THE RAGER! – WrestleMania 28 Needs Money in the Bank and A Response to Kue
by Chris Sanders on March 7, 2012

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My name is Chris, this is my Twitter, this is THE RAGER!

Last week, I delved into the ragier side of THE RAGER and was received well by most of the comments. Apparently quite a bit of rage had been missing as of late. Not everyone met this with gleeful excitement and seemed disappointed. I speak, of course, of this guy. Sir Kue had this to say:

“Sanders? Really? Did we just want to whine this week? What I love about your ragings is the cynicism mixed with humor. A tried and true formula that you, my friend, have a very good handle on. Let’s go back to that, shall we?

And “screw the Rock”? Really? Sure, I guess that “Unbiased Train” is getting a little too crowded.”

My reply is as follows:

Yes, really. I really did just want to whine because I felt justified in doing so. In weeks prior to this, I had just been happy/content with the way things were rolling…or in the very least shrugging things off things that were deemed “less than.” Maybe last week everything just snapped and my raging delved to an extreme, an extreme where humor dies and only cynicism ruled supreme. And yes, screw The Rock and screw the unbiased train, the biased train is where all the cool kids are. So yes, I will probably contradict myself and I may very well have dipped into the unfunny/whining side of THE RAGER. You are right, it was not to your liking so therefore, as repentance and to restore honor to my name, I must punish myself in the most disgusting manner imaginable which means locking myself in a dark room and watching a loop of all Natalya’s farting promos. All better?

Moving on:

I’ve voiced many times that the Money in the Bank match NEEDS to be included in every WrestleMania. Or more accurately, every WrestleMania NEEDS the MitB match. WWE really stumbled upon a goldmine as a way to start off the night and get the crowd (both in attendance and at home) energized. It was dumped last year and in its place, we got The Rock coming out and starting a pep rally that last Monday’s promo (the one I whined about) was highly reminiscent of. From that point on, I think we all can agree that Mania felt a bit… ‘off’. Of course, that’s not all down to the absence of MitB but think of all the time that had to be killed, all the cheesy videos featuring a rapping Hornswoggle, Chris Masters popping his pecks to “We Will Rock You”, and pretty much anything backstage involving Rock (other than everyone going nuts with him and Stone Cold).

I mentioned all of that (yet again) to say this: I had my hopes up when rumors were swirling that MitB was going to return at Mania this year. However, all hopes were dashed when Wade Barrett got hurt and it was reported that everything involving MitB was scrapped and it would return as a PPV.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love it as a gimmick PPV but having just ONE briefcase winner at Mania seems like such a bigger accomplishment and hold a bigger merit. I feel as if there was no need to scrap the MitB match completely because (as always) there’s about half a million different possibilities WWE could’ve gone with and it would’ve been just as fun to watch. If they were dead set on the idea of using it to push Wade Barrett and had absolutely no one else in mind that could use the push, then they could’ve set someone up (Santino, Ryder, Justin Gabriel) to be the first briefcase winner to lose their championship match. I mean, everyone wanted to say that was going to happen with Daniel Bryan because apparently Vince wanted to screw the internet like it was a Diva/intern/secretary/corpse/dude in drag (I’m pretty sure the guy has no bar to be lowered). So why not finally have someone lose it? Right now, there’s no danger in cashing it in because it’s a done deal. Insert some danger into the fold or at the very least, have someone put the briefcase on the line (like Mr. Kennedy and RVD did) and lose it to Wade Barrett when he finally comes back. I present those alternatives because the way it’s looking now, the PPV is coming back again this July. And even then there’s no guarantee that Barrett will even be fully recovered!

What I’m basically saying is that WWE is probably going to have to put the briefcase on someone other than Wade anyway, right? So why not make it at Mania? With 5 matches on the card (6 if you count the inevitable GM vs GM match of some form), Mania doesn’t seem to be quite full yet.

Another random match idea: The past couple of years had featured a big over-the-top-rope battle royal as the dark match. Why not have that give some incentive to the winner? But then again, that might sound too much like the Rumble. No, screw it, I like the idea, let’s run with it.

Random final thought:

Cena finally seemed to get some positive crowd response this past Monday. Although that might be more due to the fact they were in Boston. The crowd at WM28 in Miami is really gonna be lopsided and every time I think about that, the more I realize its least likely WWE will have Rock lose. Screw you, Rock (I bite my thumb at thee, Kue).

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,


The Answer:
“I’ll be in the Drawing Room, painting a picture of the stupid looks on your faces”


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Chris Sanders

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  • Kyle Fitta

    The MITB has been a great match to get the crowd into the show because of the high spots and seeing who might likely be the next champion. However, if they were to have a MITB match at Mania, they have to scrap the MITB PPV. I mean 3 MITB briefcase winners just seem over-kill and a good way to kill the merit of it and the titles. That said, the WWE needs a heavy spot-filled match that can get the crowd into the match. As of right now, they don’t have one. And I believe the lack of one last year really set a poor pace to the show and killed the crowd.

  • Chris Sanders

    yeah, I forgot to mention the part where I would much rather have the match wrestlemania than the PPV. As much as I love the PPV, it seems to serve a bigger purpose at Mania, you’re absolutely right

  • Blair A. Douglas

    Money In The Bank should just be scrapped altogether. Good match and all, but make it for something other than that dumb briefcase gimmick.

  • Tigolbitties

    Why not bring back the 3-way ladder match for the tag belts?

  • Dckmastaflex91

    why not have a mitb match with both the raw and smackdown gm contracts?

  • CB40

    Now that I would sign up for, but only if Teddy and Johnny were in the match too :)

  • Michael L

    Good points, although the show had a LOT more problems than the lack of MITB. The biggest problem was the pacing. Unless they are doing iron man matches or going broadway, there is no way a 4 hour show should only have 8 matches. Last year’s show seemed particularly glaring because one of the matches only lasted about 2 minutes, and thus you had four hours for seven matches. And it wasn’t as if the remainder of the matches were classic enough to make up for the horrible pacing (unlike WM25, which at least had the classic UT/HBK encounter).

    What was particularly frustrating about last year’s show was that they ended up shunting Shaemus/Bryan to a dark match. I guess that was so they could air the lame Snoop Dogg sketch, or give Rock 10 minutes to say absolutely nothing he hadn’t already said on the previous Raw.

    On paper, the top of this card looks very good, with at least three potential classics (Punk/Jericho, UT/HH if they bring their working shoes, and Rock/Cena). But they do need a very crazy type of match to open the show. MITB usually fits the formula, but if they could get a solid 6-8 man tag with some of the more talented midcarders (Ziggler, Del Rio, Ryder, Bourne, Kingston, R Truth), they could really get the show started on a high note.

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