Brock Lesnar Raw Interview – Why He Came Back to WWE and Trash Talking John Cena
by CB on April 18, 2012

As part of this week’s Monday Night Raw episode, WWE aired the below sit-down interview with Brock Lesnar where Brock explains why he came back to the WWE and offers some very harsh words towards John Cena to help enhance their feud and promote the Extreme Rules PPV:

CB’s Slant: This was an awesome promo thanks to Lesnar’s intense delivery and it was a perfect way to keep Brock-Cena in the spotlight even though Brock didn’t make the trip overseas to the UK this time around.

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Source: WWE on YouTube

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  • Sideshowbob

    I read a bunch of people shooting down Brocks promos.. This seemed to be right where it needed to be and made him out to be a bit of a jerk in the process.. Not seeing what the complaints were about at all.. Unless people meant the one where he was siding with laurenitis, but even that was supposed to show he’s part of the establishment, and an establishment that aren’t cool bad guys. They were just making it clear Cena was supposed to be the face, Brock the dickhead I don’t need to be this way but you can’t do anything about it style of heel.. No harm no foul. Promos like these can only be a good thing

  • flamingwombat

    Agreed. I don’t think Brock’s promos are near as bad as some have been suggesting. And the hat kick was awesome.

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