Randy Orton Comments on Being Removed from The Marine 3 Movie
by CB on April 10, 2012

WWE superstar Randy Orton broke his silence on being removed from The Marine 3 movie following sharp criticism by military personnel due to Orton’s dishonorable discharge from duty in the late 1990s.

First, Orton retweeted a fan post that said, “Everyone knows about @RandyOrton past, so y offer him the movie part and then decide to drop him? #outoforder #teamorton #iloverandyorton.”

Then, Randy finally commented himself about the issue, “I respect our military. That’s why I’ve gone to Iraq or Afghan 3 times and met thousands of soldiers. Funny that’s not mentioned.”

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Source: PW Torch

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  • James A

    That’s right! He’s been to Iraq and Afghanistan a total of THREE times, and on those trips he met – personally met – THOUSANDS of soldiers. THOUSANDS. He’s met thousands. Personally. Which totally makes up for the fact that he went AWOL and left the armed services in disgrace. Yep.

    Give it up, Randy. There are some claims you just have no business making, and there are some arguments you just can’t win.

  • Bob

    God what an entitled douchebag. Cry some more asshat. You were given a bad conduct discharge from the military…the Marines no less. Doncha think it’s a little asshatty to accept a role representing one?

    Of course you should have never been offered the role in the first place, but that doesnt make you or your comments any less retarded.

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