CB’s World: All Hail Gail Kim, plus The Curse of Zack Ryder?
by CB on August 8, 2011

Whether she meant to create an IWC firestorm or was simply emoting her own personal frustrations, Gail Kim certainly made statement last Monday night on Raw.

Blink and you may have missed the scene at the 37-second mark of the above clip, when Gail — after landing some offense on Alicia Fox during the Divas Battle Royal — chose to roll out of the ring and eliminate herself from not only the match, but as it turns out, from the WWE as well.

That’s right, according to Gail Kim’s Twitter feed, she’d simply had enough of being a WWE Diva, where she was relegated to 30 second matches, or, even more offensively, was told last Monday night to be “get got” and get gone from the Divas Battle Royal in under 1 minute.

These instructions clearly set her over the edge, and I, for one, don’t blame her one bit.

After all, you are talking about a woman who had some very solid, lengthy matches when the TNA Knockouts division was at its peak, including a feud with Awesome Kong that even wound up main eventing some Impact TV shows at one point. I submit Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong for the TNA Knockouts Championship at Final Resolution 2008 as my prime example of what Gail Kim can bring to the table when given the right outlet and the proper time:

Part 1 of the match is here.

Part 2 is below:

And so I say, all hail Gail Kim.

She didn’t like her situation, she expressed her displeasure, and she quit because she just couldn’t take it anymore.

And for those who say she shouldn’t have “broken the fourth wall” by simply eliminating herself from the Divas Battle Royal, my rebuttal is this:

When it first happened, did you even notice?

I thought so.

As for Gail, I think she sums up this whole saga perfectly, when she wrote the following comment on her Twitter feed:

Every1 sounds sad like its a depressing thing that I quit. Guess what? My life is actually beginning again instead of being stagnant letting my talent go to waste. I waited too long, that should be the depressing part!

Depressing indeed, but I am looking forward to seeing what Gail Kim does next, and unlike some folks, I really do wish her well in all of her future endeavors.


Aside from Gail quitting, there were some other cuts to the WWE roster announced late last week. When all was said and done, Gail Kim, Melina, Chris Masters and Vladimir Koslov were gone, and two of those cuts — Melina and Masters — were especially damaging to Zack Ryder’s cast of characters that he has recently featured on Z! True Long Island Story.

In fact, Masters just laid down a challenge from Ryder’s Internet Championship on last week’s episode of Zack’s hit YouTube show:

So much for that dream match, right?

And all I have to say is, watch out Scott Stanford, as there just might be a new hex in play, The Curse of Zack Ryder.

And yes, I am (not) serious bro!


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And that’s all from me this week — CB

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  • Joseph Hargrove

    @CB: I can’t blame Gail for wanting to quit. See, it seems to me that WWE is the pro wrestling version of kryptonite and TNA gives her motivation to perform every time she’s there. I wouldn’t mind her going back to TNA as a face to challenge Winter for the title as it’s an international dream match IMO. Just an idea.

    Gail can team with Sarita and Rosita as their manager or even better, feud with Sarita to find out who the true Reina de Lucha is. Translation: it means Queen of Lucha if you don’t speak Spanish fluently like me.

    As for Zack Ryder, I have some respect for him due to how entertaining he is but he has to know that his webshow can be a problem to those who are in it. Maybe it’s a weird hex but we’ll see what happens next.

    Also, I do wish Melina the best as well as I have followed her career since MNM but that was ruined when I heard all the rumors about her. Not a good way to go out.

    I will return soon as this won’t be the last you’ll hear from me. All the best, Chris!

  • CB

    Gail going back to TNA could work, but only if Bischoff and Hogan let the Knockouts division simply breathe a little more and they just let the women wrestle without the horrible Vince Russo storylines / overbooked finishes.

    It looks like she’s really happy with her fiance though, so she just might take a break from wrestling and who knows if she actually will do more than independent bookings here and there.

    I was kidding about the Ryder curse, but if any organization would do that, it would be WWE.

  • Joseph Hargrove

    If she returns from a break, maybe she could work some indy appearnces for SHIMMER or WSU in a GM type role. Really couldn’t hurt if she so decides.

  • D.L. Butcher

    I just hope that if Gail comes back to the TNAwful, that they actually build her as the woman that made the knockouts worth watching to begin with! She can work the helll out of even a bad story line.
    If they pay any attention to her previous work with company (which I believe was booked by Russo), and book her accordingly, they can maybe revive the division.. just saying.

  • CB

    Good points, D.L. I would love to Gail back in TNA *IF* they give her time for quality matches. I wonder of WWE was going to do anything with Gail and Kharma/Kong before Kharma/Kong took her leave.

  • D.L. Butcher

    I wondered the same thing regarding Kong/Kharma and Gail. I just don’t have faith they were smart enough to think that way. Most likely they planned a Phoenix/Kharma storyline after they used Kharma to destory some of the light workers in the Divas division.
    I know everyone is so anti Russo and all but he can book for women like Finley could train them. At least he could in 06-08. I think that if the companies were so behind their product and wrestlers/entertainers, they would not consistintly flub and retro out the history of their promotions.
    If Punk had not put so much emphasis on history recently in some of his promo and storytelling it would not have been so compelling.The promotions think since the internet age we don’t pay attention to the long term, and it is not true at all.
    I know for myself I have two boys and my oldest loves to watch wrestling all the time, and I have made him study the history of it. He watches the DVD sets and the biography shows. He is eleven and knows about the VonErichs, Mid-south, AWA, Memphis, and everything before and in-between. Is he super quick to pull it together in a conversation. No, he is not, but he knows enough to see the board get swiped clean and history forgotten in today’s age of ” oh well they weren’t paying attention and probably don’t care” attitude. They need to focus not just on long term booking, but also stand by what happened leading up to it. The WWE needs to remind people that Cena was a heel, and he did play dirty. It would add the depth back to his character, not destroy it, but show where it changed for him. That being just an example. anyways I will stop ranting. so the rest is me, just saying…

  • CB

    I agree with you 100% D.L. I hate when everything just gets swept under the rug and we’re supposed to forget about it. I remember one Punk story in particular, when he was feuding with Randy Orton, he actually had to REMIND WWE creative himself about their history of him getting punted in the head.

    A lot of what Punk is doing is on his own, and they are LUCKY to have him as his own personal historian for his character.

  • Joseph Hargrove

    @D.L.: Gail vs. Kharma/Kong is still the standard bearer for feuds in the Knockouts division and I enjoyed it so much. That feud has had the most success so far.

    As for WWE, they seem to have reformed the Sisters of Destruction in place of what they had with Kharma/Kong, storyline and all. Good choice IMO.

    @CB: Given how little Vince thinks of TNA, I doubt Gail/Kong II would have happened anyway if Gail stayed on with the company. It’s sad we won’t have the opportunity to see it happen.

  • Joseph Hargrove

    @D.L.: Gail vs. Kharma/Kong is still the standard bearer for feuds in the Knockouts division and I enjoyed it so much. That feud has had the most success so far.

    As for WWE, they seem to have reformed the Sisters of Destruction in place of what they had with Kharma/Kong, storyline and all. Good choice IMO.

    @CB: Punk as a historian is even better for his character. Now, if only Punk can remind Creatjve about the rapper schtick Cena had when he started. That would be solid gold in itself. So far, what he’s done is great for business.

  • Phil

    I understand the frustration that Gail must have felt while being under-utilized in WWE, but didn’t she know it was going to be like that when signing back on? It’s not as if the Diva’s division was red-hot when she came back and they just suddenly pulled the plug on any big plans for the women there; if she returns to TNA, her matches should get more time, and she may get on a PPV every now and then. TNA appears to keep their Knockouts involved better through the entire roster, but the programs are no more credible than the WWE variety.

  • CB

    @Phil: I completely agree Gail knew the deal, but perhaps a part of her thought she’d at least get pushed a little bit, like Natalya was, for being a decent wrestler.
    Her mistake in that regard, WWE’s loss though at the end of the day.

  • DisgruntledViewer

    Is there a point in having a divas title? I use the divas matches as a chance to leave and have a smoke, if they were like that match between Kong and Kim I would start leaving when someone like randy orton tried to speak, emphasis on tried. Whats this storyline that the time of the pretty but talentless divas are over? Best bet is to let go of 2 of the most talented divas that WWE had and they were still attractive to.

  • D.L. Butcher

    Also a lot of the problems with the Divas section of WWE is traceable back to John Lauranitas. All the time he spent in Japan wrestling circles is the cause and/or root of the problem! For those not in the know on this, Japan promotions retire their female talent out at age 28. So with that put out there, most women wrestlers in America do not start training for the sport till age 18. That gives them a ten year window to try to find the best gimmick to get over. So I ask this outside of the confines of Blair’s Interactivity column, How long did it take for Steve Austin to work through failed gimmicks to come across the one that put him over the top? 8-9 years. How many years did it take for Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels to escape tag team and mid card status to get the main event? 16 years for Bret, and 8 for Shawn!Hell for that matter how long did it take Hogan to reach the Apex of Hulkamania? Another 7-8 years! So how can women wrestlers be expected to achieve long term success or status with such linear trappings? I still think Tara can bring it in the ring, Madusa could as well in her day. So rounding this out it is not just bad booking,but also smaller windows of opportunity.
    It makes me wonder why John still gets to be V.P. of talent relations when he simply can’t relate to the reality of his situation. Just saying.

  • CB

    @DisgruntledViewer: No, there is no point to the Divas title right now, maybe that will change with Beth.

    @D.L.: Another great point. Tara is one if my favorites and she’s doing just fine at 40 years old.

  • Battlebowl92

    if you don’t like going to work, you quit, good for Kim…

  • Battlebowl92

    … and Masters and Melina (and Zack himself) should have realized it isn’t happening when Vince pranked him by tricking Zack into thinking he was getting tv time, which translates into “it’s funny because I think you suck” …

  • CB

    Actually, Zack has been getting plenty of TV time, he just hasn’t been used all that well.

  • http://pulsewrestling.com Matthew Michaels

    NO LOVE for Harry Smith.

  • http://pulsewrestling.com Matthew Michaels

    CB apparently hates DH.

  • CB

    Harry Smith showed more charisma on the one episode of Hogan Knows Best he was on than anything he did in WWE. ;)

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