2012 WWE Draft To Be Biggest (And Most Pointless) Ever?
by Matthew Harrak on March 23, 2012

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is starting to focus on what the WWE landscape will be after WrestleMania, and he’s got his thought process on the annual draft.

“Vince knows he can keep Raw and SmackDown talent on both shows, since Raw is a Supershow now,” a key WWE insider said, “so in order to bring up the SmackDown house show numbers, how could it hurt to have Cena or Jericho on SmackDown and have them appear on Raw and shoot the major angles there?”

Vince has noticed that even though the ratings have remained stagnant on Raw throughout the WrestleMania build, the live events for Raw have been selling out. “The brand split is pretty much over. Everyone appears on Monday nights. Vince wants the wealth spread around a little bit more to improve the bottom line.”

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Source: Wrestlezone

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Matthew Harrak

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  • Mike Gojira

    I never understood why they thought that, by only using Raw to promote both shows, the Smackdown numbers would go up. Wouldn’t it help to bring more Raw guys to Smackdown as well?

    And yes, I realize that Punk and Jericho have shown up lately on the Blue Show, but that’s only for Wrestlemania’s sake.

  • Limodriver

    I kind of figured that unless something screwy happens at WrestleMania and there’s no decisive winner, having the same GM for both shows would be the official end of the brand split. It’s always been kind of silly that any wrestler would feel any sort of loyalty to a particular night of the week, but at least they could realistically pretend to have Raw vs. Smackdown matches that people cared about. But when Johnny or Teddy is running both shows, who will care?

  • http://twitter.com/Kanta_Mizuno Ryan Alarie

    The brand split is ultimately just for the sake of house shows and title “divisions” (and even there they have exceptions like the Royal Rumble). At this point they only really need to focus on having two rosters that will get people to buy tickets to the house shows since they’ve already committed themselves to bringing people onto Raw or Smackdown willy nilly.

    They won’t “combine the rosters”, because there is too much benefit from having two simultaneous touring groups and even if the IC/US/Tag titles get treated poorly, they need to keep the two main event titles in order to have any room for new main eventers. But having a single GM will likely make the draft show a non-event.

    They don’t have Bragging Rights on the PPV schedule anymore, so they likely won’t have much in terms of interbrand rivalry (they rarely do). If they go with the ‘fight for your brand to get picks’ concept for the draft show (since it is a random draft at this point, instead of each GM picking people like it started out as) it will likely be sold as a “they don’t want to risk getting drafted to a different roster” or “they don’t want their tag team split up” or “they may draft a champion to there show and increase the chances of winning a new title” or just plain “bring more competition” type deals.

    The whole draft show is mostly just an excuse to change the rosters officially, and it often ends up with at least a few interesting matches as even with the Supershow concept, a lot of the time they will have 2 Smackdown guys fighting on Raw instead of having a Raw guy against a Smackdown guy. So there are still some ‘new’ matches. Or, in the case of stuff like Bryan Vs. Punk, champion vs. champion matches [Cena and Swagger had a really good match at the draft a few years back I believe]

  • CB40

    Thank God Bragging Rights is scrapped, that was the worst concept.

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