they go back to the ring. This time Moxley connects with the spike, repeatedly. Jacobs is obviously busted open at this point. He tries to fight up but Moxley takes him down with a backslide into a Fujiwara Armbar. Moxley breaks the hold and hits some headbutts. If you know anything about Jacobs you know that doesn’t work. Moxley whips Jacobs into the corner, but it’s the one with the spike sticking out of it and Jacobs grabs it and drills Moxley in the head with it, busting him open! Both men rise and trade punches. The pace quickens and Jacobs hits the jumping Ace Crusher off the second rope. Jacobs goes for a Spear but Moxley kicks him in the face. Moxley misses a Lariat and Jacobs hits the Spear this time. Jacobs locks on the End Time but Moxley counters it into an Alabama Slam. Moxley hits the Hook & Ladder and then locks on the Crossface Chicken Wing but Jacobs rolls out of it. Now Moxley grabs the belt and ties Jacobs’s hands behind his back. Moxley tries to hit Jacobs with a chair but Jacobs counters with a drop toehold and then is able to lock on the End Time! That is so cool. Moxley powers out of it with a powerslam and then unloads on Jacobs’s face with punches and the spike. The referee checks on Jacobs, but he will not quit! Jacobs gets up and kicks Moxley right in the balls, and then pulls a Houdini to escape from his binding! He clobbers Moxley with the chair twice. Both men grab a spike, but Jacobs hits harder and more often, and then digs the spike into Moxley’s groin and that’s enough to make any man quit! Jacobs is the winner at 12:52. That was an awesome hardcore brawl and proof that Jacobs is one of the most underrated brawlers on the Indy circuit. Everything in the match built logically and got more brutal as it went on, which is how these matches should go.
Rating: ****¼

After the match Jacobs says it will be a long time before he jumps off any more high stuff or bleeds this much. He wants to go back to Wrestling and win a major singles title.

Sami Callihan Promo

Callihan is backstage cutting one of his usual faux-intense promos that I don’t really care for. He’s worried about not being drafted tonight and threatens to hurt people if he is not.

For more info on Dragon Gate USA please visit www.DGUSA.TV.

MATCH #5: Akebono & Brodie Lee vs. The Osirian Portal

Amasis and Ophidian can’t decide who’s going to start the match with the monster Lee. It ends up being Ophidian, who quickly gets pie-faced and chopped down to the ground. Ophidian tries using his speed and agility but Lee simply squashes him in the corner. Undaunted, Ophidian comes back with a hurricanrana that sends Lee to the floor, but when he tries to dive out on him Lee catches him and slams him back into the ring. Lee hits a running boot to the face in the corner and Akebono tags in. Akebono and Lee will face each other tomorrow night in Rahway, by the way. Amasis has also tagged in and he takes the battle right to the sumo star. Of course he can’t do much damage, so he tags his partner for a double-team move but they both just get knocked down. The Portal then busts out the hypnotizer on Akebono, and they make him clothesline Lee to the floor. They get Akebono to dance, and Lee comes in and accidentally hits Akebono with a big boot to the face. The two partners then exchange strikes in the center of the ring. Amasis and Ophidian both go to the top rope and try to jump on one of the monsters, but they both get caught and slammed down to the mat for the double pin at 4:48. That was a fun little post-intermission match.
Rating: **

Lee and Akebono continue to brawl after the match until the locker room has to come out and separate them.

Homicide Promo

The Notorious 187 is happy to be back on the independent circuit. He says some more unintelligible stuff before being attacked by Jon Moxley!

MATCH #6: CIMA & Genki Horiguchi vs. YAMATO & Akira Tozawa

YAMATO and Tozawa are representing Kamikaze USA, while CIMA and Horiguchi are members of WARRIORS International. Horiguchi and YAMATO start the match for their respective teams. They trade holds back and forth and jockey for position but neither man can gain an advantage. CIMA and Tozawa tag in. The WARRIORS take control and go to work on Tozawa, the youngest member of the DGUSA roster. Tozawa fights back on CIMA and makes the tag. Horiguchi tags in and Kamikaze USA isolates him in their half of the ring. After several minutes Horiguchi hits YAMATO with a hurricanrana and makes the tag. CIMA is all over both men, reclaiming the advantage. He traps Tozawa in the corner and delivers a couple of brutal chops to the chest. Horiguchi gets in on the action too as the WARRIORS dismantle Tozawa in and out of the ring. After many minutes Tozawa hits Horiguchi with a Shining Wizard and makes the tag. YAMATO takes on both WARRIORS and does a good job of it. He and CIMA trade chops and shots to the head, so YAMATO goes low and dropkicks the leg. Now YAMATO locks on an Ankle Lock. CIMA makes it to the ropes and is able to go on offense. Tozawa tries to come in illegally and gets hit with Venus and the Iconoclasm. Horiguchi adds a sliding boot to the face. The match is breaking down big-time. YAMATO and Tozawa focus on Horiguchi and wear him down with double-team moves but can’t put him away. The WARRIORS come back on Tozawa and CIMA hits the Perfect Driver but only gets two. Horiguchi calls for Beach Break and pays for it when YAMATO locks on the Choke Sleeper. YAMATO tries to turn it into Galleria but Horiguchi avoids it, only to get superplexed instead for two. CIMA comes back in to help out and they trap YAMATO in the Backslide from Heaven but Tozawa breaks it up. Superkicks start flying everywhere as this is getting hard to follow. CIMA gets knocked to the floor and Tozawa wipes him out with a dive. That leaves YAMATO and Horiguchi in the ring. Horiguchi almost gets the pin with the Backslide from Heaven but YAMATO kicks out at two and delivers a brainbuster for a two-count of his own. YAMATO then hits Galleria and that’s enough to get the victory at 24:01. They started off slow but built to non-stop action down the stretch (which was probably about half the match). Tozawa and YAMATO are so much fun to watch.
Rating: ***¾

Officials check on Horiguchi, and then Johnny Gargano comes out and begs CIMA to draft him. When he doesn’t right away, Gargano attacks! Meanwhile, Rich Swann and Chuck Taylor are outside the ring taking it to Ricochet! Gargano then says he never wanted to join WARRIORS International. Taylor adds his two cents and names the new trio Ronin. Brodie Lee comes out to make the save.

Meanwhile, Austin Aries is backstage expressing disgust with the Ronin trio. Aries says that since he’s a free agent, he can be a WARRIOR for one night. He announces that he will team with Genki Horiguchi and Ricochet to face the Ronin trio tomorrow night.

Prelude to the Main Event

This is about a minute-long video package showing highlights of both men’s big moments in DGUSA so far and their feud against each other.

MATCH #7: Open the Freedom Gate Title Match – BxB Hulk vs. Shingo

Shingo immediately takes Hulk down with a hard shoulder tackle. Hulk quickly recovers and dropkicks the challenger to the floor. Shingo suckers Hulk to the floor and then drops him on the guardrail and whips him back-first into it. He follows up with a big running boot to the face. Shingo charges but runs into the ring post and Hulk goes after his arm. Back in the ring Hulk continues working the arm. Shingo fights back with a backbreaker and both men take a moment to recover. Now Shingo takes over, hitting a gutbuster, a DDT, and a senton across the chest. Shingo hits a piledriver and a knee drop for a two-count. He continues working the champion over for several minutes. Hulk tries a comeback but Shingo cuts him off with an Orton DDT and a knee drop off the second rope. They take the fight to the apron and Hulk hits the FTX! Hulk knocks Shingo into the crowd and then wipes him out with a moonsault. Back in the ring Hulk hits a springboard missile dropkick, sweeps the legs, and hits a standing moonsault but it only gets a one-count. Hulk lands Mouse, a Rock Bottom, and the BxB Star Press for another one-count. He lands a hard springboard spinning heel kick and this time he gets two. Shingo fights back with a Spear from out of nowhere and both men are down. Back up on their feet Shingo hits a Saito Suplex. Shingo continues on offense and hits the Pumping Bomber for two. He takes the champion up top for a huge superplex and hangs on to deliver the E.V.O.P. but it only gets a two-count! Hulk fights back with kicks and Shingo counters with a right hand and both men are down. The champ recovers first and hits a hard axe kick to the back of the head. Shingo comes back with a Pumping Bomber but Hulk immediately hits him with First Flash and they are both down again. Shingo is able to hit Made in Japan and Hulk barely kicks out at two! They take it up to the top rope and Hulk is able to hit E.V.O. but Shingo kicks out. Shingo tries to come back with Blood Fall but Hulk blocks it and hits First Flash. Hulk goes up top and hits the Phoenix Splash but Shingo kicks out at two! Finally Hulk hits the H-Thunder to get the pin at 26:07. That was a terrific title defense, and I love everything Shingo.
Rating: ****

YAMATO comes out to attack the champion and Masato Yoshino comes out to make the save so Kamikaze bails.


BONUS MATCH: FRAY! – Silas Young vs. Sami Callihan vs. Caleb Konley vs. Cheech vs. Rip Impact vs. Shane Smalls vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa and Impact start the match. They’re both working hard to impress early on, Impact with his agility and Ciampa with his power. Ciampa takes Impact down in the corner and pulls the kneepad down for a running knee to the face, which gets a two-count. The next man out is Callihan, who unloads on both men with forearms before even taking his ring jacket off. Callihan knocks Ciampa to the floor and tries a dive off the apron but Ciampa sweeps his legs out from under him. Back in the ring Ciampa hits Project Ciampa 2 on Impact to eliminate him at 3:19. Callihan and Ciampa battle on the floor now and Callihan gets crotched on the steel barricade. Young is the next man out and he wipes out both Callihan and Ciampa. Back in the ring Young and Ciampa trade shots and Young wins that battle by locking on a half crab. Callihan interjects himself, and Ciampa ends up grabbing both men in a simultaneous DDT and Flatliner, but can only get two-counts on both men. Next up is Cheech, and he attacks everybody. Cheech is flying all over the place both in and out of the ring. Meanwhile Callihan and Ciampa slug it out in the center of the ring. Callihan takes Ciampa down with a dragon screw and locks on the Stretch Muffler and Ciampa taps out at 7:56. Smalls is the next man out and I’ve never seen him before in my life. He takes Cheech down with a running kneelift and then hits a standing moonsault for two. Young, Cheech, and Callihan get knocked to the floor and Smalls wipes them out with an Asai Moonsault. Smalls throws Callihan back in the ring and puts on the Muta Lock. Young traps Smalls in a Dragon Sleeper, and Cheech for some reason breaks it up. The last man in the match is Konley. That leaves us with five competitors. Konley is a house afire, but quickly gets caught by Young with a Finlay Roll and the Peegee Waja Plunge to eliminate him at 11:15. Cheech dropkicks Young to the floor and then hits Smalls with a pumphandle slam and a Lights Out to eliminate him at 11:46. Callihan drills Cheech with a missile dropkick but then gets hit by Young’s Backbreaker Clothesline Combo. Cheech hits Young with a superkick, but then gets hit with a modified bulldog by Callihan to get eliminated at 12:35. We’re down to Callihan versus Young now. Callihan spits on Young and gets slapped for it. They trade slaps now and the crowd gets into it. Callihan takes Young down in the corner and goes for the Stretch Muffler but Young kicks his way out of it. Young tries to back flip out of the corner but spikes himself (ouch) and Callihan covers for two. Moments later Young recovers and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Young goes for the Peegee Waja Plunge again but misses and Callihan hits him with a lariat. Callihan then locks on the Stretch Muffler and Young taps out at 15:25. That was a decent fray, though I would have preferred to see Ciampa go farther.
Rating: **¼


This is the standard five minutes of highlights from the event.


This is another winner from DGUSA and a good way to kick off the iPPV era. The Jacobs versus Moxley and Shingo versus Hulk matches are enough to warrant a purchase right there, and the rest of the card is solid up and down. You can get the show Right Here.

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