Matt Hardy Rushed To Hospital
by widro on August 24, 2011

The hits just keep on coming for Matt Hardy this week.

Apparently this morning Matt Hardy “fell down” or collapsed in his North Carolina home, and was subsequently rushed to the hospital. He is reportedly set to be released from the hospital sometime on Thursday.

No word on the cause of the collapse or the diagnosis, but I’m sure we’ll post it as soon as we know. Or he posts something else on Youtube. Whichever

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Source: TMZ

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  • Blair A. Douglas

    Well, between this and that video that was posted before this, I think it’s safe to say that I can no longer make fun of Matt Hardy in good taste. That’s a real shame, because he’s a real asshole. So hopefully he gets better, or at least less of a hot mess, because it’s pretty clear he needs help at this point. I’ll start making fun of him again during his recovery YouTube videos when he blames the whole thing on a poltergeist.


    Well Matt is posting in your tweeter area… I’ll back up if he is making progress. But if he starts his nonsense and is shilling himself I’ll be pretty upset since he has had so many signs and he ain’t getting it, nor are others looking out for him either..

    And as far as the asshole part… Yeah I met him a couple of times.. V1 time he was ok.. By the time the whole lita thing happened, he was buying his own bs.. And that’s when he was supposed to be a face…

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