Harrak’s Quick Quips: TNA Sacrifice 2012 (Bobby Roode, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson)
by Matthew Harrak on May 14, 2012

(Ed. Note: This was the coverage I provided last night live during the PPV on the official Pulse Wrestling Twitter account, @pulsewrestling. Be sure to follow us every PPV for the same coverage and analysis.)

– You ready for some hot TNA action?

– It’s a little thing but I loved it when they would hang the title right before a ladder match instead of it already hung.

– Hey at least we’re not starting out with an X-Division match. Then again, there’s 3 X-Division guys in this match.

– Magnus is really impressive tonight.

– TNA’s ring is looking WCW small tonight for some reason.

– Wow, Daniels & Kaz make more sense but I really thought they had something with Joe & Magnus.

– Strange direction but nice use of Brooke’s success in the modeling world.

– Looks like Brooke stole Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania “coat”.

– Ok guys, the sexual innuendo jokes need to stop. Awful announcing.

– Brooke really showed her improvement in this match but I couldn’t see Gail Kim losing this match at all.

– Devon has turned into TNA’s Super-Cena.

– This match is a perfect example as to why Robbie T is doing double duty in OVW.

– My wife just said “Is he REALLY still doing that microphone gimmick?!”

– Gotta go with Anderson here. Roode’s already beaten Jeff Hardy.

– Nice crowd tonight because this match isn’t as good as they seem to think it is.

– Um, what the hell was that? Something going on with Hardy again?

– This Joseph Park angle needs to die.

– Crimson now?! I thought I only had three more matches to sit through!

– I always forget Eric Young is actually a very good wrestler/athlete.

– Aries vs Bully may not steal this show (still have Styles/Angle) but they definitely could.

– Bully Ray = Best Old School Heel In The Business Today

– Holy crap those are some welts on Austin Aries

– Might be witnessing a Stone Cold moment with Aries. Ok maybe not to that extent

– Great match & career moment for Aries. Kudos to both men.

– I really can’t get over how much I hate AJ Styles’ “OJ Simpson” gloves.

– If TNA only paid for 2-2.5 hrs of satellite time, we wouldn’t get these 5 minutes rest holds or filler matches.

– Fantastic near fall!

– Once Angle and Styles kick it into gear, they can match the best of them.

– Horrible finish to what could’ve been another Kurt Angle/AJ Styles classic match.

– Bobby Roode has evolved more in this one title reign than RVD has his entire career.

– If the crowd is chanting the name of a company that went out of business 12 years ago after one of your moves, maybe it’s time to evolve.

– RVD is gonna need some California pain killers after this match.

– AND that’s why ladder matches should be left to the guys under forty.

– Barring anything funky at the TV taping Bobby Roode will be the longest running TNA champion. Good choice.

– Overall, a good show but not a memorable one either. Fortunately that’s still a win for TNA.

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