Inside Pulse Wrestling Interview with Chris Masters
by Rhett Davis on August 17, 2011

I recently had the privilege to sit down and speak with former WWE Superstar Chris Masters and fire a few questions at him.

On CM Punk mentioning him in the promo:

“I thought it was cool with him mentioning me working my ass off for the last year.  But I don’t know about it being scripted into the promo, I don’t know if I was huge on that.  But him putting that out there is definitely appreciated.”

On which release was more surprising:

“Oh this one for sure.  It is very different.  I took responsibility the first time; I was young, made bad decisions.  This time was much more surprising because I had matured a lot as a person and I didn’t make any mistakes.  I just worked my ass of for a year.  My mindset was different.  This time I’m more so not leaving anything off the table.  I’m not going to give anything against a WWE comeback.  I’m just going to keep my mind open to any opportunities and avenues in Sports Entertainment.  And outside of Sports Entertainment as well.”

On who has the most potential to be a big star:

“I’m definitely bias towards Drew McIntyre. I think he’s great in the ring.  He has great timing.  He was one of my favorite heels to work.  With the right character development and time, he’ll definitely be a force up there.  I was looking forward to doing some big things with him in the future.”

The rest of the interview you can check out in the two links below!

Interview with Chris Masters Pt1

Interview with Chris Masters Pt 2

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Rhett Davis

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  • Chris Sanders

    great job on the interview, rhett. i’m still raging from jealously but thanks for the subtle mention in there lol. cheers

  • GEE

    Chris pretty much told it all. Seems he really was shocked to get the pink slip. I never really thought they gave this cat a fair shake. The elimination chamber match with carlito is still one of my favorite chamber matches and I thought he was going to the top soon after. Now we at least know he contributed to his lack of push. Good interview.

  • Joe Violet

    Nice job, Rhett. I wanted this one SO bad…but you did a better job than I could have!

  • Rhett Davis

    Thanks everyone for the good words. Hopefully we’ll have another interview soon. I had fun with it. :)

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