10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 2.29.12 – The Rock Returns, Champion vs Champion Match, Tag Team Title Match
by Rhett Davis on February 29, 2012

Welcome to 10 thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw.  I apologize for my absence from the scene, but I’m back (and a little late this week)! So let’s get started…

1.  I enjoyed the Punk/Jericho banter at the beginning because it finally explained both Jericho’s video package and why Jericho had so much beef with Punk.  So far, all of the big matches at WrestleMania are exciting.

2. The WWE keeps teasing Punk vs Bryan with all of the false finishes so who knows where that is going?  Perhaps after WrestleMania, we will finally have the feud we always wanted.  I’m not saying it would increase buys of a PPV, but I can’t see anyone turning it down because of that match.  Putting that feud on a summer PPV (where sales usually tank) would be a good way to get some buys.

3.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the triangle tag match, and I was even more surprised to see it not go interrupted.  After last week, I half-expected to see this match at WrestleMania just because it would be an excuse to get all of these guys on the card.

4.  Speaking of getting guys on the card, does anyone else think that the Johnny Ace/Teddy Long feud is leading to a team vs team match at WrestleMania?  I could see Long getting together a team of 5 guys to face off against Laurinitis’ team for control of both brands.  The Miz could even jump on the team just to make sure he had a spot on the show.

5.  So Orton is coming back Friday?  How will he play into WrestleMania?  Orton obviously will have a match, but who could he feud on the blue brand?  Mark Henry?

6.  It seems like Big Show is going to be fighting Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania, but what happened to Shaq?  I guess they didn’t want Shaq in the match or else why have all of these vignettes of Big Show’s past laughable moments with other celebrities?

7.  I thought a month ago I thought it was going to be Beth vs Kharma at Mania, but so far we haven’t seen Kharma since the Rumble.  It makes me wonder just who is going to be fighting for the Diva’s title at WrestleMania?  My only guess would be a triple threat between Beth, Eve, and Kelly Kelly.  This would allow Kelly Kelly to defy the odds once again and become champion. *yawn*

8.  Oh and Kane is back.  I have no idea who he is going to face unless Ryder is back by Mania to challenge him.  I think this is going to be one of the first WrestleManias where I’m pulling for all the faces instead of the heels… which is strange.

9.  The Rock and John Cena promo at the end of Raw… not one of the best. I just wasn’t emotionally invested with it like I have been with the previous promos between the two.  Kung Pow Bitch? Trending right now? Really? Really.

10.  Altogether it was a meh Raw and I’d probably rate it on a 6 out of 10 due strictly to the triangle tag match, the Jericho/Punk banter, and the Punk/Bryan bout.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out all of the other writers here on the site, except for Gojira.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap.

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Rhett Davis

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  • Joseph Hargrove

    Welcome back, Rhett. Nice rib on Gojira by the way. Here’s my thoughts on the show.

    As for the show, it was good especially the Punk/Jericho stuff and the Rock/Cena promo at the end. Very awesome stuff from those two encounters. Happy to see Kane return to kick ass as usual too.

    On to Eve, it has been a great couple of weeks for her as a heel and the promo was quite good. I had to laugh at her blowing kisses at the end as it was so funny. I love Eve being an arrogant heel as it seems to come off a lot better than when she was a smiley babyface. If you don’t believe me, there are some videos on her Facebook and Twitter pages that prove she’s a natural heel. They are so hilarious.

    Good to read this column again. Once again, welcome back Rhett. Cheers!!!

  • Mike Gojira

    Jerk. He’s just going to disappear again, folks. Don’t be pulled in by his lies.

  • Chris Sanders

    Rhett’s gonna pull a Rock and say he’s never gonna leave again. These things cause serious abandonment issues

  • CB40

    LOL. Rhett, glad to have you back!!

  • Jeff

    I really disagree with your assessment of the banter between Rock and Cena. Rock’s opening garbage aside, Cena’s interuption was incredible and made this finally personal. Seeing the Rock flustered after the interaction was incredible, and watching him mouth “mother F******” at the end sealed my WrestleMania buy. I now care about this bout, which I didn’t before this intro.

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