NWA Wild West Debuts in Phoenix, Arizona
by M.C. Brown on January 19, 2012

NWA Wild West’s Shoot Out Results 1/17/2012

With a crowd of 243 people, NWA: Wild West’s Night of Dangerouly Intense Wrestling was a huge success!

Asian Sensation Okami vs Joe LaRudo
No Contest Due to interference by
The 7 foot tall Yetty w/ The Beautiful Disaster Zeleste

The Nordic Nightmare def Chadd Hawkly via pinfall
using Greetings from Vallhalla (modified samoan drop).

The Pali Prince vs. The Nome King w/ Mr 1% Wall St Wally Lipschitz III
went to a time limit draw.

Shot Saxon def Joey Dux via Pinfall – Post Match, NWA:WW’s Matthew Blaze
attacked Shot Saxon and declared war on NWA:WW until he is booked properly.

“The Harvester of Sorrows” Hatchet Jack w/ Toom E Guci
def NWA: Dakota Pro Star, Chief Attakullakulla via DQ

1/2 of The NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions – Hawaiian Lion def. “Welfare Ric Flair” Robert Royal w/ Roman Alexander
via pinfall.

The Regulators battled Team Techno w/ Nicky Fury to a double count out

Tommy Drake w/ Toom E Guci def The Disco Kid via pinfall, for a chance at NWA World Champion Adam Pearce in March.
In a match that saw Drake and Disco literally DESTROY the ring in the process.

NWA Official CC Starr has announced that due to his magnificant performance at the debut event, The Disco Kid will
recieve a match against NWA National Champion Chance Prophet on Feb 28th, and Graham Central Station in Tempe, AZ!

Special thanks to Nick Wilkinson Hansrote and J.J. Eisenstein correspondents

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