10 Thoughts on WWE Raw Supershow 9.19.11 (Triple H, John Cena, CM Punk)
by Joe Fiorello on September 20, 2011

I’m back for the 2nd week in a row, how the hell this happened, I don’t know. Anyway, tonight’s Raw was the follow up to Night of Champions and after the chaos that broke lose in last night’s main event, I’m sure many we’re curious.

1. The opening segment for Raw was interesting but it seemed a bit weak. Maybe it’s because Johnny Ace can’t work the mic and get the heat that the WWE is looking for him to get. It did give us something to look forward to when Triple H guaranteed somebody would be fired later on that night. Punk’s portion of the segment was decent as well but nothing spectacular.

2. The 8 man tag team match was fun to watch. It was by no means match of the night but it was a good crowd pleaser. It was good to see Sheamus, Christian and Wade Barrett on Raw, but it did not keep the Sheamus/Christian feud going forward. I’ll assume they’re just going to save that for Smackdown.

3. Hugh Jackman’s presence on Raw seemed like it was going to be just like every other Celebrity appearance. Other than promoting his new movie (which looks terrible by the way), he was throwing out some good stuff while going at it with Dolph Ziggler. I personally think Ziggler has been great on the mic as of late, almost to the point of not needing Vickie Guerrero to draw heat. Let’s not get too crazy though because Vickie is still drawing a great amount of heat.

4. Alberto Del Rio did a great job of seeming like he was legitimately pissed off about losing the title at Night of Champions. As much as I hated his title run, his 50 second match against John Morrison was enough for me to think this guy really wants the title back. My only issue here is that it was against John Morrison. It seems like this guy is doomed forever, I thought they were going to give him a push when they showed the video package a few weeks back but so far it’s not looking like that.

5. Undertaker vs. Undertaker, Kane vs. Kane, Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara? C’mon, these feuds never work. Just watch the crowd during the 1994 SummerSlam during Taker vs. Taker, and also, the only thing that the Kane vs. Kane feud did was get fans hopes up that the real Kane was bringing the mask back. What can they possibly do for the Sin Cara/Sin Cara feud other than botch six hundred and eighty two moves? We’re just going have to wait for this thing to unfold before we can really judge it.

6. As soon as J.R. said he was going to be in the ring to interview Mark Henry, I knew something was happening to J.R. tonight. Henry keeps giving us some good stuff week after week (although on Smackdown obviously), and his title run should be interesting to watch. Anybody who says that they knew Jerry Lawler would be put through a table is lying. It certainly added to Mark Henry’s dominating presence in the WWE.

7. I wanted to say “Who cares?” when it came to the Diva’s match just like I did last week but I do think it may be going somewhere. I don’t know exactly where it’s heading towards but if I had to guess, Beth and Natalya are going to get so fed up with losing to Kelly Kelly and Eve that they are just going to start interrupting other Diva matches and beat the living hell out of them. To clarify, I think Kelly and Eve will move on for about a week or two after feuding with Beth and Natalya and have matches with other Diva’s until about two or three weeks later when the Diva’s of Doom return and cause hell. A little bizarre? Indeed, but I’m just making a wild guess.

8. Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler was short but sweet. Earlier in the night, the crowd made it clear that they wanted to see Zack Ryder, and they got it. I am glad they avoided the clean win. It certainly would have made Ziggler look like a bad Champion had he been pinned cleanly. Will we saw more of Ryder on Raw? Doubtful but who knows? Never say never in the WWE.

9. Punk/Cena vs. Awesome Truth was the match of the night, but like the 8 man tag match, it was a crowd pleaser. The energy in this match was good from start to end. Regarding the post-match celebration I hope Punk doesn’t turn into a John Cena or Randy Orton type face. I’m talking about the one that comes out every week with that cheesy smile on their face and does the same crap over and over again every week, just like Sheamus is starting to do.

10. The ending to Raw sure as hell helped make next weeks Raw look interesting. Triple H came out after the main event and fired The Miz and R-Truth. The backstage brawl was fun to watch and was different then the usual type of ending we get every week. It makes next weeks Raw look good because you know Miz and Truth will be back to invade Raw or cause some kind of chaos. I personally thought it was a great ending to Raw and am looking forward to next week to see where this goes.

That’s all for me, stay classy.

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Joe Fiorello

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  • EJC

    Pretty obvious Johnny Ace is gonna rehire Awesome Truth next week.

  • Tony

    I think that the losing streak of the Divas of Doom is going to roll into the Conspiracy storyline.

  • foxxxy

    To me all of the promo segments seemed really flat. I expect a Mark Henry Promo to not be thrilling but even the triple h Punk promo lacked energy. I think Jackman looked like a tool out there plus he gave away the underdog pick by grabbing the poster. The one thing I did like and I think it was a nice subtle touch was did you notice when the guys who threw out Truth were all heels? I believe it was Swagger and Dolph if I’m not mistaken. It kind of helped to suspend the disbelief that it was a real firing real brawl etc. Don’t know if anyone else picked up on it or agreed but I thought it was a nice touch.

  • foxxxy

    Also having Punk celebrate with Cena post match kind of kills his character. I would have liked to see him attack Cena after Cena raised his arm to keep punk a tweener. Just like Austin would have.

  • mike fallon

    morrison is not 100% healed from his nerve injury to the neck. the wwe knows this so a push will be unlikely untill hes almost fully healed, its bad for buisiness if he goes back to semi-main event status then gets put on the shelf. im sure in the new year he will be back up there as he brings alot to the table and gets over with the crowd. zack ryder is a big example of this, hes now gettin more airtime and starting to be pushed its because he as won over the crowd.

  • DocZeus

    Just make the Sin Caras a tag team and have them feud with Air Boom. At least, we could get some half decent high flying tag team action ala the Hardy Boys vs. Edge/Christian.

  • foxxxy

    I was thinking they could be this generations Conquestadors

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