CB’s Slant: Damien Sandow’s Live WWE SmackDown Debut – Classical Music + Improv Skills + Definitive Character Build = AWESOME Start
by CB on May 7, 2012

On this past Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown, rising superstar Damien Sandow made his official live WWE SmackDown debut:

CB’s Slant: Sandow is being billed as our intellectual savior of the masses, and personally, I thought he hit a home run with his introduction to the live audience.

First things first, I LOVE the classical music intro that fits Sandow’s enlightened persona perfectly (Aleluya De El Mesias). Sandow’s already avoided getting an unidentifiable generic rock song as his theme song and that tells me WWE expects big things from Sandow, which is awesome to see.

Next, I thought Sandow offered an enlightened response to the crowd’s
“WHAT?!” chants, saying, “Thank you for your irrelevant opinion.” Not only is that the perfect response from his character, it quickly diffused the crowd’s “WHAT?!” reaction and turned indifference into boos.

Then, Sandow proclaims, “I cannot and will not engage this miscreant in the ring this evening,” claiming that the WWE masses could learn nothing from an enlightened Sandow going up against a “simpleminded ignoramous” in the form of Derrick Bateman that is too much like the WWE crowd.

Sandow then leaves the ring, thereby stopping short of showing us what he can do in a match, and as he left I realize what Damien Sandow did there: He left us wanting more…

…and that’s all you can ask for in a debut segment.

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  • Zork

    I felt the same way, I’ll be watching this guy fairly closely.

  • CB40

    Yeah, plus he has a rockin’ beard too!

  • alex

    Damn back in the 80s that kid would have been a jobber to the stars due to his look and physique. Paul Roma anyone?

  • CB40

    I am looking forward to seeing more Damien Sandow brilliance on SmackDown tonight. He’s definitely gotten me interested in whatever he does in the mid-card.

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