Video: Chris Jericho’s Return to WWE Monday Night Raw
by CB on January 3, 2012

In case you missed it or would simply like to see it again, here is the full video of Chris Jericho’s controversial return to Monday Night Raw last night in Memphis, Tenn.

What did you think of Jericho’s appearance? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Source: WWE Fan Nation

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  • Anonymous

    For the record, I am all for this return the way it went down, as long as it’s part of something bigger. I happen to trust Jericho enough to give him some time to give us a slow reveal, so we’ll see if that faith pays off.

  • X-MAN

    I wanted the old countdown clock SOOO bad!! But I did enjoy it.. especially when it became clear to me that he wasn’t going to speak. To have that much buildup and then NOT speak is brilliant. He should be a heel and that was a great way to do it while still retaining the “return pop” he was bound to get.

    That’s what I love about the so called old school wrestlers.. the know how to generate audience reaction even from kids that have probably never seen them wrestle a match in person. He had them eating out the palm of his hands, and most of the younger guys need to really take tips.

  • James Alsop

    If this was what we all think – nay, hope – it was (Jericho’s reintroduction as a super-heel), it was brilliantly clever. The only trouble is, next time a wrestler gets an audience reaction by teasing a promo and then simply not speaking, Jericho will cry gimmick infringement.

  • Zork

    I still think Jericho was just playing people on twitter when complaining about people “Stealing his schtick” so to speak. If we’re gonna play that game how many original wrestlers have there actually been since 2000? I’m sure you could go further back than that and point out people like Jericho emulating his favorites too. Plus, a lot of the people he was ripping on he was good friends with so…

    He’s been playing everyone. Especially with that fit over him not being in the WWE ’12 game.

  • Owangotang

    Well said. I have NO problem with embracing Jericho as a cheesy ultra-happy heel, I just think it is a bit premature for so many to assume that’s what is going down. Also, as for comparing this return to the Rock’s return – there is simply no comparison. We don’t know what the hell to expect from Jericho next. Rock? He came out, annihilated Cena verbally in a way few have been allowed to do, and let us know that he’s OK with being “Rock” again.

    Jericho is entertaining and very cerebral (WAY much more than the so-called cerbral assassin) but he’ll never, ever be in the stratosphere that guys like Rock, Austin, and Hogan inhabit. His return last Monday only further illustrated that fact.

  • Anonymous

    I agree Owangotang, it’ll be an amazing program if it’s Punk-Jericho too.

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