10 Thoughts on WWE Raw Supershow 11.14.11 (The Rock, John Cena, Mick Foley, CM Punk)
by Pulse Glazer on November 14, 2011

1. The opening segment was brutal until CM Punk came out to mess with the established Michael Cole/Jim Ross repetitive garbage. Unfortunately, we saw the limit of just how interested in Punk segments I am again. Even Punk can’t make Michael Cole and John Laurenaitis in the same segment watchable.

2. This is Your Life segments suck. I don’t care what rating the original one with Rock did – they aren’t funny and aren’t cute. Everyone was excited to get Foley back, and I love Mick, I do, but Wacky Foley segments bomb far more often than they succeed at this point.

3. As much as I like Cody Rhodes, and I really do… he’s not better than either Dolph Ziggler or Kofi Kingston, right? The other two are just as good on the mic, damn near as over, and have had better matches. Any idea why either one doesn’t get the big push beyond family connections?

4. I know they’re using Dolph to train Mason Ryan on national TV, but it’s really dangerous and doing Ryan no favors. Seriously, send the kid back to Florida and let him learn!

5. Sheamus and Swagger had decent chemistry. Orton and Barrett did not. They are, however, really protecting Wade right now. Notice he got away clean on the heel beatdown.

6. CM Punk and Big Show vs. Henry and Del Rio was a bit of a, as Gorilla Monsoon would say, a styles clash. Yes, the match was a mess, but at least Punk lost – he sure seems like he’s winning the title Sunday because of it.

7. I hate Santino, but he gets huge pops. Nash killing him was good for his heat, even if it was near unwatchable.

8. No one, not the Rock, not your friend, not Tyler the Creater, should talk about what they say on twitter. It’s the most boring thing in the world to listen to. No one cares. Yay, you trended. Shut up.

9. Rock, however, really brushed up on his timing and delivery since March. He was sharp and not just going through the motions. I was impressed.

10. Overall Raw was a lot of bad segments that got the job done. The show wasn’t good, but the end result of everything coming together for Survivor Series was. 4/10.

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Pulse Glazer

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  • Jimmy

    Bitter and jealous CM Punk fan. Get over it. CM Punk is a nobody, he is not in Rocky’s league. Look how Rock had everyone eating out of his hand tonight…and he didn’t even have to try that hard. He toned it down for the new audiences. Still, he controlled the crowd in a way that Cena and Punk can only dream of. That is all.

  • Zork

    Eh, I enjoyed the This is Your Life segment. Thought it was a funny tribute to the original and kept the same spirit. John Cena’s embarrassment and Mick Foley’s insistence that things will get better is what made it funny.

  • Mike Gojira

    Because he’s The Rock. At this point anything he does is eaten up by the fans, myself included. Glazer never once compared Rock to Punk, so I think your comment flew out of left field.

    Raw was indeed a very “meh” show…this is coming from someone who tends to be optimistic about wrestling.

  • B. Brown

    As a South Florida native who grew up listening to Miami bass music, I loved JR’s song choice. Unfortunately, that was the only highlight and I could have stopped watching at 8:30.

  • Anthony J. Zinzi

    That Uncle Slam was pretty scary…they should run an injury angle at the PPV to get Ryder into the match instead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Fitta/100002150061980 Kyle Fitta

    This show was bad. It was in my hometown and I didn’t even go. My boy had it on in the background and I more so paid attention to the segments than the matches (because who really cares about matches on a go home show). The segments were bad. Cole and JR’s segment was nothing but filler, although JR dancing was kinda funny….but still nothing came out of that segment that’s meaningful at any point of time. Foley’s “this is your life” segment wasn’t funny at all. Cena and Foley looked awkward doing it. The first one they did was okay at best, this one was flat out terrible. Yet again, this did nothing to enhance anything. It was just filler. Then there was a lot of 101 booking to build up Suv. Series, but nothing that made me want to watch nevermind order Suv. Series. The closing segment did no wonders for Truth and Miz and they have no credibility going into the match. It’s more triggered around will Rock or Cena turn on each other, which isn’t a great marketing tool to add an extra element to the match other than just the Rock is Cena’s partner. Overall, like you said, it was a bad show, a show that had no business being that bad heading into Suv. Series. They were more focused on making us laugh and trending on twitter than developing angles, going forward, and making people buy Suv. Series. Remember, the Rock is going to be wrestling on WM, so it’s not like this is the last match people will see Rock wrestler. If people end up thinking that way, then the WWE didn’t do themselves any wonders on this show and won’t get a good buy for this show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Fitta/100002150061980 Kyle Fitta

    Who isn’t high on CM Punk? I mean what he was doing in July was incredible. The WWE gave him freedom and out of it he built one of the greatest angles in the history of the WWE just by using his mic-skills. Whether you like it or not, CM Punk has a future in the wrestling business. Just because he might not draw as much as the Rock did doesn’t mean he’s a nobody. If that was the case, then all but about two or three other wrestlers in the WWE were nobodies. Rock getting a bigger pop than CM Punk wasn’t surprising. It was his return to the WWE for the first time since around WM. CM Punk is an everyday wrestler, so seeing him live isn’t going to be that astonishing to the crowd. Maybe you should check out CM Punk, though, between July and August again before you call him a nobody.

  • Zork

    Ya, the insistent twitter BS got really annoying.

  • EWF_X29

    I was going to go to this show, I live about an hour south of Boston, but I’m going to Survivor Series at MSG on Sunday. I don’t think I missed any great moments at Raw in fact it almost looked like the whole show was a big letdown for the audience. At least I will get to see The Rock actually ” wrestle ” at the Survivor Series.

  • http://twitter.com/PHISHMAN77 RAMON RIVERA IV

    [“This is Your Life segments suck. I don’t care what rating the original one with Rock did – they aren’t funny and aren’t cute. Everyone was excited to get Foley back, and I love Mick, I do, but Wacky Foley segments bomb far more often than they succeed at this point.”] are you serious? give me mick and a phone book, and i’ll be on the edge of my seat for as long as he’s on screen. just seeing the fans in beantown look like their heads were going to explode was worth it (seriously, when have you seen crowd either not cheer or be silent when should be popping each time home town/state mentioned like with Foley/Cena, and MA?). and shoving that hero’s montage down the crowd’s throat and having cena’s father saying he’s getting booed because it’s the “cool thing” to do nowadays, all can say is Foley is still God (mine at least)

  • Thenassar

    Was it just me, or did Foley seem less than enthused to there? He hasn’t grabbed my attention inabout five good years. Also, while I agree with Aaron that Dolph is more talented all around than Rhodes, imstill think Cody has vastly improved. However, when is he getting hit by the wellness policy?? Looking biggervand bigger by the week.

  • Anonymous

    That whole Twitter thing IS BRUTAL!!!!!

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