Is Bully Ray TNA World Champion Material?
by CB on April 18, 2012

According to The Wrestling Observer, there are internal discussions going on in TNA about whether or not Bully Ray would be TNA World Champion material. On one hand, TNA thinks Bully Ray has the best heel gimmick going in wrestling at the moment. However, there is also the age-old mentality that a world champion is normally a classic worker who “looks the part” and can work a traditional style 15-20 minute championship match.

CB’s Slant: I think Bully Ray has done some very solid work over the past year and I would definitely welcome a Bully Ray championship reign with open arms. It also fits into the current storyline of Ray being Roode’s enforcer to a point, but also wanting his own title shot. They could turn Ray face, further isolate Roode as having no real friends anymore, and let them square off at the next PPV.

Meanwhile, you can read the full report on TNA’s internal discussions about Bully Ray as part of the April 16 Observer Newsletter (subscription needed).

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Source: The Wrestling Observer

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  • Bob

    Unless he was going to be used as a transitional champion(and there really is no need for that at this point), the last thing TNA needs is to hand the belt to a 40 year old WWE castoff. It would do nothing to enhance his character, and him as champion would do nothing to better the product.

  • CB40

    I think a transitional champ is all he would need to be. He can play the Mick Foley role in the Roode/Storm feud even. Also, Ray as a singles champ in TNA would be unique and even fun for the short while he’d have the belt.

    Did Sting ever add anything to the TNA product as champ? Ray would at least do better than that.

  • James A

    Agreed, CB. I’m all for Ray being a heel champ. TNA are right – he really is the best heel in the company, and perhaps the entire business, at the moment. He may be 40-something, but his career renaissance, such as it has been, has been a blast to watch, and he can still “go” in the ring.

    The Foley comparison is apt. A transitional reign is all that he needs, and a brief run with the title would be a great reward for his years of hard work. It’d be a feel-good moment for his long-term fans as well. Besides, it’d be brilliant fun seeing Ray play up his “Bully” gimmick as TNA Champion.

  • Blair A. Douglas

    If you were to tell someone who didn’t watch TNA that they split the Dudleys up and turned Ray into a bad guy, anyone would be well within their rights to assume it would be terrible, especially since it was tried in WWE once already, and because most things that TNA tries are terrible. But this Ray heel turn is the ONE THING that I can think of… ever… that TNA has managed to do better than WWE.

    As for TNA World Champion material, then it depends on what you mean – as opposed to who, exactly? As opposed to Bobby Roode? Yeah, Ray makes more sense as World Champion than Roode. Roode is boring as shit. Paint watches Bobby Roode dry. When Ambien needs to sleep, it takes Bobby Roode.

    You could do a monster-heel run with Ray – play it off that huge anti-bullying movement that’s been sweeping North America. Have him run through a whole schwack of guys and then have someone finally knock him off his perch. But really, why bother, unless it actually culminates in something of value for TNA at the end. And if that’s anything involving Kennedy, Morgan, Crimson, Gunner, Hardy, Garrett, Jarrett, Angle, Terry, Van Dam, Shannon More, or Sting, then they may as well just not bother.

  • Blair A. Douglas

    And, not to take this thread off course, but we came up with some more “Roode Is Boring” jokes.
    – Bobby Roode once worked as a traffic cone. (DaveDubya)
    – Bobby Roode’s favourite ice cream flavour actually is vanilla. (DaveDubya)
    – If Bobby Roode falls in the woods and and TNA buyrates are still in the 2K range, does anyone in TNA notice? (Martin Shaw)

  • Blair A. Douglas

    - Bobby Roode’s favourite computer game is Solitaire. (DaveDubya)
    – Bobby Roode’s favorite colour is grey. (Martin Shaw)
    – Bobby Roode is so boring people throw parties just so as not to invite him. (DaveDubya)
    – Bobby Roode makes spending time with Lance Storm seem like a weekend with Batman. (Me)

  • CB40

    Blair: Bully Ray beats EVERYONE in TNA, and then he loses to Kofi Kingston.

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