Harrak’s Quick Quips: TNA Victory Road 2012 (Sting, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Bully Ray)
by Matthew Harrak on March 18, 2012

This was all actually done live on the Pulse Wrestling Twitter account (@pulsewrestling). If you missed out this time, we’ll be doing the same thing for WrestleMania.

– Everyone ready for Impact Placeholder 2.0 for Lockdown?

– No lie – Limp Bizkit just came on the radio. Not a good omen for this show.

– Hopefully this sets up a Storm/Bully feud for the belt soon.

– Sort of figured this match would be first cause of the ankle surgery. Quick & painless.

– Aries tweeting during a match > any WWE star trying the same thing.

– Another standout showing from Aries. Again, still not sold on Ion.

– AWESOME MMG promo we saw before this match. I guess we know who Joe & Magnus’ next opponents are.

– Looking for a Crimson heel turn here which would be much more interesting than he is now.

– Saw that finish from mile away but there’s nothing wrong w/it. Except that their first match will prob be in a cage next month.

– If nothing else, Morgan deserves a World title run and this might lead to one.

– Another “heel v heel” title match. Why does it feel like Russo is still slipping in notes?

– Devon vs Robbie E for the TV belt.

– Are they seriously putting Brooke Hogan back on TV? Ugh

– Who would have thought that Devon would win singles gold before Bully? Not me.

– Holy crap, I think TNA bought stock in Twitter.

– This match got awkward very quickly and then it ended. WTH?!

– Nice video to wrap up a LONG history between Styles and Daniels.

– Glad Anderson when back bleached blonde. Looked awful brown.

– Impact Zone is just not into this match.

– At least Styles stopped wearing the Fortune logo on the back of his tights.

– You know the Twitter commentary is bad when you’re actually wishing Michael Cole was on the mic.

– This was a nice storyline to reintroduce Anderson from being off TV for months.

– Nice tag match that outshined the first tag match we had tonight. Guessing we see Styles/Daniels/Kaz in a cage next month.

– Fantastic heel promo from Angle. It’s great to see a clear-eyed, focused Kurt Angle.

– If these two guys are motivated they will steal the show. If it hadn’t been for their issues they could have headlined WrestleMania.

– Very classically paced Hardy & Angle match. They’re both so good in their prime.

– For a guy training for the Olympics, Angle’s taking some rough bumps.

– Good very WWE-style match. It helps when there’s a clear heel and babyface.

– I really can’t think of the last time Angle pinned anyone with his Angle Slam.

– Screwy TNA finish but it was a very good match and the finish worked well for the story.

– Love Roode’s new entrance. Very late-Batista like but works for his character.

– I think both competitors should always show up for a No Holds Barred or Street Fight in street clothes.

– You still got it!”-It’s been 20 seconds people!

– Wow the crowd is INTO this match. I never would have thought that for this match

– I thought this match was looking very Flair-esque. And now a figure four

– ANNNNNNND now the chops. Is this 1991?

– Sting really has stepped up his game tonight & that was a finish I know I’VE never seen. Kudos

– Bobby Roode has done a great job in making himself the most despicable heel in our business right now. Decent show overall.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Fitta/100002150061980 Kyle Fitta

    Are we trending worldwide?

  • Autorschaft

    Nice to see a positive review of a very decent show. Not everything worked, I wished the X Division title match was better. Maybe Ion still has a longer way to go than I thought. Opening was HOT though, the main event was solid and had the right finish. Angle and Hardy delivered almost like they did in 2010 (I’d have their matches from that year as above **** even) and I’m almost afraid of seeing these two killing themselves in the cage next month. By the way, Joe/Magnus vs. MMG has me excited already! Things keep looking up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=12100662 Jake Ziegler

    Twitter! Twitter! Ask us question on TWITTER!

  • James A

    TNA: Yes! Plug Twitter! Anything WWE can do, we can ALSO do!!!

    Me: Like Monday evenings?

    TNA: Um…

  • CB40

    Actually according to Bully Ray it’s TWITTAH

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