Former WWF & ECW Wrestler Doug Furnas Dies
by Matthew Harrak on March 4, 2012

Mid-1990s WWF/ECW tag wrestler Doug Furnas reportedly died Friday at the age of 50. The word from Knoxville, Tennessee is he was battling Parkinson’s disease at the time of his death. In addition to runs in WWF and ECW, Furnas wrestled in Japan and Mexico during the early 1990s. WWE announcer Jim Ross commented on Twitter Saturday, “Sad to hear of the death of fellow Oklahoman Doug Furnas. Doug was a powerhouse, amazing drop kick, & damn good man. A sad day. RIP friend.”

Quick Quip: Furnas’ team with Philip Lafon in the late-90s WWF & ECW was one I enjoyed but they never seemed to reach their full potential in the States.

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Matthew Harrak

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  • alex

    I remember he had a short run in WCW before NJPW. He wrestled Barry Whindam on a Clash. Had one of the best dropkicks ever. He did the rotate over before AJ Styles. So sad.

  • Sixheads2005

    Yeah, Furnas pretty much innovated the Drop-sault. I don’t really recall anyone else doing that particular variation of the Dropkick before he did; or doing it any better. But, even without taking that into account, he should still be remembered as one half of one of the more underrated tag teams of all time, and for playing a pretty significant role in one of the best tag team matches I’ve ever watched. (i.e. Furnas/Lafon vs Kobashi/Kikuchi). RIP.

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