WWE Betting Big On Super Smackdown, Writers Stressed, Move Off Friday Desired
by widro on August 29, 2011

With WWE putting on a LIVE Super Smackdown show tomorrow, things in WWE are said to be as chaotic as ever.

Some reports are saying that stress levels among the creative staff is “Wrestlemania level”, meaning the highest and most intense pressure of the year.

Internally, WWE is very interested in moving Smackdown off of Friday Nights, which is the second worst TV viewership night of the week (Saturday being the worst).

If things go well with the ratings, WWE is said to be interested in moving Smackdown to Tuesday permanently.

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  • sideshowbob

    To be live permanently or just move days??

  • Mike Gojira

    One would assume live, though they could always tape Smackdown before or after Raw (after might be a problem).

  • Dj

    With brand extension losing a casket match, I think they’ll do a two-day roadshow and then have the guys cool off before doing house shows for the rest of the week. Man, it would suck to be the logistics guy for the WWE… and pay extremely well

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