Kyle’s Files: Why It’s Easy To Like Chris Jericho
by Kyle Riot on February 10, 2012

A couple weeks ago, Chris Jericho came back to the WWE to “end the world”. Jericho, who is usually very out-spoken, didn’t say a word, though. He just smiled, grinned, and looked astonished at the crowd’s reaction. After a long period of time, the crowd became frustrated with Jericho because they wanted him to explain to them what was going on. It was Jericho’s creative way of turning heel. Since then, Jericho hasn’t been getting bood as much as the WWE or he anticipated. In fact, the crowd reactions have been mixed.


Here are the reasons why it’s so easy for fans to like and hard to dislike Chris Jericho-

Loves The Business

Chris Jericho has a smart mind for the wrestling business. Jericho has talked off-air about wrestling in interviews and shoots and just by him talking for that amount of time, its transparent that he understands the philosophy of wrestling and what wrestling fans desire.

Jericho also never  joined wrestling for the money. In WCW he made a lot of money as a midcarder. It was actually more money than some main-eventers in the WWF, but despite that he was still frustrated with the way WCW was ran.

The point is most wrestlers wouldn’t care how the product was being operated as long as it was doing well enough to survive and they were getting their checks in the mail every week (hence TNA wrestlers), but Jericho was constantly frustrated in the way WCW handled things.

Not A Sell Out

Between Dancing with the Stars, Hollywood projects, and the money he has made from wrestling, Jericho is doing fine from a financial standpoint. There is no purpose for him wrestling all over the world these days other than the fact that he loves doing it.


Jericho is one of the most witty wrestlers ever. If you have watched wrestling for a long time, you  can see that Jericho just gets “it”. Jericho always knows what position to be in at the right time, he knows when to talk or when not to talk, he knows how to take his time, and so on.

If you don’t analyze someone’s facial-expressions and mannerisms, you can still see Jericho’s brilliance when he talks on the mic. His promos are always well-written by him (of course) and always leave you satisfied (or in some cases dissatisfied). Sometimes, he’s so subtly brilliant that words cannot even describe it.


Although the WWE shoved down our throats Rey Mysterio as an ultimate underdog, Mysterio had a bigger advantage over Jericho making it into the business. Mysterio had a certain mystique to him and brought over a different style of wrestling over the states. Jericho, meanwhile, was a nobody who had no heritage or mystique; he was just a very undersized wrestler (one who many people told him he was never going to make it in the business so he should just stop trying). Yet he made it to the WWE and has won numerous championships.


Chris Jericho has played different roles in the wrestling business. He has been the whiny, annoying heel….he has been the witty, sophisticated heel…he has been the underdog babyface….he has been the sex-symbol babyface….he has been the kissing babies babyface.

Ultimately, he has been practically every facets a heel or babyface could be.


A lot of people in Chris Jericho’s shoes would abuse their power  so they could be on top all the time and work a limited schedule (:cough: Undertaker :cough:). Jericho has never used his power (from what I know of) to get something. He has always done business and did what the company has asked of him just like the other boys in the locker room.

And I honestly believe Jericho enjoys helping wrestlers and putting them over. I mean, do you think that the Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, even John Cena, or anyone with power in the WWE, would job to Heath Slater? I didn’t think so.

Top-Tier Wrestler

Some wrestlers cannot wrestle. Some wrestlers can but don’t try. Some can but find a formula in the ring and stick with it throughout their career. Not one of these describe Chris Jericho; he can wrestle, always tries his best, and is always trying to be innovative in his matches. Without a doubt, he is one of the best in-ring storytellers and psychologist in wrestling’s existences.

Punches Annoying Girls In Face

 Chris Jericho stated that he wasn’t Canadian anymore and that he’s now American. A group of stupid Canadians (or should I say normal Canadians) barged at Jericho’s car looking for a fight. A girl then spat at him so he punched her in the face and told the security to do their fucking job.

He’s from Winnipeg….Idiot

Jericho can also own fans at the same time he’s wrestling.


 Jericho has always loved the busines and he has never shown anything that could possibly label him as a selfish person since he’s constantly laying down for wrestlers who are below his level. His sophistication, cleverness, versatility, and in-ring level are unparalleled to most in comparison, which is remarkable for someone who was always doubted for his lack of size.

These are all reasons why despite what kind of wrestling fan you are, it is more difficult to hate Jericho than it is to like him and that’s why I believe he cannot fully turn heel again without half the crowd cheering for him.

Oh, and if you didn’t like this article….



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Kyle Fitta

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  • SuperJ

    So much awesomeness in this article. Great analysis of the mans talent. I agree with all of your points. Another reason that I love Jericho is that he is self-analytical. In his documentary, he is discussing his WWF entrance promo with the Rock (Millenium Countdown) and he can find fault with it(his facial gestures, his delivery). Even though it is widely regarded as one of the strongest debuts ever, he looks at it and sees the things that he could have done better. He always wants to improve what he does in the ring and on the mic and is never satisfied. This is what makes him the “Best in the world”.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, good read.

  • Starcade

    Two things:

    1) I think Cena would job to Slater if the situation called for it. I mean, who was the first guy to really put the Nexus over (when all they had been was a bunch of NXT rookies with no real future otherwise, once Bryan got “fired”)?

    2) I think another reason half the crowd will cheer for Jericho is that he also represents that Attitude Era that a lot of them want to go back to.

  • Kyle Fitta

    John Cena didn’t really put Nexus over. I mean their assaults on John Cena were group attacks. Then at Summerslam, John Cena despite having a hodgepodged team, who were constantly fighting with each other, overcame the odds and defeated Nexus. Afterwards, when Nexus was trying to establish some of its credibility back after that traumatic lost, John Cena completely dominated and owned Wade Barrett in that chairs match. Don’t get me wrong, John Cena is a WWE business man who is looking at what’s best for the company most of the time, but I seriously doubt that Cena would job to Slater on NXT, and I seriously doubt Cena, with similar power to Jericho, would ever be OK with being a midcarder at this stage of his career like Jericho was around that time.

    Good point about the Attitude Era, though. I think Jericho’s longevity is another reason why people like him.

  • Zork

    It is indeed, easy to like Chris Jericho. I’d take it a step further and say that he’s easily one of the most likeable wrestlers to have been in this business. This article spells it out pretty good.

  • Mike Gojira

    A la Sean O’Haire, you’re not telling us anything we didn’t already know.

  • Kyle Fitta

    There wasn’t anything complex about this article . I just wanted to point out why Jericho hasn’t been able to get over as a full-fledged heel while paying tribute to one of my favorite wrestlers in the past decade. Sorry if you didn’t like it, next time don’t read it.

  • Kyle Fitta

    I’d argue that Jericho is one of the most consistent wrestlers in America ever. Yes, he’s even close to Flair 85-89, HBK, and Bret Hart.

  • Adam Mason

    Agreed. Jericho is the wrestler I’d go to if there was ever some giant inquisition or trial and wrestling as an industry needed to be defended. He’d never let us down, never has really. He’s a great example of what a wrestler should be in every way and I dare say he’d be one of the best wrestlers to have a conversation with.

    Very well constructed read, keep it up Kyle

  • Anonymous

    Kyle don’t take it personally, Gojira is just upset that Jericho isn’t on Dancing with the Stars anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I think I am finally done with that whole “longing for the Attitude Era” mantra. It’s been over 10 years now.

  • Mike Gojira

    I never said I didn’t like it. I was just pointing out the obvious. It was a good article.

  • CJ Ambrosia

    Great idea for an article, so-so execution.

    The layout is really well done, particularly the YouTube links, but the grammar and structure could use some work. Thumbs in the middle. :)

  • Bill Hedrick

    This! It reminds me why I have missed Jericho so much and look forward to his program with CM Punk.

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