Backstage Reaction to Sin Caras Match at WWE Hell in a Cell
by Pulse Glazer on October 14, 2011

WWE officials gave Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara from Hell in a Cell negative reviews. The blame for this is put on the agents/producers, as the Hell in a Shell style is for grudge matches, not lucha exhibitions.

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Pulse Glazer

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  • Law

    I think “Hell In A Shell” was the name of an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If not, why not?

  • Wally Kovacs

    Except of course … they weren’t in a Cell, it just happened to be at the same PPV. If nothing else, having a match that is different from the main events would be a good thing, since it is less likely to steal the thunder of the main, while also providing more variety on the card, which is generally the goal of most wrestling shows. And, I doubt it was the agents/producers that were botching all over the place because they didn’t book it as a grudge match.

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