AJ Lee Scores First WWE ‘Title’ During WrestleMania Weekend
by CB on April 1, 2012

As part of WrestleMania Axxess weekend, WWE had their annual THQ Superstar Challenge where WWE superstars and Divas competed in a 16-person video game tournament to find out who has the fastest fingers in the company. This year’s winner was none other than World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan’s girlfriend AJ Lee, who has been given the nickname “the human cheat code” by her colleagues for being such a good video game player.

WWE.com posted the full rundown, nothing that at one point AJ tried to help Daniel Bryan win one of his matches, but the champ was eliminated anyway and yelled at AJ before “exiting the ring in a huff.”

After that, however, AJ dispatched of the Great Khali, Cody Rhodes and then Mark Henry to win the 2012 THQ Superstar Challenge trophy. Said AJ to WWE.com, “This is my first championship … Thank you, everyone, for cheering for me. Now let’s go to WrestleMania and help Daniel (Bryan) win!”

You can see a video of AJ’s trophy acceptance here.

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Source: WWE.com

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  • Mike Gojira

    She’s so adorable.

  • http://martyrshow.com/ KON

    “Yes, Yes, Yes!” chants broke out during her match with Henry, apparently.

  • CB40

    Yes! Yes! Yes! they did KON. Hilarious.

  • Joseph Hargrove

    @CB: AJ’s well spoken, very talented and she loves video games which has made me a big fan of hers.

    Also, loved the outfit and the Yes! Yes! Yes! chants during her match with Mark Henry. Made me LOL.

  • LBD_Nytetrayn

    Awesome. It’s been a long road for AJ, but it’s great to see her finally realize her dream on (the day before) the biggest event of the year, and finally win a championship– and beating the World’s Strongest Man, at that.

    Congratulations, AJ!

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