WWE Diva Roses Mendes Bashes Kaitlyn and AJ?
by Pulse Glazer on September 12, 2011

Her tweets from over the weekend:

“If i’m making people upset, I don’t really care. I’m sick of seeing the Divas division ruined by these rookies. Sexy, smart, powerful!”

“Stay in FCW and stop shopping at Target chicas!”

“One rookie looks 12 with a crater face, one looks like she is 40 and the other one looks like she needs to go on Jenny Craig.”

“something happened, if you knew you would understand. Don’t stop loving me:) Rosa Mendes doesn’t go on a rant for no reason.”

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Source: PWInsider.com

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Pulse Glazer

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  • Lorenzo Bonilla

    You know, given WWE’s anti-bullying campaign and the fact that Rosa is essentially a model who is consistently lost in the ring, future endeavoring her isn’t a bad idea. She’s essentially badmouthing one Diva (AJ) who is an actual wrestler and another (Kaitlyn) who is not as proficient as a wrestler, but developed a personality during the abortion of NXT Season 3, and she’s criticizing them on their looks? Also, her first tweet; Newsflash, The Diva’s division wasn’t ruined by rookies, it was ruined by indifferent bookers, hiring models (See Mendes, Rosa and half the Diva’s roster) to train as wrestlers, and basically having your own announcers (see Cole, Michael) utterly burying your division on national television.

  • http://kyleksparks.wordpress.com Kyle Sparks

    WWE would like to wish Rosa Mendes the best in all her future endeavors.

  • CB

    Roses Mendez? HA!

  • Patrick Spohr

    Rosa Mendez: too inconsequential to spell her name correctly. I approve.

  • Joseph Hargrove

    Why Rosa still has a job I will never understand plus she’s terrible at just about everything. Two words, Rosa: You suck.

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