Harrak’s Quick Quips: Raw 2.20.12 (CM Punk, HHH, Undertaker, Jericho)
by Matthew Harrak on February 20, 2012

– Well that was the heel turn I expected. I’m just glad they didn’t go full “pro-wrestling” with the assumption that John Cena doesn’t watch the show.

– “Skank juice”, “hoeski”, “bitches” and a STD reference all in one John Cena promo. Yup, we are on the road to WrestleMania.

– Called it, Eve is 2012’s answer to Lita.

– I’m more interested in seeing a bald Undertaker than I am in Undertaker vs HHH 3.

– That was a really agile reverse for a guy of Sheamus’ size. Sheamus vs Bryan and Punk vs Jericho are going to be damn fun.

– I think we’re looking at a six man tag match at WrestleMania for GM control of the WWE.

– Metallica for the HHH/Undertaker match? Yea that won’t boost their egos.

– Kofi and Truth. Ugh.

– Ron Simmons is a terrific addition to the Hall of Fame. Congrats.

– Hasn’t it been the “end of the world as we know it” for about 5 weeks?

– Didn’t Zeke just lose to Jinder Mahal last Friday?

– Oh Metallica music for Taker instead of Johnny Cash. That must be why he can’t wrestle every month. WWE doesn’t want to pay the licensing fees for all that time.

– No deep, creepy Undertaker voice. Interesting.

– Hello, Sin Cara lighting.

– I’m loving the fact that we’re seeing a little bit of “American Bad Ass” Undertaker.

– Loved the Shawn Michaels line. Feel like it almost confirms him as the referee at Mania.

– That was a HUGE pop that I didn’t expect from that announcement.

– For some reason, I just saw that Hell in a Cell announcement coming when Triple H turned back around for the last time. They used every trick in the book last year in the No DQ match and Hell in a Cell offers the same shortcuts.

– They ignored the “chair shot ban” last year, I wonder if they’ll ignore the “no blood” rule. Hmmm…

– With this response, I can realistically see Santino ending Cody Rhodes’ IC title reign.

– The Bella’s outfits are terrible. It makes them look like they have potbellies which I’m pretty sure they do not.

– Did John Cena just call his own movies BS? I noticed he didn’t mention The Marine, which he’s in talks to star in this year.

– That is the John Cena that made him popular among ALL the WWE fans.


– Ziggler looks like an idiot with the pink shirt dangling from his ass.

– I think it’s safe for Khali to go back to India. In the last two nights, he’s worked a total of 6 minutes.

– Gotta love Punk attempting to steal the lead commentator job from Michael Cole.

– Like the “Welcome Back To The Miz-Card” sign. Very creative.

– That’s a broken elbow for Barrett.

– My God Santino almost crushed Barrett’s arm again. I honestly held my breath.

– Really good to see Barrett walk to the back on his own power. It definitely looked as if he dislocated his shoulder and fractured his elbow. Horrible injury.

– This was the predictable finish but it’s for the match we all want to see at WrestleMania. It’s going to be a fun ride.

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Matthew Harrak

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  • http://twitter.com/Kanta_Mizuno Ryan Alarie

    The GM control angle does seem like the alternative to the Money in the Bank match to get a bunch of guys onto the card.

  • Ziofera

    You missed Santino being buried in a match vs. Bryan which makes NO sense! Everyone was amazed and interested in him after Elimination Chamber yet they bury him. Also the Eve/Cena thing was funny till she jumped him, it was just weird at that point.

  • Adam Mason

    This show simply makes zero sense right now.

  • http://twitter.com/Kanta_Mizuno Ryan Alarie

    Losing to the World Champion shouldn’t be considered a burial. The fans still pop for Santino, and booed loudly when he was eliminated from the Battle Royal. Considering that, before the Chamber, he had been and pretty much always was a jobber, losing to the World Champion isn’t a big change of pace. And burying the Champion by having him look weak against Santino (especially when it’s Bryan, who was arguably lower on the card than Santino despite having the Money in the Bank suitcase, until he finally got the belt).

    Santino isn’t going to get a World Title reign, but they could easily put him up against Swagger or Cody to take the belt off either of them and get a reaction similar to when Ryder won it.

  • Limodriver

    Wade Barrett’s going to in big trouble for saying “fuck” live on Raw. Expect him to be in the doghouse and off TV for quite a while, and I doubt he’ll be at WrestleMania.

  • Sideshowbob

    Wait you mean nobody used the headline “otunga pins ECW champ”?

    Also, as they recap the HHH and Shawn confrontation, I need to ask, is it a rib or inside joke for Shawn to tell hunter to look him in the eyes and say no…? Shawns either crosseted or lazy eyed, and hunter has walleye vision seeing around that nose… Seriously put those two in a car and either everything is super covered it else you’ve got one helluva blind spot…

  • Kyle Fitta

    From what I’ve heard, they are doing a MITB match this year.

  • CB40

    I don’t think he’ll be in the doghouse for cursing once in the heat of the moment after dislocating his elbow, it’s only human nature and other athletes do that all the time.

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