10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw – 1.16.12 – New Champs, Jericho Jets It, Punk Gets Screwed Again, Cena Goes Berserk
by Rhett Davis on January 16, 2012

Welcome to my 10 thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw!  I am your host, Rhett Davis, and this is yet another edition of Raw.  Anyways, let’s get started.

1.  The show opens with Foley announcing that he wants to enter the Royal Rumble which leads Dolph Ziggler to enter and call him a joke.  Foley was over big and Dolph really looked great with this exchange and brought Mick Foley back into the angle.  We could possibly have Foley at WrestleMania against Dolph Ziggler.  It worked for Edge didn’t it?

2.  John Laurinitis declined Foley’s desire to want to enter the Royal Rumble match so it’s just a matter of time before he interferes.  We may either see him help out Punk at the Rumble with the odds stacked against him or he may do like he did several years ago and take out another participant to enter.  Poor Epico/Hawkins/Mahal.

3.  So Mark Henry kept his title after being put in a match when he wasn’t doctor approved, but Ryder doesn’t get his title back?  So what does this accomplish?  Swagger now has a prop to make him relevant and Ryder loses all of this momentum built upon him winning the U.S. title.  I can’t see this loss doing anything that important.

4.  It’s always weird when the titles change hands over house shows.  Usually when they do it, it is because they’re outside of the country, but this time it was Oakland.  I’m not following the train of thought on this either.

5.  R-Truth continues to humor me with his Pinocchio telling a lie saying that Wade was going to win the Royal Rumble match.  Truth then continues to win the mini-Rumble.  I can’t see the guy winning the match at the Royal Rumble, but he could prove for some comic relief.

6.  John Cena snaps and takes out Jack Swagger after Swagger destroyed the injured Ryder and took his title.  Cena has gone off the deep end and looks to be taking that heel turn finally.  Just kidding.  Kane fights Cena at the Rumble.

7.  So Big Show accidentally takes out AJ, Bryan’s girlfriend, and Bryan blames him for the carnage claiming that Big Show is a bastard and has traumatized AJ for life.  Bryan has really taken to his new heel character well and, honestly, has more character than ever before in the WWE.

8.  The Funkasaurus is back to destroy another jobber.  This week’s victim is JTG, and I’m really digging the character now.  He’s charismatic, he’s unique, and, thus far, he appears to be a pretty good wrestler.  I’m interested to see what he will be involved with later on.

9.  So Jericho decides to leave mid-match leaving his teammates to fend for themselves.  Yet another week with no explanation from Jericho.

10.  Well the ending of the match went from Jericho leaving, to Bryan and Mark Henry brawling backstage, and Mick Foley coming down to even the score and winning the match by applying the Mandible Claw to David Otunga.  Laurinitis would then reverse the decision saying he didn’t authorize Foley to compete, Punk would then shoot on Laurinitis saying that he was just jealous of his success, Punk leaves, Laurinitis would then admit to screwing Punk at the Rumble, and finally attacked Foley with the mic.  So with the outlook of the WWE Title match already announced, it’s just time to see how Punk overcomes the odds.  Another thing to consider is now that his agenda is out in the open, will the Board do anything to stop Laurinitis from screwing Punk?  Maybe add a special enforcer in Mick Foley?  Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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Rhett Davis

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  • http://twitter.com/Kanta_Mizuno Ryan Alarie

    It’s possible that Ryder losing his title that way (aside from being fuel for the Cena/Kane feud and making Johnny Ace to look like more of a prick) is probably just to set him up for another chase. He’s an uber sympathetic babyface, especially as he got screwed out of the belt by the lackey of the guy he had to spend so much time chasing in the first place. Not sure how long they could (or should) stretch it this time, but they might have Swagger duck him until Wrestlemania for a feel good pay off.

    Or they are already ‘done’ with Ryder. That’s also possible. But, if they aren’t done with him, it’s probably better for them to have Ryder chasing Swagger.

  • Anonymous

    I sense a Vince sighting next week, followed by Johnny Ace and Vince both screwing Punk at the Rumble.

  • Fox_man63

    Maybe its just me but I honestly don’t know how Foley and Punk can be the face in any of this. 1 lets start with Foley wanting to be in the Rumble. I think Dolph made an excellent point about Foley would be taking the spot of guy who worked hard all year for the chance only for Foley to randomly show up and take it so his kids could see him wrestle. The only reason Dolph didn’t get credit for having a logical justified arguement is because he’s a heel and the only reason Foley wasn’t seen as being a selfish prick trying to hold on to the spot light is because he’s a face. Isn’t guys taking up spots way past their prime the exact thing ppl on this site bitch about non stop? As for the tag match. Was it John L. fault Punks partners left for one reason or another? No of course not. Foley wasn’t authorized to wrestle and lied to the official. Again this was only acceptable because he and Punk are faces. John L. did what was perfectly with in his position to do and I’d argue the only logical thing he could do. You cant just have wrestlers entering themselves into matches it would be anarchy. But because Punk didn’t get his way he starts throwing a tantrum and making personal attacks on John L. Once he leaves the ring Foley decides to pipe in. What business is it of Foley’s to begin with anyway? Let’s remember Foley is only angry because John L. 1 wouldnt let him just show up and compete in a match for a chance at the world title and 2 over turned a decision in a match Foley wasn’t legally participating in. If it hadn’t been for him lying to the ref the match would have ended in a DQ as soon as Foley touched anyone. I think there is only so much any person could take before they finally snapped which is what John L. finally did. Replace John L. with Teddy Long and replace Punk with Cody Rhodes and Foley with (insert retired heel) and the perception totally changes. As for the Ryder not being medically cleared to compete John L. came back stage to apologize for his mistake he took full responsibility before he could even finish what he was saying Eve has to chase him away yelling like a lunatic. For all we know John L. was going to reverse that decision too before she interupted. Regardless of what the end result was going to be of all of this one one thing I liked about the whole dynamic was John L. had never did anything that one could point to and say that was a totally unjust heal move. Anything that happend to the faces always seemed to happen by mistake or misunderstanding. In fact there are many times he bent over backward to allow for the faces to have what they want. Going away from Monday Night Raw I feel Punk is just childish and Bully. His rantings at Vince gave him so many new perks and now hes a face of the company so now he feels anytime something doesnt go even slightly his way he can bitch and moan and throw a fit until he gets his way. I’m happy John L. stood up for himself I think his comment of yeah I’ll screw punk was more a result of Punk’s as well as every other faces treatment of him lately and less his original intent.

  • Foxxxy

    This is Foxxxy I was expecting it to auto correct my email address and it didn’t my bad.

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