Happy Birthday to Undefeated (in Singles Competition) TNA Impact Wrestling Star Crimson, plus a Question for TNA Fans
by CB on February 23, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling Star Crimson (Tommy Mercer) turned 27 this week (on Tuesday).

Of course, Crimson is in the midst of an undefeated singles wrestling streak and so that begs the question for the TNA Wrestling fans out there:

How would you book Crimson’s first singles loss in TNA? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  • CB40

    What? No takers on booking the end of THE STREAK*

    *Crimson’s streak, not Taker’s

  • chpunk

    I want Joe to beat him, and build a fued from there.No factions or crazy alliances. Just Joe makin Krimson look better, Roh style. It’s still TNA, so I’m guessing Garret Bishoff will beat him in a dusty finish, that goes nowhere.

  • Steven Gepp

    Eric Young should do it on an untelevised house show. No, better yet, ODB should do it on an untelevised house show. In two seconds. With a back slide.

    Yeah, like I could care less about Crimson.

  • CB40

    LOL chpunk, Garrett or Gunnar are the chosen ones, so you’re probably right ;)

  • CB40

    Gepp HOW DARE YOU belittle THE STREAK?! :)

  • Anthony J. Zinzi

    Bobby Roode, hard fought and clean so Crimson comes off looking like a million bucks…

  • chpunk

    I’m sure Dixie Carter could pin Bobby Roode in a three way match w/ Crimson, causing Crimson to lose and give Dixie the belt. The next night Dixie can turn on Eric Young and be the 20 millionth heel TNA champ. I hope they don’t read this thread.

  • CB40

    Wow, LOGIC!

  • Steven Gepp

    You’re right. So… how about Garrett Bischoff! Surely that’s where everything’s headed, right?

  • Zork

    Stone Cold Shark Boy appears and stuns his ass into oblivion, ending the streak.

  • CB40

    I got it: Crimson is outside the parking lot of direct auto insurance and gets hit by a car. The person speeds off and we have a whodunit angle. After recovering, Crimson goes through the entire locker room and beats everyone.

    Turns out the person who did it was a guy named Freddy Yablonovich, but really it’s just Ted DiBiase after he got cut from WWE. The streak ultimately ends with a sleeper hold.

  • chpunk

    Dudes, if we don’t stop with these ideas, TNA is going force us to book all their shows. I do think Crimson should lose his streak in a debate with Ken Shamrock. Then the blowoff will be a best of 7 chess match with special guest referee, Ed Leslie. I threw that last part in, so Hulk will back me up in pitch meetings.

  • chpunk

    I think you should make the sleeper last for an hour.

  • Limodriver

    Crimson should be booked to win the world title while still undefeated, and then the streak should end with a fingerpoke of doom at the hands of his good buddy and NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION MATT THE BLUEPRINT MORGAN

  • Guest

    Crimson is still undefeated in TNA period because he has never been pinned or submitted. Samoa Joe actually won and lost the X-Division title during his undefeated streak, but was not pinned or submitted until Angle showed up.

    I would book Crimson to turn heel and I would not have him lose any time in the near future. Instead, I’d pull a page out of WWE’s book and give him a Mark Henry-style push. The WWE (or any wrestling organization) could give any wrestler the push that WWE gave Mark Henry last year and get him over as a monster heel. That’s why I was so outraged that WWE wasted such a push on Mark Henry instead of somebody more deserving (the obvious choice for that push was Alberto Del Rio, but WWE decided to let Edge go out in a completely disrespectful fashion by burying a young talent that WWE was supposedly trying to push as a top heel at Wrestlemania).

    Once Crimson gets over huge (he will because anybody can get over huge with a Mark Henry-style push), he should win the World Title while still undefeated (James Storm needs to win it at Lockdown and I think Bully Ray should be the next in line after Storm, with Crimson winning it off of whomever takes the title from Bully Ray sometime in 2013 because TNA should have long title reigns to build up the title’s prestige). Another scenario for Crimson to win the World Title would be to turn him face (particularly if the fans get behind him despite his being a heel) and take it directly from Bully Ray.

    Crimson’s first loss should not occur until he is ready to drop the World Title. By ready to drop the World Title, I mean that Crimson will have been a dominant champion and that a win against him will make anybody who obtains it. I think the person who ought to beat Crimson for the title and end his streak might not even be on the TNA roster yet. The right person should be seen going into the match as the latest “challenger of the month” who says he’s going to beat Crimson, but the fans don’t actually believe it. Crimson should have had a few scares by that point against established main eventers (basically have Storm and/or Roode take him to the limit, but lose). He should also have had a scare against at least one up-and-comer who came up just short. The way to book this match is to have the challenger prove to be a surprisingly tough challenger who holds his own against the “unbeatable” champion. After repeatedly kicking out of all of Crimson’s big moves (Crimson needs a few new moves that are more impactful) and after Crimson kicked out of the challenger’s established finisher on multiple occasions, finish the match with the challenger introducing a new finishing move that puts away Crimson. To ensure maximum effect, TNA needs to reduce the frequency of wrestlers kicking out of finishing moves.

    In the end, TNA has a new top star and Crimson isn’t really hurt by the way in which he lost his streak. The reason this will work is because Crimson is actually a good wrestler (unlike Goldberg or Mark Henry), so he can deliver in the ring. A good wrestler can lose an undefeated streak in a very competitive and hard-fought match without being damaged. A bad wrestler can’t do that kind of match, so if his streak ends, he’s done.

    On the related subject of ending Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak, just book him to face a young wrestler on the cusp of the main event and have him lose the match. The match against Orton was the one time when it made perfect sense to end the streak. If WWE sees Cody Rhodes (for the sake of an example) as a future top star, then they need to push him strongly in the next year so that he’s ready to beat Undertaker. It serves no purpose to let Undertaker retire undefeated at Wrestlemania and it would be pointless to waste an opportunity to create a main event star by having Triple H or John Cena or Randy Orton (at this point in time) beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Of course, WWE does everything backwards these days (yet they get a pass while TNA always gets excessive criticism for things they do wrong and even for things they do that weren’t wrong), so I think Undertaker is probably losing to Triple H this year. If it cuts the legs out from underneath the younger talent or wastes an opportunity to create a new star, you can bet on the WWE doing it.

  • CB40

    Wow, you just inserted logic and coherence into TNA booking, are you sure your name isn’t Dave Lagana? :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Fitta/100002150061980 Kyle Fitta

    Eh, Crimson’s undefeated streak is a joke. Just because he yet to be pinned doesn’t mean he hasn’t lost. The way they’ve booked it thus far has been like the majority of things booked in TNA – illogical, inconsistent, lacking structure, a beginning, middle and an end, and a purpose.

  • CB40

    TNA has been a little bit better lately, though. I must give them a smidge of credit for that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Fitta/100002150061980 Kyle Fitta

    When you hit rock bottom, there is no where to go but up I guess. Unless TNA starts from almost scratch and re-formats everything top to bottom, I continue my trend of not watching TNA. I think I’ve seen like 2 PPVS and 3 Impacts since Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan joined TNA. Even if the booking was so bad in TNA that it was hard to stomach, no one could ever say that the show was boring when Jeff Jarrett was the head booker. TNA has become worse than the train-wreck show it was once – it has become boring. There’s is nothing on TNA that is an alternative to any other promotion running today. TNA officially feels like what it has always been and that is a b-level wrestling show.

  • CB40

    Now I think you are being a little too hard on them Kyle. Yes, they have done a whole lot more wrong than right, but over the past few weeks they’ve actually taken steps (albeit tiny ones) in the right direction.

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