’s Quick Quips: Raw 2.6.12
by Matthew Harrak on February 6, 2012

– I didn’t like Undertaker and Triple H’s match last year, I really didn’t need to see it again this year.

– Nothing about this match excites me. Not even that very cool video.

– So that’s going to be how they build this year’s match instead of the dueling promos? That’s going to get old quick.

– I am loving Daniel Bryan’s heel character. It took me a long time to get on board but he’s won me over. It helps that they haven’t booked him to be insanely weak like every other heel on the roster.

– The majority of the smoke coming out of Carl Edwards’ car was completely computer generated. Awful.

– God, I can’t take any more lawyer jokes!

– “I trolled all of you.” – Awesome!

– We’ve all been waiting for this promo for YEARS!

– If Punk and Jericho have the creative control over this program that I think they do, this better be the WWE Title match for WrestleMania.

– Wade Barrett’s new music sucks even more than his last theme song. Poor guy hasn’t had a good theme since he was entering to Jericho’s theme song on NXT.

– If I never saw The Great Khali after the Royal Rumble, I could have died a happy man. I am not happy that I have to see this goof on Raw too.

– I think we’re going to be seeing Khali RKO’d tonight.

– That was a GREAT way to establish Barrett and Rhodes as legitimate threats to win the Chamber match. Orton and Khali really needed the rub tonight.

– This is only the second time I’ve seen the John Cena video and I already wanted to change the channel.

– Isn’t this the same Diva’s tag match we saw a few weeks ago? Are they really that lazy?

– Nice shot of the completely unimpressed crowd, KD.

– Did Johnny Ace just say HE would face the Undertaker if he was Triple H? That I may pay for.

– By the way, if any fans out there want to spring for the new CM Punk shirt for me, I’m an XL.

– Does anyone have a shot at winning this match besides Jericho?

– Is it wrong that I hope Truth is out of the Chamber match now? Just as long as he’s not replaced with The Great Khali as well.

– Half of those chops, Kofi completely missed.

– Loved Jericho’s Indian style pose in the ring with the WWE title.

– Good quick, TV main event. It was predictable but as I always say, PREDICTABLE ISN’T ALWAYS BAD! Pro-wrestling was built on logical booking of bad guys versus good guys. Stick to that and you rarely can go wrong.

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