CB’s World: Post-WrestleMania Week … Now What? (Brodus Clay, Daniel Bryan, TNA LockDown)
by CB on April 9, 2012

WrestleMania week is officially behind us, and what a week it was for WWE. Among other things, Triple H and the Undertaker ended an era, The Rock pinned John Cena, Brock Lesnar came back to beat up John Cena, Chris Jericho blasted CM Punk with a liquor bottle, John Laurinaitis took charge of Raw and SmackDown, and Daniel Bryan broke up with AJ but got a new T-Shirt.

So with all of that said, what can WWE do to try and avoid the Post-WrestleMania lull? In other words … Now what?

Rocky on the Shelf: First things first, let’s take The Rock out of the equation for the foreseeable future, since he is currently filming his next movie, Pain and Gain. After that, he’ll likely be doing his usual press tour for G.I. Joe, which comes out this summer. Maybe that will permit Rock to come back sometime in June to promote the movie and get involved in a couple of episodes of Raw, but otherwise we won’t be seeing much of Dwayne over the next few months.

Johnny Ace – Prick of the Litter: This past week on SmackDown!, John Laurinaitis took firm control of the blue show to go along with his running of Raw. His first order of business was to force Teddy Long to take an undisclosed job with Johnny. If Long refused, Laurinaitis was going to revoke Teddy’s grandson’s WWE-sponsored college fund.

It was a pretty dick move by Johnny and David Otunga to treat Teddy this way, but since WWE is running with a heel GM in charge of both shows, I expect and actually encourage more behavior like this to further build up Johnny as the powerful heel authority figure he is. Then, when the time is right, one of the good guys (or group of good guys) can get the better of Ace and the payback that follows will be fun and cathartic to watch.

Give Daniel Bryan More Time and More Matches: The easiest way to keep the fans’ interest at the moment is one that WWE doesn’t seem all that interested in doing at the moment. Sure, they gave Daniel Bryan his T-Shirt and have acknowledged the full-tilt crowd reactions to Bryan’s “YES! YES! YES!” catch phrase.

At the same time, WWE also did not give Daniel Bryan a World Heavyweight Championship rematch and they’ve quickly moved on to Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio as the next title feud. Also, now that AJ and Bryan have officially broken up, it’ll be interesting to see what’s next for him considering he doesn’t really have a new opponent lined up just yet and whoever faces Bryan is sure to be put in a delicate situation if they can’t hang with him or handle the crowd’s chants.

No matter what, however, I think we can all agree that it’s time to give Daniel Bryan the chance to log more wrestling time in that ring.

Bring More Funkasaurus: WWE has finally started the next chapter in the rebranding of Brodus Clay following months of squashing Curt Hawkins lower card wrestlers on the roster. Clay can be an even more wildly popular force than he already is if he can be put into a meaningful role, and if Brodus is given more prominence on Raw that could really keep the fans tuned in for the whole show and not just the main event slots.

Lock in on TNA LockDown: This is obviously more for the general wrestling fan than the “WWE Universe”. Now that WrestleMania is in the books, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to flip back over to TNA Impact to check out their build to the upcoming LockDown PPV taking place this coming Sunday, April 15th. Particularly, Bobby Roode vs. James Storm has a solid six months of build behind it, and their match could / should make for the best TNA match of the year.

That just about wraps things up for me this week. I hope you enjoyed my suggestions for what can be done to avoid the post-WrestleMania lull, and I’d love to know your own thoughts and ideas as well.

Sounnd off in the comments section, and I’ll be sure to respond in kind.

That’s all from me — CB.

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  • Joseph Hargrove

    @CB: Great column, my friend. A couple of thoughts on the subjects mentioned.

    Bryan/AJ: AJ will get her revenge soon enough. The best option might be to screw Bryan at Extreme Rules and could start a business partnership with Sheamus. To use a famous quote: hell hath no fury over a woman scorned. In short, DB might have screwed himself for his nasty treatment towards AJ.

    Funkasaurus on the rise: I fully agree with you on how WWE should handle Brodus as long as Naomi and Cameron eventually have matches as well. Make it happen.

    Lockdown: Roode/Storm has been brilliant so far and the Tag team dream match has been made. The Motor City Machine Guns are awesome while Samoa Joe and Magnus have been money as a team so it should be a great title match. The other stuff should be decent.

    Reign of Ace: Laurinatis is getting better in his role and has really grown on me in recent months. What’s even more interesting is the trust fund angle with Teddy so it should be a decent storyline. It might work out well for all parties.

    Rocky’s Comeback: The Rock should be back around SummerSlam because of his movie deals. Also, Brock might be involved as time passes. The WWE Title may need the Rock more than Rock needing the title. CM Punk is a great champion but it may not be much longer before his luck runs out. Just saying.

    Diva-wise, Creative hasn’t put much effort in any diva other than Eve and K2. They have to really start pushing the future. Releases are expected soon and several talents including a few divas could be gone soon. I do expect Maxine to get called up soon and the eventual return of Layla after Extreme Rules.

    That’s my take on the topics so have fun reading. Cheers, CB! See you soon.

  • Mike Gojira

    Why do so many writers claim that Daniel Bryan is not getting his rematch any time soon? Del Rio was granted a “future title shot” based on his victory last week on Smackdown, which doesn’t necessarily translate to Extreme Rules. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  • CB40

    I hope you’re right Gojira, but Bryan didn’t even hint at a rematch on SmackDown last week, and even if they did do a rematch now Sheamus vs. Del Rio for the title is a foregone conclusion at this point.

    If anything, maybe Bryan will get drafted to Raw whenever that is and feud with Punk after he’s done with Jericho, or something…

  • CB40

    Good points Joseph. The upcoming cuts to the roster will be especially interesting if they come to pass.

    Also, one other thing I’m looking forward to on SmackDown is the Ryback (Skip Sheffield) (re-) build.

  • Zork

    D-bry’s rematch clause was brought up on Smackdown, I’m thinking they’ll make that title match a Triple Threat at Extreme Rules.

    As for the rest of what’s going on and what isn’t right now, it’ll be interesting to see if Brodus will get his first meaningful story or match. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with Brock Lesnar and the continuation with CM Punk’s feud with Jericho. I know that WWE is looking to push a lot of new guys into the scene now, I’m hoping that some of these new guys can turn out pretty good.

  • CB40

    I am with you and seeing what the new guys can do, along with Brodus.

    If they did a Triple Threat at Extreme Rules, I’d be cool with that.

  • http://twitter.com/Kanta_Mizuno Ryan Alarie

    He mentioned his rematch clause during his break up with AJ, but apart from that, there has been zero build since Wrestlemania to build towards a match with Sheamus at Extreme rules. They’ve had Sheamus and ADR working towards a title match, while Bryan has been basically isolated from anyone.

    It isn’t really jumping to conclusions to see that on both Raw and Smackdown, ADR is feuding with Sheamus and Bryan isn’t. They could always change their mind, but so far they haven’t hinted at a triple threat in any way, and while they’ve hinted at a rematch, they have made it seem like it will either be (a) one that he waits until after Extreme Rules to cash in or (b) one they’ll throw away on free TV, and have him lose, to reinforce the Wrestlemania loss.

    They seem to be wanting to move Bryan into the zone that Punk was in during his SES era, where he’s basically just feuding with the audience instead of having anything meaty to deal with. Sure, that’s a stupid thing to do instead of trying to capitalize on the crowd reaction, but it’s also possible they are scared about doing anything with him as they don’t want to turn him face, but risk turning heel anyone they put him in the ring with. And in the case of Sheamus, they really don’t want him anywhere near Bryan if they want Sheamus to be a face (while ADR is the kind of heel that, at least at the moment, isn’t going to have the audience behind him.)

  • CB40

    Ryan you hit the nail on the head. Now that the crowd LOVES Bryan at such a fanatic level, WWE is probably scared to put him in a program with someone who will get obliterated by the crowd and the YES! chants. And I agree that they are purposely keeping Sheamus far away from Bryan for that reason.

    Funny how when it was Stone Cold and “WHAT?!”, Vince welcomed it with open arms. But that’s also because Vince probably thinks he made Stone Cold (or at least was co-creator), whereas is strictly the crowd that has made Bryan so popular.

  • Mark

    “while ADR is the kind of heel that, at least at the moment, isn’t going to have the audience behind him.”
    Also can be referred to as a “good” heel.

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