Rasslin’ Roundtable — TNA Turning Point
by Kelly Floyd on November 12, 2011

TNA World Title match: Robert Roode vs. A.J. Styles

M.C. Brown: Full scale heel turn and push for Roode should not be interrupted at this point. They worked too hard to get here.
Winner: Bobby Roode

Steven Gepp: It feels like this whole Roode/Storm/AJ thing has been a good three months’ worth of story condensed into 3 weeks. I understand injuries were a factor, but it feels so rushed. Having said that, I think this could well be the best TNA title match all year. I am actually looking forward to it, but I think the money’s in the chase, and so, I think the winner by nefarious means could well be:
Winner: Robert Roode

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett

M.C. Brown: While I’m sure Jeff deserves to lose for a whole year, it’d be horrible business sense to do so. Just keep belts off of him, Hulkster. I see this feud stretching out, however. Would absolutely love to see Jeff pick apart Immortal one at a time just to get rid of the awful group once and for all.
Winner: Jeff Hardy by DQ

Steven Gepp: Don’t care. Do not care. Not a bit.
Winner: Don’t care… oh, okay, Hardy

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

M.C. Brown: Probably not going to be any better options for ending the streak. Does Crimson turn heel here or does Morgan? That is the question.
Winner: Matt Morgan to end the streak

Steven Gepp: Don’t care. Do not care. Not a bit.
Winner: Don’t care… oh, okay, Crimson

Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels in a No DQ match

M.C. Brown: This feud is just getting started and it’s no DQ, so heel should win.
Winner: Christopher Daniels

Steven Gepp: RVD’s had his working shoes on at PPVs as of late. Daniels always has his working shoes on, so I fully expect this to be a hard-hitting, stiff as all hell, weapons galore brawl that could well be off the charts. But the winner is a tough call. However, I think Daniels’ current whiny persona sees him lose here so he can do more whiny complaining. Yes, a mixture of Raven (“What about Raven?”) and the Miz/R-Truth conspiracy theories. At least wrestling shows its green credentials by recycling everything.
Winner: RVD

Mr. Anderson & Abyss vs. Bully Ray & Scott Steiner

M.C. Brown: Ouch. More mileage out of this? I think it leads to Abyss vs. Bully Ray, so Ray needs to bloody Abyss here.
Winners: Immortal

Steven Gepp: Don’t care. Do not care. Not a bit.
Winner: Don’t care… oh, okay, Bully Ray & Scott Steiner

Knockouts Title match: Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

M.C. Brown: I want to see Gail vs. Mickie so bad for this title, but it’s just not Velvet’s time to lose yet seeing as she just won it. Probably Tracy for the save.
Winner: Velvet Sky

Steven Gepp: Don’t care. Do not… Well, I don’t care. This division has been ridden into the ground by crappy booking and Karen Jarrett with her not-good-enough-for-porn acting. Gail Kim could be a saviour of sorts here, but even she can’t get past the booking. With Kim, Tara and (to a lesser extent) Mickie James, you have 3 women who can wrestle. They should be pulling the division up by its boot-straps, dragging everyone else along with them. But instead they are being dragged down to the same mediocre levels. Oh well. It’s only a Pay-Per-View.
Winner: Gail Kim

TNA Tag Title match: Mexican America(Hernandez, Sarita and Anarquia) vs. Ink, Inc.(Brohawks and Toxxin)

M.C. Brown: Please. End. This. Now.
Winners(and new Champions): Ink, Inc.

Steven Gepp: Have to give them this – having the women involved in a tag team title match is certainly different. Won’t make this match any better, but it’s certainly different.
Winner: Toxxin & Sarita team up and win the TNA tag team titles, defeating all the guys, in the last 30 seconds of the match

X Division Title match: Austin Aries vs Jesse Sorensen vs Kid Kash

M.C. Brown: Kash and Jesse battle it out, but A-Double steals the win to retain because he’s cool like dat.
Winner: A-Double Austin Aries

Steven Gepp: This has ‘spotfest’ written all over it… and I don’t mind a bit. This will be entertaining as hell, I reckon, and I’m just gonna sit back with my jaw on the floor and keep asking myself, “Why in the hell would you do that to yourself?” as they throw themselves into yet another convoluted top rope death massacre move of doom. Hell, yeah, I’m looking forward to this one!
Winner: Aries

TV Title match: Eric Young vs. Robbie E.
M.C. Brown: I think E. is the flavor of the week with their renewed interest in him and letting him get his own entrance and bouncer and the TV title just needs something different. I just can’t believe E. and Terry are still employed opposed to the likes of Homicide, Jay Lethal, Melissa Anderson, Becky Bayless, Jillian Hall and Paul Burchill who all would be nice additions or welcome backs to TNA.
Winner(and New Champion): Robbie E.

Steven Gepp: Don’t care. Do not care. Not a bit.
Winner: Don’t care… oh, okay, Eric Young

Closing Statements

M.C. Brown: Roode vs. AJ, RVD vs. Daniels and X-Division 3-way are three matches that have to save this card. Lots of these matches are fillers to end and springboard towards new feuds to start next week. Really, tho, how TNA sticks with some of these guys while letting go of much more entertaining talent and passing on others really sickens me. Pardon the crusade. I’m enjoying about 50% of TNA right now and that’s because they are failing to take the other half of their talent roster and turn things upside down there, too. I’m begging them to do so. For more of my thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling, I implore you guys to check out my 10 Thoughts Column every week right here on Inside Pulse! Thanks, Kelly!

Steven Gepp: I am looking forward to Roode/AJ, RVD/Daniels, and Aries/Sorensen/Kash. And, as you may have guessed, I do not give a flying toss about the rest of the card. But I will say this: TNA are improving. Their TV is bringing better wrestling than WWE’s TV. They have now had 2 new faces in the World Title scene that the crowd believed in and could get behind (I think a long run by James Storm would be freakin’ awesome – he could be my favourite world champion of the year). Their World and X-division title scenes are interesting and are bringing great matches and have me invested in storylines. Daniels has a heel persona down pat and RVD looks motivated and if these three matches deliver, then they’ll have a better strike rate for this PPV than some of the WWE PPVs of late.
However, of course, to repeat myself: I don’t care about most of the rest of the card. The tag title match looks interesting, but remember when TNA had the most awesome tag division anywhere? When XXX and AMW tore the house down? Hell, even at the start of this year with Beer Money and MCMG it was a division that could save a PPV. Now… it’s this. The match could be interesting to see how many botches can fit into one match, but at least I suppose I have some interest in it. But the women’s title scene is the most disappointing. I really do not care what happens. Again, I remember when the TNA women’s division was awesome. Now it’s a carbon copy of WWE – pneumatic blonde bimbos, a sprinkling of a few others and more misses than hits in the ring. Oh, and storylines and booking from hell.
As to the rest of the matches – Morgan and Crimson both leave me cold, any match with Anderson and Abyss in it (I know people who write for Pulse are supposed to love Abyss, but I have never seen anything in him that interests me; he was just 10 years too late for ECW, that’s all) leaves me cold, Robbie E leaves me cold, and the Jeffs… well, I guess you get the picture. What about the Garrett Bischoff story? Where is Samoa Joe? What about Sting, Hulk Hogan, Ric
Flair, Kurt Angle?
But it is only wrestling, and I’ll watch the show anyway, and then I’ll complain about it…
but I’ll watch the next one and complain about that, too. Wrestling is addictive. “My name’s Steven,
and I’m a Wrestlaholic.”

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Kelly Floyd

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  • Steven Gepp

    Wow, MC, we disgareed on over half the matches, but agreed on what should save the show! This isn’t so much a Roundtable as 2 guys with beer and corn chips and too much salsa playing MST3K with the wrestling on TV. 2 of us… has TNA really come to this?

  • Joseph Hargrove

    @M.C. and Steven: Don’t forget about me, mates. Good job on the Roundtable.

    First, Ink Inc will win the tag belts and SuperMex bows out gracefully.

    Second, Aries survives once again and retains the X-Division Title.

    Third, Velvet will win via DQ to retain the Knockouts Title and she lucks out in her first title defense.

    Fourth, Eric retains as I hate Robbie E. Don’t really care for the match either way though.

    Fifth, Don’t care for the Immortal nonsense but I see them cheating to beat Abyss and Anderson.

    Sixth, Crimson beats Morgan and RVD beats Daniels somehow but don’t care for those matches either.

    Seventh, Hardy gets his retribution and Roode escapes with the TNA World Title still in his possession.

    Final notes: If I were to grade the card, it would be a 6 out of 10. Not good but not bad either. I also understand that Kelly’s posting her 10 thoughts of Smackdown now so I’ll give my assessment of the column whenever she has it up on the site.

    Enjoy the PPV, mates. Talk to you guys later. Cheers!!!

  • M.C. Brown

    Ha ha. Yeah, Steven more like a square card table. lol. We’ll see what happens. We know what should save the show, indeed. ;)

  • M.C. Brown

    And with Joseph included, too, there are some diverse picks which is nice to see. :)
    Thanks for setting up the card table, Kelly. ;)

  • Joseph Hargrove

    @M.C.: You might want to check your column because I made my comments about Impact Wrestling as well as tell the story about the Queens of Joshi. It features Kana, Ayako Hamada, Ayumi Kurihara and the legendary Akira Hokuto as their manager.

    You’ll enjoy it, trust me.

  • Anonymous

    Not gonna lie, I completely forgot about this PPV. But to be fair, I don’t give a flying f*ck about Survivor Series either.

  • that guy who types things

    Tag-team titles match: I care more about the women involved than T.N.A. cares about the tag & knockouts division. I seriously doubt that this match will be more than “barely watchable” but on the plus side Sarita is no longer wearing her mask so her facial paralysis is a thing of the past. Who will win? The team who gets the pin I guess….*shrug*

    X-Division Championship Match: Aries is on a roll. Sorenson is green as synthetic weed & “Kid” Kash while decent doesn’t really strike me as championship material with the way he’s been booked so I want to see Aries retain. Then again this is T.N.A. we’re talking about so who knows.

    Knockouts Championship Match: Velvet Kelly…er I mean Kelly Sky will probably retain because why should the belt be on the waist of a female who can actually, you know, WRESTLE? US MEN-BEINGS DON’T CARE IF FEMALE CAN WRESTLE O.K.! WE ONLY CARE ABOUT BOOM-BOOMS! Speaking of undeserving champions I’m sure Rayne will be at ringside with Karen Jarrett to kill a few eardrums. God help us….

    Crimson vs. Matt Morgan: While I’m hoping this will be decent I have no idea why these 2 are wrestling each other.

    R.V.D. vs. Daniels: See Crimson vs. Morgan

    Abyss & Anderson vs. Ray & Steiner: See R.V.D. vs. Daniels but substitute “decent” with “what-the-fudge-I-don’t-care”

    Robbie E vs. Eric Young: I remember when Young actually looked like a solid mid-carder back in ’09. Funny how things can change in a year or two. Piss break.

    Recovering Jeffrey vs. Massive-Ego Jeffrey: Will Hardy stumble on his road to redemption? Will Jarrett actually put in some effort besides trying to channel Buddy Rogers? Will I give a flying fig? Probably not.

    Styles vs. Roode: Seeing as how they made this match, the main event mind you, a few seconds before the last episode of Impact ended do I even need to type anymore? I thought the announcement of Trips vs. Punk at N.O.C. was handled badly but T.N.A. once again shows that they can “borrow” one of W.W.E.’s bad ideas and do it worse.

    Overall this P.P.V. will probably just be “ehh.” Hopefully it will be the weaker of the 2 in the upcoming “Twin Pack.”

  • Joseph Hargrove

    @CB: I don’t think either PPV is good and I’m just waiting for the big CHIKARA show in a few weeks that I’m going to. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you look at my comments as it’s called “JoshiMania”.

    The indies and Japan are really good right now and I’m watching it these days over WWE or TNA for the obvious reasons so I might be done with mainstream wrestling for some time. Then again, I might go back to watching RAW when Laurinatis is fired as interim RAW General Manager

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