Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Raw 5.7.12 (CM Punk, Sheamus, Paul Heyman, Daniel Bryan)
by Matthew Harrak on May 10, 2012


- I apologize if some of my report is jumpy. I’m fighting a sinus & double ear infection so I’m going to do my best.

- Gotta give him credit, I was actually laughing out loud at some of Big Johnny’s promo.

- It looks like Punk is preparing for a Beard vs Beard match against Daniel Bryan.

- Total lack of reaction for the Lord Tensai announcement.

- Hopefully this is just to get Big Show’s “rematch” out of the way. I’m curious to see who Cody moves onto next.

- I miss hip hop dancing Eve.

- I read over the weekend that Mason Ryan was accompanying Dolph Ziggler to ringside as his “insurance policy”. Dolph’s already been compared enough to Shawn Michaels & now you want to completely mirror his career? Well at least it’s a good career to mirror.

- John Cena is selling his muscle strains better than Triple H sold his “broken arm”.

- How come it seems like everyone is selling an arm injury?

- Anyone else notice that the matchups in this tag match seem to be mixed up?

- Good/surprising finish. I was wondering what they were going for with these 4 guys.

- This suddenly becoming a Fatal Four Way makes me worry for Sheamus. Surprises me too because he seems completely over with the audience.

- That Brodus Clay promo was terrible. Now I just look at as Barney.

- That was a damn passable match and it was THE MIZ that got that out of Clay?!

- HOLY SHIT! Staying up for this was completely worth it. Please, please be a permanent fixture, Paul Heyman!

- I’m not monitoring Twitter but I’m guessing I wouldn’t be able to anyway because it probably exploded.

- INSTANT “Yes!” chants. That’s hysterical.

- So… if you blow the mist into your own hand, it works just as well? I never knew that.

- Overall good show but the Paul Heyman return should have been a much bigger deal.

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