THE RAGER – What Does the Internet Have Left? (John Cena, It Begins)
by Chris Sanders on December 21, 2011

So what is there to talk about? CM Punk is WWE Champ, Daniel Bryan is Heavyweight Champ and Zack Ryder is holding a for realsies title. So what else is there for the internet to have to talk about?

Well there’s Cena and his status as a face and the possibility for him to switch to heel.

You want my philosophical view of it? I take your silence as a yes…mostly because this column is kind of a one way street right now (unless you comment below, duh).

There, I said it. He became a heel the moment WWE put him against The Rock because WWE has made Rock infallible in the eyes of the WWE Universe. For crust’s sake, who else gets a freaking birthday party on Raw or episodes catered solely to them? “No one” is the answer to that riddle but the Rock and his eternal glory is the exception. John Cena cannot compete with that kind of following. This is a not a passing-of-the-torch situation like Rock vs. Hogan because both were viewed as icons and Cena is just viewed as a kiddie play-thing. I believe WWE anticipated the fans to react to Rock vs. Cena as being split down the middle but that’s not what we gave them. We all automatically took Rock’s side the moment it was teased and I think its taken WWE this long to finally come to grips with it.

Evidence to that claim? The Cena Sucks shirts and with Cena acting heelish at the slammy’s by teasing a Rock appearance.

So where do we go from here? Well Kane is back and he’s targeting John Cena. Now, I know we’ve seen this movie a million times where John struggles but eventually overcomes the big bad monster character and I pray to the almighty wrestling deity (I’m assuming its Giant Gonzalez, right?) that’s not the case. Instead, what I’m hoping for is Cena coming to some sort of realization that he has to delve into his dark side (affectionately known as The Gooch) and become a darker beast than the one that he faces. I’m not saying that we should get an emo Cena, dear Giant Gonzalez, that would be worse than rapping Cena. I’m picture the type of heel we all know Cena could be, someone that finally snaps and gives the audience the same kinda crap we’ve been flinging at him or, to put it in a slapping Roddy Piper form, he finally “feels the energy” (I really never get tired of that).

I guess the internet can also talk about this It Begins shenanigans.

Probably not but it kinda makes sense, right? Chris Jericho and Undertaker both seem like easy answers but its not Jericho and I kinda feel like this would be lame if it were the Undertaker. Besides, isn’t it fun to speculate about non-obvious choices? Joel Leonard found a theory that says its Shane McMahon and its pretty interesting, ask him about it sometime. There’s a lot of fun theories online and I encourage everyone to check of them out and, I dunno, lets start a pool on our favorite theories or something. In a related thought, there should be a fantasy wrestling league…

This is the last Rager before Christmas and I wanted to take this time to celebrate everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and, for you Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Happy Nothing Special Day. I hope you ring in your Christmas Day as I do, watching Die Hard.

In all seriousness, have a great holiday season and enjoy those closest to you, all other advice is just extra BS.

That’ll do it for this week, my dearest members of Rage Nation. My challenge this week is to either find some interesting theories of who “It Begins” is or come up with some of your own. Post them below in the comments or tweet them to me @cwsanders39

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answers: David Otunga’s coffee mug

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Chris Sanders

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  • Zork

    I would prefer to see Kane destroy Cena but eh…whatever.

  • Chris Sanders

    well we all would…i’m just going under the assumption WWE hasn’t deserted “Super” Cena just yet.

  • Friendshistory

    Good analysis. Though I’m still not sold on the whole “Cena is already heel” logic. I don’t think the WWE Creative Teamis that clever. Heck, I STILL think they were trying to garner him more of the crowd’s favor with the whole Zack Ryder thing, but it’s not working. I do think they are going somewhere though with his character being in turmoil and for once his facade starting to crumble.

  • Chris Sanders

    Sorry, I probably should’ve explained it better. I’m basically saying that Cena is already a heel and WWE has yet to realize it in the sense that the audience is treating him like one. kinda like what you’re saying that they’re trying to put him in the crowd’s favor with Ryder but its still not enough to change our hearts and minds. and I like what you said about his facade starting to crumble…I would love Cena to take on a new mindset, not even a heel persona but just some sort of change because he’s been the same character with the same mindset for far too long and we’re bored…at least i am.

  • Anonymous

    You guys see the new Cena SUCKS T-Shirt? Hilarious…

  • Cynical Bastard

    I… um… wow. I can’t believe that’s an actual WWE product. Damn. Do I think it’s funny? Sure. Would I buy one? Not one produced by WWE. It’s still got Cena’s name on it, so whatever cash it draws will be sales credited to Cena. I’ll give them credit for attempting to play both ends, but I refuse to directly financially support Cena specifically.

  • Anonymous

    I told somebody that last night Cena is Tim Tebow…people love him or hate him. no middle ground…which means he’s over as a heel or face….All he would have to do is rap, and the crowd would explode

  • Ryan Alarie

    Cena is a heel now in the sense that Rocky Miavia was a heel when he was still playing face but fans were chanting “die Rocky die” at him.

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