WWE Signs Top Star From Japan
by Matthew Harrak on March 17, 2012

Numerous sources are reporting that WWE has re-signed Matt Bloom, currently working for New Japan Pro Wrestling as Giant Bernard. He formerly wrestled for WWE as Prince Albert and A-Train.

The plan is for Bloom to return to WWE after WrestleMania 28 as the new henchman for John Laurinaitis.

Bloom has already taken to Twitter to deny this claiming saying:
“Matthew Bloom: Haha! False. Wife just had a baby. I’ll be on next tour”

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Source: The Wrestling Observer

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Matthew Harrak

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  • CB40


  • Law

    So “numerous sources” reporting it as true and the man himself tweeting it’s false means it’s true?

    That title deserves at least a question mark…

  • CB40

    That was posted before Albert tweeted to the contrary.

  • Law

    In which case I withdraw my point, that’s fair enough. Although you gotta admit, it’s still pretty confusing as it stands.

  • Sideshowbob

    So do any puresoso people here know if he has been improving or is he just a gingi punch kick wrestler still?
    A) kudos to Albert that we are even mentioning him
    B) yeah! More shave your back chants

    If he hasn’t improved dramatically, this is a farewell tour. JR i think made the statement how many times can you repackage the British bulldog.. Albert has the same dilemma i fear

  • Sideshowbob

    More specifically is this gonna be like when Mr Hughes or Virgil returned?

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