Harrak’s Quick Quips: TNA Lockdown 2012 (Bobby Roode, James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle)
by Matthew Harrak on April 16, 2012


(Ed. Note: This was the coverage I provided last night live during the PPV on the official Pulse Wrestling Twitter account, @pulsewrestling. Be sure to follow us every PPV for the same coverage and analysis.)

– Getting ready for some good ole cage cock-fighting.

– New match added to Lockdown, ODB & EY vs Rosita & Sarita for the Knockout titles.

– If TNA knows how to do anything right, they know how to cut a promo video.

– Starting out with Lethal Lockdown? Nice respect for the World title match at least.

– I’m guessing no big set for Lockdown since we keep getting the “follow the tough wrestler” shot like we got in London.

– When did Austin Aries become a babyface?

– What the…? Bald Kaz?!

– Maybe if we got some back story about Kaz shaving his head like Daniels, maybe I wouldn’t hate it so much.

– I give Garrett Bischoff credit for taking these bumps. It’s not easy.

– There’s too many people involved in Lethal Lockdown. 6-8 TOPS.

– It’s the return of the 1995 ponytail!

– That singlet is not doing RVD’s belly any favors.

– It’s not TNA PPV in Nashville wo a guitar shot! Not worst Lethal Lockdown match & at least there was a story.

– Theres a big screen and entranceway! Why won’t they show it?! Sorry it’s going to bother me all night.

– First PPV match for Chris Sabin and its in a cage. Ouch.

– It’s awesome to see MMG & Magnus/Joe. But 2 teams do not a division make.

– When anything happening on TNA PPV is trending on Twitter, it shows Twitter Trends are HIGHLY overrated. You can get anything to trend.

– Digging Joe’s Mohawk. Gotta update my WWE ’12 CAW now.

– The arena looks packed but the crowd sound is awful. Is this WrestleMania 27?

– Very good tag team match. Don’t get to say that enough nowadays.

– Devon vs Robbie E? Can I NOT be on the list?

– Haven’t we been talking about Devon becoming more than a tag team wrestler for about 3 years now?

– I don’t know if I’m #TeamRoode or #TeamStorm but I know I hate Twilight for starting this “team” shit.

– The TNA TV title is dying slower than the WWE Cruiserweight title did.

– Word is Matt Morgan’s contract is coming up & he may be heading to the WWE. Look for Crimson to win here.

– That said, great, great promo from Morgan.

– Not so subtle shot at The King there by Taz.

– When did Velvet Sky adopt Cheerleader Melissa’s gear?

– It really bugs me that Velvet is billed from “The Big Apple”. She grew up down the road from me in CT dammit!

– Beautiful power bomb by the Knockouts!

– These two had great chemistry in the house show I attended. Surprised they haven’t done more together.

– My best buddy & new dad would enjoy Velvet’s outfit tonight.

– TNA just called Ric Flair a 2-time Hall of Famer. Has WWE’s HOF become the standard-bearer for the industry?

– I feel like this PPV is 2 matches & time killer in between.

– Hulk Hogan debuted in 1977 & Ric Flair debuted in 1972. Unbelievable.

– What was the point of that? Wait, it involved Hogan & Flair. When does it ever have a point?

– I like Crimson’s new music. I hate the fact that his nickname is “The Undefeated”. Ugh.

– Matt Morgan, at this age & stage of his career, could be incredible in the WWE. Or he could be Chris Harris.

– And that one spot of Morgan refusing an easy win means he will lose tonight.

– If Crimson put on some more weight & muscle mass, maybe I would take him more seriously.

– God I hope this crowd wakes up for James Storm because they’ve given nothing to these performers tonight.

– Quick, when was the last time a HEEL was “undefeated” for this long?

– This week, Kurt Angle said he & Hardy could top Taker/HHH at WM. I didn’t post the story cause I was laughing too hard.

– So these Lockdown matches are NOT no DQ? Aren’t all cage matches traditionally no DQ? TNA breaking barriers.

– “You never really know what’s oozing out of Jeff Hardy” – really Taz?

– So who is coming off the top of the cage first? Remember when Angle practically killed himself last year?

– That was the most awesome Vader Bomb I’ve ever seen.

– Jeff Hardy could not have hit that Swanton more perfectly & safely. Thank God!

– That was a good match and best of the night but it was not Taker/HHH. And I HATED last years Taker/HHH.

– I would love to see James Storm win & enter into programs with Bully Ray & Daniels among others.

– Being in Nashville, I think we may see a Storm win. You gotta remember, this isn’t WWE.

– I did really enjoy the EY/ODB wedding from Impact. One of the better wrestling weddings in a while.

– This has to be a great gig for EY.

– Better beard: Eric Young? Or Daniel Bryan?

– I know that Rosa just pretty much shimmys but I still think she’s a better dancer than Rosita & Sarita.

– Subpar go-home promo from Bobby Roode when he’s capable of much more.

– Whereas this pre tape is awesome.

– Screw the Steve Austin subtlety, let’s have Storm enter in a damn pickup truck.

– Bobby Roode is a fantastic heel. But James Storm is a better babyface.

– WWE doesn’t allow blood. TNA has blood in the main event before the match even “starts”.

– Are they going to go for an Austin/WM 13 moment with Storm? Rather see him as the title holder though.

– I think we’re seeing the peak of Roode in this match. He needs to lose the title to add another dimension.

– This is the problem with cage matches. The whole “climb slow so you can catch me” spots.

– Holy crap that was a Codebreaker!

– Really nice pop for that kick out! Thought the crowd was asleep.

– Super kick out of the cage?

– Did I seriously just post that seconds before the kick? I mean good finish but come on.

– I seriously can’t remember the last time I saw a feud finish on a TNA PPV. Fans are calling them out on it & are saying Storm wins on Impact.

– The overhaul TNA needs is to either eliminate PPVs all together or all in & MAKE people spend money for them.

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