Quest Quick Quips: WWE Raw 3.12.12 (John Cena, The Rock, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Chris Jericho)
by Matthew Harrak on March 12, 2012


– Cena might be getting booed out of the building but I LOVE Cena coming out to his old-school music and gear. Awesome.

– Holy sh*t they are letting Cena go off. The “pectoral” and Diva shots especially seemed to come out of nowhere.

– Ok, Cole… no more mention of the word “attitude-nal”. Not only is it not a word but it’s a very bad attempt at subliminally eluding to the Attitude Era.

– I could see these two in a World title feud over on SmackDown this year.

– I wonder if Daniel Bryan has ever been in a sky box before tonight.

– Interesting how Sheamus’ back injury is so similar to Daniel Bryan’s injury back on NXT in his match with Jericho.

– I haven’t heard a crowd react to GMs like this since Stephanie McMahon and Eric Bischoff.

– I love “Psych” and James Roday. “I’m gonna Fink it up, Johnny.” “Go oil it up, bro!”

– I don’t think I’ve seen Twitter been as excited as it was when Brodius Clay was announced to be up next.

– So all that time off to perfect the Ultimate Warrior splash?

– Who would have thought that Undertaker would be bald before Shawn Michaels?

– Awesome idea planted that Shawn can still be the one to “end” the streak. Love it. I wasn’t into this match at all but now, all bets are off.

– I expected more from Roday considering his fandom. But the “enjoys a nice shaken iced tea” line was nice.

– You can bet that Miz will be playing a pretty big role at WrestleMania. There’s no way they would spend this much time on him if he wasn’t.

– Holy shit that was a great promo and a great addition premise for this match. Punk was only getting over as the snarky babyface before. NOW every damn person will be getting behind him to kick the crap out of Jericho. Perfect wrestling booking.

– This seems like a random match in a odd place. Especially after such a good segment.

– Yup, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy this one.

– The “We Will Rock You” bit wasn’t The Rock at his best but his original song was. Damn, that was fun and entertaining.

– Honestly this was one of the best Raws in a few years.

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Matthew Harrak

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  • Timothy Dineen

    attitudinal – of or relating to attitudes

  • Sideshowbob

    So there you go. Everyone who wanted him to be dr thuganomic got their wish. I’m still not impressed with his mike work, but he must hold the precious as he hasn’t aged a day

  • Cynical Bastard

    That was probably Cenas best promo in years. It was especially interesting to see them let him loose a little with some decidedly non-PG material.

  • Sideshowbob

    Is it just me or did taker botch the date? Kinda Truth-ish..

  • Art Lorenzo

    Yeah, he messed up on the date, addressing Wrestlemania happening at April 21st, when it is actually on April 1st.

  • James A

    The Rock’s “Rock Concert” was far and away the most entertaining promo on Raw in absolutely years. The “we will Rock you” stuff was just filler – the Jailhouse Rock stuff, on the other hand, did everything it needed to and more.
    Rock won this week hands down.

  • BilderbergSuperstar

    Best cena promo in years..I’m just suprised they ley Cena go off in the first hour…he actually cursed, and the pec and diva was good…Psych is the stuff… C’mon son, he said Fink it up….Rock finally came with the goods ..

  • CB40

    HA! Cena is Gollum!

  • CB40

    The best in YEARS? I disagree. It was fun and entertaining, but nowhere near earth-shattering.

    And I don’t think Cena really lost, I think they just gave him less time and rightfully so to let Rock get his groove back.

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